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Titolo: News message of the day - 2018-02-28
Newsgroup: news.test, it-alt.test
Data: 28/02/2018
Ora: 04:59:02
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  <br /> THE LAST BUG<br /> <br /> &quot;But you're out of your mind,&quot; It still wasn't perfect,<br /> They said with a shrug. As year followed year,<br /> &quot;The customer's happy; And strangers would comment,<br /> What's one little bug?&quot; &quot;Is that guy still here?&quot;<br /> <br /> But he was determined. He died at the console,<br /> The others went home. Of hunger and thirst.<br /> He spread out the program, Next day he was buried,<br /> Deserted, alone. Face down, nine-edge first.<br /> <br /> The cleaning men came, And the last bug in sight,<br /> The whole room was cluttered An ant passing by,<br /> With memory-dumps, punch cards. Saluted his tombstone,<br /> &quot;I'm close,&quot; he muttered. And whispered, &quot;Nice try.&quot;<br /> <br /> The mumbling got louder, <br /> Simple deduction, <br /> &quot;I've got it, it's right, <br /> Just change one instruction.&quot; <br /> <br /> -- <br /> News Service Administrator &lt;NewsMaster@home.net.it&gt;  

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