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Titolo: Ada 2012 Language Standard Corrigendum Approved by ISO
Newsgroup: at.sonstiges, ch.comp, es.comp.programas, it.comp.programmare, pt.comp.programacao
Data: 23/02/2016
Ora: 08:33:52
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  -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<br /> <br /> Ada 2012 Language Standard Corrigendum Approved by ISO<br /> <br /> Milestone marks smooth continuation of Ada language standardization<br /> process<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> EMBEDDED WORLD 2016, Nuremberg, Germany, February 23, 2016 -<br /> The Ada Resource Association (ARA) and Ada-Europe today announced<br /> that an update to the Ada 2012 language standard, formally known as<br /> Technical Corrigendum 1 to ISO/IEC 8652:2012, has been approved and<br /> officially published by the Geneva-based International Organization<br /> for Standardization (ISO). Comprising a variety of clarifications<br /> and minor corrections driven by implementation and user experience,<br /> the Corrigendum was developed under the auspices of Working Group<br /> ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9, in particular by WG9's Ada Rapporteur Group<br /> (ARG), and was issued on February 1, 2016. This work was supported<br /> in part by the ARA and Ada-Europe.<br /> <br /> The publication of the Corrigendum highlights the steady and orderly<br /> evolution of the Ada programming language. New versions of the<br /> standard are published by ISO at roughly ten-year intervals. Between<br /> releases, the ARG reviews the standard for completeness, correctness,<br /> and unambiguity, and also considers and analyzes proposed updates<br /> ranging from minor wording changes to the addition of major new<br /> features. Especially in the case of new features, the ARG performs<br /> a careful analysis of the tradeoffs among the design choices, taking<br /> into account the requirements of all the stakeholders (existing Ada<br /> users, potential new users, compiler implementors, thirdparty tool<br /> providers, educators and researchers, etc.) This process has worked<br /> successfully since the language's inception more than thirty years<br /> ago, resulting in precisely defined standards that are issued in a<br /> timely fashion and that meet the evolving needs of the Ada community.<br /> <br /> A consolidated Ada 2012 Language Reference Manual, consisting of<br /> the Ada 2012 standard as updated by changes from the Corrigendum,<br /> is available online: www.ada-auth.org/standards/ada12_w_tc1.html/.<br /> <br /> &quot;In this phase of the language standardization process, the focus<br /> is on attention to detail, so the Corrigendum has 'fine-tuned' the<br /> wording to make sure that the standard is correct,&quot; said Dr. Joyce<br /> Tokar, WG9 Convenor. &quot;It has also enhanced the control provided<br /> by contract-based programming, so the Ada programmer can not only<br /> specify the preconditions and predicates that apply to inputs, but<br /> also identify which particular exceptions should be raised when a<br /> precondition or predicate fails. The preconditions and predicates<br /> can thus fully specify an API's requirements, and the consequences<br /> of failure when these requirements are not met. The Corrigendum<br /> represents an important contribution to the Ada community.&quot;<br /> <br /> <br /> About Ada 2012<br /> <br /> Ada 2012 has brought significant enhancements to Ada, most notably in<br /> the area of &quot;contract-based programming.&quot; Features here include the<br /> ability to specify preconditions and postconditions for subprograms,<br /> and invariants for private (encapsulated) types. These take the form<br /> of Boolean expressions that can be interpreted (under programmer<br /> control) as run-time conditions to be checked. The contract-based<br /> programming features fit in smoothly with Ada's Object-Oriented<br /> Programming model, and support the type substitutability guidance<br /> supplied in the Object-Oriented Technologies and Related Techniques<br /> Supplement (DO-332) to the avionics software safety standard DO-178C<br /> / ED-12C.<br /> <br /> Other Ada 2012 improvements include enhancements to the containers<br /> library, increased expressiveness through features such as conditional<br /> expressions and more powerful iterators, and support for multicore<br /> platforms (task affinities, and the extension of the Ravenscar profile<br /> - standardized in Ada 2005 as an efficient and predictable tasking<br /> subset for high-integrity real-time systems - to multiprocessor and<br /> multicore environments).<br /> <br /> A technical summary of Ada 2012, together with an explanation of<br /> the language's benefits and a set of links to further information,<br /> is available at www.ada2012.org, a website maintained by the Ada<br /> Resource Association.<br /> <br /> <br /> About the Ada Resource Association<br /> <br /> The Ada Resource Association (ARA) is a non-profit organization<br /> chartered to support the continued evolution of the Ada language and<br /> its infrastructure, to serve as a source of information about Ada and<br /> its usage, and to promote Ada as a language for effective software<br /> engineering. To these ends, the ARA maintains the Ada Information<br /> Clearinghouse website www.adaic.org and has provided funding<br /> for the development and maintenance of the Ada language standard<br /> and the Ada Conformance Assessment Test Suite. For information<br /> about the ARA, including sponsorship opportunities, please visit<br /> www.adaresource.com. The ARA is headquartered in Oakton, VA (US).<br /> <br /> <br /> About Ada-Europe<br /> <br /> Ada-Europe is the international non-profit organization that<br /> promotes the knowledge and use of the Ada programming language<br /> in academia, research and industry in Europe. Its flagship event<br /> is the annual international conference on reliable software<br /> technologies, a high-quality technical and scientific event that<br /> has been successfully running in the current format for the last 20<br /> years. Ada-Europe has member organizations all over the continent,<br /> in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland,<br /> as well as individual members in many other countries. For information<br /> about Ada-Europe, its charter, activities and sponsors, please visit:<br /> www.ada-europe.org. Ada-Europe is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.<br /> <br /> A PDF version of this press release is available at www.ada-europe.org.<br /> <br /> <br /> Organization Contacts<br /> <br /> Ada Resource Association<br /> Ben Brosgol, ARA President<br /> brosgol@adacore.com<br /> <br /> Ada-Europe<br /> Tullio Vardanega, Ada-Europe President<br /> president@ada-europe.org<br /> <br /> <br /> Press Contacts<br /> <br /> Ada Resource Association<br /> Jenna Beaucage<br /> Rainier Communications<br /> Tel: +1-508-475-0025 x124<br /> jbeaucage@rainierco.com<br /> <br /> Ada-Europe<br /> Dirk Craeynest, Ada-Europe Vice-president<br /> c/o KU Leuven, Department of Computer Science<br /> dirk.craeynest@cs.kuleuven.be<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> (VTC1.4)  

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