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Titolo: Press Release - Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2016
Newsgroup: at.sonstiges, ch.comp, es.comp.programas, it.comp.programmare, pt.comp.programacao
Data: 05/06/2016
Ora: 22:46:56
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  -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> FINAL Call for Participation<br /> <br /> *** UPDATED Program Summary ***<br /> <br /> 21st International Conference on<br /> Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2016<br /> <br /> 13-17 June 2016, Pisa, Italy<br /> <br /> http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016<br /> <br /> *** Check out tutorials and workshop! ***<br /> *** Full Program available on conference web site ***<br /> *** Printed proceedings available at event ***<br /> *** Register now! ***<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> Press release:<br /> <br /> 21st Ada-Europe Conference on Reliable Software Technologies<br /> <br /> International experts meet in Pisa<br /> <br /> Pisa (6 June 2016) - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and Ada-Europe organize<br /> from 13 to 17 June 2016 the &quot;21st International Conference on Reliable<br /> Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2016&quot; in Pisa, Italy. The event<br /> is organized in cooperation with the Ada Resource Association (ARA),<br /> and with ACM's Special Interest Groups on Ada (SIGAda), on Embedded<br /> Systems (SIGBED), and on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).<br /> <br /> The Ada-Europe series of conferences has over the years become<br /> a leading international forum for providers, practitioners and<br /> researchers in reliable software technologies. These events<br /> highlight the increased relevance of Ada in general and in safety-<br /> and security-critical systems in particular, and provide a unique<br /> opportunity for interaction and collaboration between academics and<br /> industrial practitioners.<br /> <br /> This year's conference offers two days of parallel tutorials,<br /> a workshop, three keynotes, a full technical program of refereed<br /> papers and industrial presentations, an industrial exhibition and<br /> vendor presentations, and a social program.<br /> <br /> Eight excellent tutorials on Monday and Friday cover a broad range of<br /> topics: Embedded ARM Programming with Ada 2012; Parallelism in Ada,<br /> C, Java and C#, Today and Tomorrow; A Semi-formal Approach to Software<br /> Development; Software Test and Verification Techniques for Dependable<br /> Systems; Ada 2012 (Sub)types and Subprogram Contracts in Practice;<br /> Towards Energy Awareness and Predictability in the Linux Kernel;<br /> Access Types and Memory Management in Ada 2012; Using Gnoga for<br /> Desktop/Mobile GUI and Web development in Ada.<br /> <br /> In addition, on Friday the conference hosts for the 3rd consecutive<br /> year the International Workshop on &quot;Challenges and new Approaches<br /> for Dependable and Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering&quot; (De-CPS 2016).<br /> <br /> Three eminent keynote speakers have been invited to open each day of<br /> the core conference program. Alan Burns, in &quot;Why the Expressive Power<br /> of Languages such as Ada is needed for Future Cyber Physical Systems&quot;,<br /> shows how Ada provides programming abstractions to exploit the wealth<br /> of real-time scheduling theory available to obtain efficient resource<br /> utilization. Valerio Giorgetta, in &quot;Challenges for the Automotive<br /> Platform of the Future&quot;, shows how cars will be impacted by the<br /> various technologies currently in development. Marc Duranton, in<br /> &quot;The HiPEAC Vision&quot;, presents the roadmap of the European Network on<br /> High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation to address<br /> the upcoming challenges in computing systems.<br /> <br /> The technical program presents 12 refereed and carefully selected<br /> papers on the latest research, new tools, applications and industrial<br /> practice and experience, a collection of 8 industrial presentations<br /> reflecting current practice and challenges, 2 presentations and<br /> a discussion in a special &quot;Ada &amp; Parallelism&quot; session, a project<br /> presentation and a poster session, and vendor presentations. Springer<br /> Verlag publishes keynote talks and all peer-reviewed papers in the<br /> proceedings of the conference, as LNCS Vol. 9695. The remainder<br /> of the proceedings will be published in the Ada User Journal, the<br /> quarterly magazine of Ada-Europe.<br /> <br /> The industrial exhibition opens Tuesday morning and runs until the<br /> end of Thursday afternoon. Exhibitors include AdaCore, Ansys/Esterel,<br /> PTC Developer Tools, Rapita Systems, Vector Software, and Ada-Europe.<br /> <br /> The social program includes a Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening<br /> in the garden of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, and on Wednesday<br /> evening the traditional Ada-Europe Conference Banquet will be held<br /> at the cloister of Santa Maria del Carmine in the pedestrian area<br /> in the center of Pisa close to the Arno river. Each day, coffee<br /> breaks in the exhibition area and sit-down lunches offer ample time<br /> for interaction and networking.<br /> <br /> The Best Paper Award will be presented during the Conference Banquet,<br /> the Best Presentation Award during the Closing session.<br /> <br /> The conference is hosted by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, an<br /> internationally renowned university school located in the heart of<br /> Pisa. The Scuola can be easily reached from the Campo dei Miracoli<br /> airport or the railway station.<br /> <br /> The full program is available on the conference web site.<br /> Online registration is still possible.<br /> <br /> -------<br /> <br /> Latest updates:<br /> <br /> The 16-page &quot;Final Program&quot; is available at<br /> &lt;http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016/AE2016_final_program.pdf><br /> <br /> Check out the 8 tutorials in the PDF program, or in the schedule at<br /> &lt;http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016/tutorials>.<br /> <br /> Registration fees are very reasonable and the registration process<br /> is done on-line. Don't delay! For all details, see<br /> &lt;http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016/reg>.<br /> <br /> The proceedings, published by Springer Verlag as Lecture Notes in<br /> Computer Science Vol. 9695, are ready and will be distributed at<br /> the conference. See &lt;http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319390826>.<br /> <br /> Help promote the conference by advertising for it!<br /> &lt;http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016/promo>.<br /> <br /> Recommended Twitter hashtags: #AdaEurope and/or #AdaEurope2016.<br /> <br /> The 16-page &quot;Advance Program&quot; is still available for viewing at<br /> &lt;http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016/AE2016_advance_program_lq.pdf><br /> and for printing at<br /> &lt;http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016/AE2016_advance_program.pdf><br /> <br /> For the latest information consult the conference web site<br /> &lt;http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2016>.<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.<br /> Please circulate widely.<br /> <br /> Dirk.Craeynest@cs.kuleuven.be, Ada-Europe'2016 Publicity Co-Chair<br /> <br /> *** 21st Intl.Conf.on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe'2016<br /> *** June 13-17, 2016 *** Pisa, Italy *** http://www.ada-europe.org ***<br /> (V8.4)  

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