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Titolo: News message of the day - 2018-02-25
Newsgroup: news.test, it-alt.test
Data: 25/02/2018
Ora: 04:59:01
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  <br /> &quot;I cannot read the fiery letters,&quot; said Frito Bugger in a<br /> quavering voice.<br /> &quot;No,&quot; said GoodGulf, &quot;but I can. The letters are Elvish, of<br /> course, of an ancient mode, but the language is that of Mordor, which<br /> I will not utter here. They are lines of a verse long known in<br /> Elven-lore:<br /> <br /> &quot;This Ring, no other, is made by the elves,<br /> Who'd pawn their own mother to grab it themselves.<br /> Ruler of creeper, mortal, and scallop,<br /> This is a sleeper that packs quite a wallop.<br /> The Power almighty rests in this Lone Ring.<br /> The Power, alrighty, for doing your Own Thing.<br /> If broken or busted, it cannot be remade.<br /> If found, send to Sorhed (with postage prepaid).&quot;<br /> -- Harvard Lampoon, &quot;Bored of the Rings&quot;<br /> <br /> -- <br /> News Service Administrator &lt;NewsMaster@home.net.it&gt;  

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