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Titolo: M,I.5 Persecutio n , wh y th e secur ity servi ces?
Newsgroup: bih.rec.photo, de.soc.recht.arbeit+soziales, free.it.citta.rimini, free.it.diritto.avvocati.praticanti, free.it.discussioni.matrimonio
Data: 02/01/2008
Ora: 11:22:21
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  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=<br /> -=. why the security services? -=<br /> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=<br /> <br /> You may ask, why do I think the &quot;they&quot; referred to. are the security<br /> services? Is there any evidence that there is a. single source, as opposed<br /> to a loosely based &quot;whispering campaign&quot; amongst many people? Even. if there<br /> is a single source, is there any evidence that &quot;they&quot; are. professional<br /> &quot;buggers&quot; as opposed to amateurs, or. perhaps people working for a privately<br /> funded. organization?<br /> <br /> a) As. to the question of a single source versus something more fragmented;<br /> it is quite obvious that there is a single. source from the way the campaign<br /> has been carried out. Since things have. been repeated verbatim which were<br /> said in my home, there must be one group which. does the watching and<br /> listening. Since on. several occasions (mainly during travel) people have<br /> been planted in close proximity and rehearsed in what they. were to say, it<br /> follows that someone must. have done the planning for that, and again a<br /> single. source is indicated.<br /> <br /> b) So why couldn't it be. amateurs? Why couldn't it be a private<br /> organisation, for example a private detective agency. paid to manage the<br /> campaign and undertake the technical aspects? Some detective agencies. are<br /> unscrupulous as has been proved. on the occasions in the past when they've<br /> been exposed. or caught; they too can have access to the bugging technology<br /> deployed; and there. are reported cases of MI5 paying private eyes to do<br /> their dirty work (against peace campaigners and similar enemies of. the<br /> state) on the understanding that if they were caught. then they could deny<br /> all knowledge. Why. couldn't that be the case?<br /> <br /> The main factor pointing to direct security service involvement. (as opposed<br /> to amateurs. or MI5 proxies) is the breadth of their access to the media in<br /> particular, and the fact that the television companies are so. involved in<br /> the campaign. The BBC would not directly invade someone's home. themselves,<br /> since it would not be within their. remit to allocate personnel or financial<br /> resources to do so. An organisation of their stature would not. take part in<br /> a campaign set up by private sources. The only. people they would take<br /> material from would be the security services, presumably. on the assumption<br /> that if the cat ever flew out of the bag yowling. it would be MI5 who would<br /> take the. consequences.<br /> <br /> State sponsorship for these acts of psychological terrorism. is also<br /> indicated by duration; support. for over six years for a team of three or<br /> four people would be beyond the means. and will of most private sources.<br /> The viciousness of the slanders and personal denigration. also points to<br /> MI5; they traditionally &quot;protect&quot; the. British state from politicians of the<br /> wrong hue by character assassination, and in this case are. using their<br /> tried and tested. methods to murder with words an enemy they have invented<br /> for. themselves.<br /> <br /> And there are precedents. Diana and Hewitt were alleged. to have been filmed<br /> &quot;at it&quot; by an Army intelligence team which had operated in. Northern<br /> Ireland, these allegations were made by someone called Jones who had. been<br /> on the team. His statements. were denied by the defence establishment who<br /> tried to character-assassinate by describing. him as the &quot;Jones twins&quot;.<br /> Funny how if you tell the truth, then you must be ill, isn't it?. Thought<br /> only communists behaved. like that?<br /> <br /> Hewitt later said that he'd been spoken to by someone in. the army who<br /> revealed the existence of videotapes. of him and Diana, and that the tapes<br /> would be published if any attempt. was made by them to resume their<br /> association.<br /> <br /> 2112<br />  

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