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Titolo: Call for Contributions - Ada User Journal (AUJ)
Newsgroup: at.sonstiges, ch.comp, es.comp.programas, it.comp.programmare, pt.comp.programacao
Data: 08/10/2016
Ora: 20:04:55
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  -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> Call for Contributions<br /> <br /> Ada User Journal <br /> The journal for the international Ada community<br /> <br /> http://www.ada-europe.org/auj<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> The Ada User Journal is produced by Ada-Europe. It appears four<br /> times a year, on the last days of March, June, September and December.<br /> <br /> <br /> General Information<br /> -------------------<br /> <br /> The Ada User Journal aims to inform readers of developments in the<br /> Ada programming language and its use, general Ada-related software<br /> engineering issues and Ada-related activities. The Journal also<br /> welcomes contributions on topics not strictly Ada-centric but related<br /> with its scope.<br /> <br /> The Journal publishes the following types of material (full list on<br /> the website):<br /> <br /> - Refereed original articles on technical matters concerning Ada and<br /> related topics.<br /> <br /> - Invited papers on Ada and the Ada standardization process.<br /> <br /> - Proceedings of workshops and panels on topics relevant to the<br /> Journal.<br /> <br /> - Reprints of articles published elsewhere that deserve a wider<br /> audience.<br /> <br /> - News and announcements of interest to the Ada community.<br /> <br /> <br /> Scope<br /> -----<br /> <br /> The Ada User Journal provides coverage of significant work in a set of<br /> (evolving) topics of interest, which include, but are not limited to:<br /> <br /> - Real-Time, Embedded and Critical Applications: Use of Ada and<br /> reliable software in real-time embedded systems, distributed<br /> (possibly heterogeneous) systems, high-integrity and critical<br /> systems.<br /> <br /> - Reliable Software and Software Engineering at large: Case Studies and<br /> Experiments, Management of Software Development and Maintenance,<br /> Software Quality, Tools, Component-based Architectures.<br /> <br /> - Enabling Technologies: Compilers and Support Tools, Run-Time Systems<br /> <br /> - Ada Language Status and Evolution: A watchful eye on the Ada language<br /> revision process, with attention to user needs and vendor visions<br /> that may prompt amendments and enhancements to the language.<br /> <br /> - Ada Experience Reports: Field reports on the use of Ada in industrial<br /> projects. Insight on management approaches, programming techniques,<br /> software engineering metrics, comparisons with past or parallel<br /> experiences with other languages.<br /> <br /> - Education and Training: Issues, challenges and prospects on the use<br /> of Ada in Secondary or Higher Education. What should be taught to<br /> students to make good, language-neutral software engineers.<br /> <br /> <br /> Guide for authors<br /> -----------------<br /> <br /> All material for publication should be sent electronically. Authors<br /> are invited to contact the Editor-in-Chief (auj_editor@ada-europe.org)<br /> by electronic mail to determine the best format for submission.<br /> The language of the journal is English.<br /> <br /> The Journal refereeing process aims to be rapid. Currently, accepted<br /> papers are typically published 3-6 months after submission. Items of<br /> topical interest will normally appear in the next edition. There is<br /> no limitation on the length of papers, though a paper longer than<br /> 10,000 words would be regarded as exceptional.<br /> <br /> Templates are available for preparing papers in the Ada User Journal<br /> format, both for Microsoft Word and LaTeX. Please contact the<br /> Editor-in-Chief for details.<br /> <br /> By submitting a manuscript, authors grant Ada-Europe an unlimited<br /> license to publish (and, if appropriate republish) it, if and when the<br /> article is accepted for publication. Copyright remains with authors.<br /> <br /> Prospective authors should check the Journal website for detailed<br /> information.<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> (VAUJ.4)  

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