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Titolo: Truffe su ebay, ma qualcuno ci casca? :D
Newsgroup: free.it.discussioni.ebay
Data: 22/04/2015
Ora: 12:33:43
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  Mi &egrave; arrivata una finta mail di paypal dove dice che un tizio mi ha pagato <br /> un cell che ho in vendita su ebay, ovviamente sul mio conto non ho nessun <br /> pagamento ...<br /> <br /> Riporto:<br /> <br /> <br /> This email confirms that you have received an Instant payment of &euro;160.00 <br /> EUR from James Pedro (leeron670@gmail.com) via PayPal Payment Service.<br /> Reversals : This method of payment can not be reversed or canceled.<br /> Status : Pending - Tracking Number Is Needed.<br /> <br /> View the &quot;NOTE&quot; of this pending transaction below<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> <br /> Payment Detail<br /> Amount: &euro; 160.00 EUR<br /> Shipment Charges:<br /> Taxes and Insurance:<br /> <br /> Total: &euro; 00.00 EUR<br /> &euro; 00.00 EUR<br /> <br /> &euro; 160.00 EUR<br /> Transaction ID: PP1543 - 5E2D6738F3630<br /> Quantity: 1<br /> Description: Smartphone Android Dual Sim: Wiko Rainbow, Bianco<br /> <br /> <br /> Delivery Address: &quot; PAYPAL CONFIRMATION ADDRESS&quot;<br /> <br /> James Joe<br /> Suite 123 No 10 Jalan PJS 11/28A,<br /> Sunway Metro, Bander Sunway,<br /> 46150, Petaling Jaya.<br /> Malaysia.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> NOTE: This is to confirm to you that the said amount has been successfully <br /> transferred by the Sender and has been deducted from his Bank Account which <br /> is ready to be credited into your account and have been &quot;APPROVED&quot; but will <br /> not be credited to your account until the shipment reference / tracking <br /> number is sent to us for SHIPMENT VERIFICATION so as to secure both the <br /> buyer and the seller. This is due to new security measures at PayPal&reg; for <br /> r and seller from fraud, because some <br /> seller do receive money from buyer and will not ship the item purchased from <br /> them. This payment will remain **Uncleared** due to international <br /> transaction and will not reflect on your account until the Shipment <br /> Reference/ Tracking Number is sent to us for shipment verification so as to <br /> secure the transaction.We are working against the growing number of <br /> fraudulent transactions via the internet. Below are the necessary <br /> information requested before your account will be credited. Send the <br /> shipment reference / tracking number to us through this <br /> email:(service.credit@email.com) and our customer service care will attend <br /> to you. As soon as you send us the shipment's tracking number for security <br /> purposes and the safety of the buyer and the seller, the money will be <br /> credited to your account.<br /> <br /> **PLEASE <br /> NOTE**<br /> Once shipment has been verified and the tracking number sent to us, You <br /> will receive a &quot;CONFIRMATION Email&quot; from PayPal informing you that the <br /> Money has been credited.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> -- <br /> Ciao, H.<br /> \\|//<br /> (o o)<br /> oOOo~(_)~oOOo<br /> &laquo;=&curren;=&raquo;&laquo;=&curren;=&raquo;&laquo;=&curren;=&raquo;&laquo;=&curren;=&raquo;&laquo;=&curren;=&raquo;&laquo;=&curren;=&raquo;&laquo;=&curren;=&raquo;<br /> Se sei incerto tieni aperto!<br /> Saluti in piega a tutti!  

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