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Titolo: 448984 Up to date Net and Tech news, knowledge, empowerment 31
Newsgroup: free.it.comp.riviste
Data: 02/02/2010
Ora: 01:28:12
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  I fell in love with the net and all the compuiter teahcnology in the very early years and have loved it ever since, I have an IT Degree and Communications degree and will be working on my doctorate for the next five years, in bwetween I design websites, databases, Multimedia Produxction or anything that wil make me a penny, just student scraping by. But Guess what? I don't want your money, your e-mail, or anything. Each of these sites has a specific topic but they have them style and layout sothey are easy to navigate and ther a search function should take you to exactly where youwant to, or just explore, they have outside service you can acccess as well. Each site has 10,000 plus articles and they are updated everyday so you know you are gettin up to date information. ENough, here the computer and tech related sites.<br /> <br /> Code and Creation Application Level Programming and Development<br /> http://codeandcreation.com<br /> <br /> EyrLinx<br /> http://eyelinx.com<br /> <br /> EyeTraffif<br /> http://eyetrafiic.net<br /> <br /> FreeNetCommerce<br /> http://freenetcommerce.com<br /> <br /> FreeNew Windows Software<br /> http://freenewwindowsofyware.com<br /> <br /> Home DVD Production<br /> http://homedvdproduction.com<br /> <br /> Instant Web Solutions<br /> http://instantwebsolutions.com<br /> <br /> Ipods and Imacs<br /> http://ipods-imacs.com<br /> <br /> THe Flow of Traffic<br /> http://theflowoftraffic<br /> <br /> TotalHelpSolutionsa<br /> http://totalhelpsolutions.com<br /> <br /> Webtraffic Ultra<br /> http://webtrafficultra<br /> <br /> Thanks in Advance and if you find any of these sites hekofulto you please pass them along roytou friends.<br /> <br /> NWL(XvC#Pb/.MVIEPNuFoM%omMZenvfvm@Z  

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