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Titolo: News message of the day - 2017-11-26
Newsgroup: news.test, it-alt.test
Data: 26/11/2017
Ora: 04:59:02
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  <br /> Gay shlafen: Yiddish for &quot;go to sleep&quot;.<br /> <br /> Now doesn't &quot;gay shlafen&quot; have a softer, more soothing sound<br /> than the harsh, staccato &quot;go to sleep&quot;? Listen to the difference:<br /> &quot;Go to sleep, you little wretch!&quot; ... &quot;Gay shlafen, darling.&quot;<br /> Obvious, isn't it?<br /> Clearly the best thing you can do for you children is to start<br /> speaking Yiddish right now and never speak another word of English as<br /> long as you live. This will, of course, entail teaching Yiddish to all<br /> your friends, business associates, the people at the supermarket, and<br /> so on, but that's just the point. It has to start with committed<br /> individuals and then grow ...<br /> Some minor adjustments will have to be made, of course: those<br /> signs written in what look like Yiddish letters won't be funny when<br /> everything is written in Yiddish. And we'll have to start driving on<br /> the left side of the road so we won't be reading the street signs<br /> backwards. But is that too high a price to pay for world peace? I<br /> think not, my friend, I think not.<br /> -- Arthur Naiman, &quot;Every Goy's Guide to Yiddish&quot;<br /> <br /> -- <br /> News Service Administrator &lt;NewsMaster@home.net.it&gt;  

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