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Titolo: Angel of Nebraska Chalks Up Another Life Saved-CHILD'S RAPE PREVENTED (REPOSTO)
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Data: 06/11/2009
Ora: 14:50:46
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  Dateline 2008, Omaha, Nebraska, United States<br /> <br /> While working as a volunteer at the Food Bank of Omaha, Nebraska, Mr. Trent<br /> J. Stewart took a chance.<br /> <br /> A Level III Registered Sex Offender was working as a volunteer at the Food<br /> Bank of Omaha.<br /> <br /> Also volunteering at the Food Bank of Omaha on a near daily basis were the<br /> special children of the Madonna School in Omaha.<br /> <br /> The Level III Sex Offender's name was Terrence Williams<br /> <br /> http://www.nsp.state.ne.us/SOR/Subject.cfm?vREGNUM=200105KTF<br /> <br /> He fit in well with the other volunteers and paid Food Bank of Omaha Staff<br /> and was never considered much of a threat.<br /> <br /> Williams claimed he spent six years behind bars for having sex with an<br /> underage girl. He made his crime seem harmless and no one bothered check him<br /> out.<br /> <br /> Williams was a rough exconvict type who did not socialize with the other<br /> Food Bank volunteers or staff when he did not have to.<br /> <br /> Williams had been volunteering at the Food Bank of Omaha for at least a year<br /> without incident.<br /> <br /> But something began to bother Mr. Trent (TJ) Stewart about Williams'<br /> behavior at the Food Bank.<br /> <br /> Williams bragged about sing PCP. Williams was a bully. Williams worked<br /> nearly unsupervised.<br /> <br /> But one day while volunteering at the Food Bank of Omaha it occurred to<br /> Stewart that he had easy access to the children of the Madonnal School. The<br /> children were supervised by an adult of the school, but the adult had his<br /> hands full keeping track of the mentally handicapped kids.<br /> <br /> Maybe it was the fact that Stewart himself had recalled a few years earlier<br /> being abused as a child and witnessing the abuse of other children at the<br /> hands of Omaha Police Division officers.<br /> <br /> Or maybe it was an ability to see a train wreck coming and giving a damn,<br /> but Mr. Stewart began inquiring informally with Food Bank of Omaha<br /> management as to the status of Williams and whether he was suited to be<br /> working so close to children.<br /> <br /> ?<br /> <br /> The inquiries WERE informal. A large percentage of Food Bank of Omaha staff<br /> are smokers and more information gets shared in the smoker's tent at the<br /> establishment than anywhere.<br /> <br /> Stewart inquired with Rex, the Food Bank of Omaha warehouse manager for<br /> decades about Williams, his crimes, etc.<br /> <br /> It was other Food Bank of Omaha paid staff who had brought Williams' sex<br /> offender status to Stewart's attention. But no one at the Food Bank of Omaha<br /> seemed considered beyond that.<br /> <br /> Stewart was also in a precarious situation. His volunteer service at the<br /> Food Bank of Omaha stemmed from his receiving Food Stamps from the State of<br /> Nebraska. Stewart, like Williams and many other &quot;volunteers&quot; had to work at<br /> minimum wage for every dollar they received in benefits.<br /> <br /> With no power and fearing retaliation by the state of Nebraska for making<br /> waves, Stewart declined to mention the Williams situation to his case<br /> worker. He also had to tread lightly at the Food Bank who had the right to<br /> dismiss him from volunteering there without any reason sending him back to<br /> Nebraska Health and Human Services for another work assignment.<br /> <br /> Stewart liked working with the Food Bank of Omaha staff and volunteers<br /> including Williams, whom he did not have a problem with.<br /> <br /> But the train was still running down the track and the potential for a train<br /> wreck, aka a child being assaulted by the Level III, would not go away.<br /> <br /> Unable to get the Food Bank warehouse manager to take his concerns seriously<br /> and not wanting to find out later that a child had been assaulted by<br /> Williams and then blaming himself for not doing more to prevent it, Stewart<br /> had an idea.<br /> <br /> After an article in the press somewhere gave the definition of a Level III<br /> sex offender as someone &quot;Highly likely to reoffend&quot;, Stewart described the<br /> potential train wreck on USENET in the hope that someone more experienced<br /> than he in such situations might take notice.<br /> <br /> Stewart feared he may be libel for damages or retaliated upon by Williams in<br /> some fashion as well.<br /> <br /> But the volunteers from the Madonna School were always a bright light at the<br /> Food Bank of Omaha and fear for their safety as well as fear for the<br /> repuation of the Food Bank of Omaha which supplies hundreds of organizations<br /> and food pantries in Nebraska and Iowa overcame Stewart's indecision.<br /> <br /> Over the next couple of months, it appeared getting the word out may have<br /> worked. Several agency volunteers refused to allow Williams to load their<br /> vehicles. Women in particular have a special loathing for sexual predators<br /> since they and children are their victims nearly 100% of the time.<br /> <br /> One day, an hour or so before Stewart arrived for his work assignment, an<br /> altercation took place between Williams and a male agency volunteer who<br /> arrived with an agency female volunteer at the Food Bank of Omaha.<br /> <br /> Stewart is a white man. Williams is a black man. The female agency volunteer<br /> was a white woman. The female's assistant was a black man.<br /> <br /> I point this out ONLY to negate any discriminatory implication.<br /> <br /> Apparently, words were exchanged between the agency's male volunteer inside<br /> the Food Bank of Omaha garage near the loading dock and Williams.<br /> <br /> Williams proceeded to retrieve a tire iron from his vehicle following the<br /> exchange of words and return to the garage to confront the male agency<br /> volunteer. Before the situation escalated further, Food Bank of Omaha<br /> personnel stepped in and the altercation was diffused.<br /> <br /> Williams was banned from volunteering further at the Food Bank of Omaha<br /> which prevented Williams from having access to the mentally retarded<br /> children of the Madonna School while also continuing to allow them to<br /> volunteer at the Food Bank of Omaha.<br /> <br /> Trent (TJ) Stewart chose to keep his involvement in it all quiet for fear of<br /> retaliation.<br /> <br /> Police were never called and no one was ever injured.<br /> <br /> No child was ever sexually assaulted by Williams (presumably) thanks to this<br /> &quot;intervention&quot; by a black man, a white man, and a white woman.<br /> <br /> The Food Bank of Omaha had their reputation remain in tact as no press story<br /> or lawsuit from having a child sexually assaulted while volunteering at the<br /> Food Bank of Omaha occurred.<br /> <br /> The State of Nebraska, too, had their reputation not further damaged by a<br /> sexual assault of a child by one of their Workfair volunteers with a Levle<br /> III sex offender background.<br /> <br /> The train wreck Mr. Trent (TJ) Stewart saw coming was prevented.<br /> <br /> Williams received another volunteer assignment elsewhere, although Mr.<br /> Stewart often wonders if that assignment, too, placed children in danger of<br /> being sexually assaulted by a Level III sex offender.<br /> <br /> Several months later, Stewart was reassigned to the Goodwill in Omaha for<br /> his volunteer work.<br /> <br /> Several months later still, Nebraska Human Services ended their Workfair<br /> Program which forced food stamp recipients to work at minimum wage for every<br /> dollar of their government assistance.<br /> <br />  

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