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Titolo: Immigration Reform For Illegals? Where can we find the "legal" immigrants? (Updated)
Newsgroup: it.sociale.handicap, italia.modena.handicap, maus.soc.handicap.talk
Data: 07/11/2009
Ora: 18:53:29
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  Dateline: Saturday, 29 August, 2009.<br /> <br /> At about 11:00 PM CST, one of the &quot;legal&quot; immigrants from south of the Rio<br /> Grande, Mario Alfaro of 4216 A St. in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, went<br /> to jail.<br /> <br /> His neighbor, whom Alfaro despises because of the color of his white skin,<br /> Mr. Trent (TJ) Stewart, awoke to screams of desperation and fear coming from<br /> somewhere near his driveway.<br /> <br /> Mr. Stewart thought he was awaking from a nightmare, but instead, awakened<br /> TO a nightmare taking place next door at the Alfaro residence.<br /> <br /> The children were screaming for their father to quit hurting/hitting their<br /> mother, Betty Alfaro.<br /> <br /> Stewart, who lives alone, went outside to explore the situation, rather than<br /> ignore the screams and crying of the children next door.<br /> <br /> He discovered when exiting his home that the party goers directly across the<br /> street at 4221 A St. visiting the home of Fernando Rocha were doing just<br /> that, ignoring the beating and strangulation of Betty Alfaro by her husband,<br /> Mario, in the family driveway.<br /> <br /> &quot;Brave&quot; Mexican immigrants at the Rocha residence were filing out of the<br /> house, ALL were turning their heads so as to pretend not to see what was<br /> transpiring across the street and to their right at the Aflaro residence.<br /> <br /> Stewart moved his truck into his garage so as not get it vandalized and<br /> began intentionally staring at Mario Alfaro who, by then, had stopped<br /> assaulting his wife and/or children.<br /> <br /> Alfaro claimed he &quot;wasn't do nothing&quot; as Stewart stared at him like Alfaro<br /> was a circus freak, never saying a word until he was heading back into his<br /> home where Stewart yelled to Alfaro he would call the police if he didin't<br /> stop.<br /> <br /> That set Alfaro off, who is ten or fifteen years younger than Stewart.<br /> Alfaro ripped his shirt off and charged toward Stewart stopping at his<br /> property line where the driveways meet, daring Stewart to come across and<br /> fight him.<br /> <br /> Stewart has been vicitmized by criminals and the law ever since he purchased<br /> his home fourteen years ago and feared being arrested should he take Alfaro<br /> up on his challenge. So he went inside.<br /> <br /> Stewart also felt like a fool for invoking the name of the police to Alfaro<br /> who is a career criminal with MS-13.<br /> <br /> Stewart went back to bed but the screams of the children in terror next door<br /> for their father to quit hitting their mother began once again before<br /> Stewart could get undressed.<br /> <br /> Stewart grabbed a club and ran out of his home to put an end to the attacks<br /> of Mario Alfaro on his family.<br /> <br /> Alfaro again stopped attacking his wife and children, but this time the<br /> angry Stewart told Alfaro to go back inside his home. He told the El<br /> Slobadoran &quot;immigrant&quot; no one called the hated Omaha Police Division and<br /> went back inside his home.<br /> <br /> Betty Alfaro ran inside her home apparently to call for reinforcement to<br /> fight Stewart.<br /> <br /> Police arrived a few minutes later and questioned Betty Alfaro who tried to<br /> protect her husband, but eventually admitted he attacked her to police and<br /> Alfaro was handcuffed and take to jail. His brother Carlos Alfaro arrived<br /> and a vendetta against Stewart by the Alfaros and MS13 began.<br /> <br /> Betty Aflaro collapsed in her driveway, not from the injuries and beating<br /> administered by her husband, Mario, but when the police handcuffed her<br /> husband like it was the end of the world.<br /> <br /> No one ever said thank you from the Alfaro residence for preventing their<br /> patriarch from possibly killing the family. In fact, the son of Mario<br /> Alfaro, who also hates white people with a passion and despite being ten<br /> years old or so , tries to glare down Mr. Stewart at every opportunity like<br /> he is the baddest gang member in Kindergarden.<br /> <br /> The &quot;Brave&quot; party guests and their host at the Rocha residence across the<br /> street never did make an appearance throughout the entire episode nor did<br /> they feel any remorse for not standing up to a thug beating his wife and<br /> kids.<br /> <br /> Proud, proud, Latinos?<br /> <br /> These are the &quot;legal&quot; ones?<br /> <br /> ?<br /> <br /> ?<br /> <br /> Dateline: Thursday, 05 November, 2009<br /> <br /> At about 10:00 PM CST, yet another El Salvadoran &quot;immigrant&quot; who operated a<br /> daycare located at 4212 A St in Omaha, Nebraska, next door to the Alfaro<br /> residence in the above report, was arrested for Sexual Assault of Child.<br /> <br /> Judas to the children in his care and all who knew and respected him, 60<br /> year old Osmin Rivera was taken into custody for allegedly fondling an 11<br /> year old girl he babysat.<br /> <br /> As of Friday,, 06 Novemember, 2009, Rivera sits in jail awaiting bond for<br /> 3rd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.<br /> <br /> http://www.omaha.com/article/20091106/NEWS01/911069989<br /> <br /> It is not known how many other children he has molested in his family or in<br /> his care at his Family Fun Daycare located at his residence.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> One thing is certain. His family would protect the family matriarch and thus<br /> keep the child victims of the Rivera Klan victims for life should there be<br /> others and there most certainly are.<br /> <br /> ?<br /> <br /> <br />  

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