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Titolo: News message of the day - 2017-10-08
Newsgroup: news.test, it-alt.test
Data: 08/10/2017
Ora: 04:59:02
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  <br /> We have the flu. I don't know if this particular strain has an<br /> official name, but if it does, it must be something like &quot;Martian Death<br /> Flu&quot;. You may have had it yourself. The main symptom is that you wish<br /> you had another setting on your electric blanket, up past &quot;HIGH&quot;, that<br /> said &quot;ELECTROCUTION&quot;.<br /> <br /> Another symptom is that you cease brushing your teeth, because (a) your<br /> teeth hurt, and (b) you lack the strength. Midway through the brushing<br /> process, you'd have to lie down in front of the sink to rest for a<br /> couple of hours, and rivulets of toothpaste foam would dribble sideways<br /> out of your mouth, eventually hardening into crusty little toothpaste<br /> stalagmites that would bond your head permanently to the bathroom<br /> floor, which is how the police would find you.<br /> <br /> You know the kind of flu I'm talking about.<br /> -- Dave Barry, &quot;Molecular Homicide&quot;<br /> <br /> -- <br /> News Service Administrator &lt;NewsMaster@home.net.it&gt;  

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