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Titolo: News message of the day - 2018-01-18
Newsgroup: news.test, it-alt.test
Data: 18/01/2018
Ora: 04:59:01
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  <br /> Our documentation manager was showing her two year old son around the<br /> office. He was introduced to me, at which time he pointed out that we<br /> were both holding bags of popcorn. We were both holding bottles of<br /> juice. But only *__he* had a lollipop.<br /> <br /> He asked his mother, &quot;Why doesn't HE have a lollipop?&quot;<br /> <br /> Her reply:<br /> <br /> &quot;He can have a lollipop any time he wants to. That's what it<br /> means to be a programmer.&quot;<br /> <br /> -- <br /> News Service Administrator &lt;NewsMaster@home.net.it&gt;  

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