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Titolo: ANOTHER Omaha Police Rape/Assault/Attempted Murder Cover Up Where Trent Stewart Was A HERO
Newsgroup: it.sociale.handicap, italia.modena.handicap, maus.soc.handicap.talk
Data: 06/11/2009
Ora: 14:49:38
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  <br /> <br /> Omaha, Nebraska, late 1980s.<br /> <br /> Twenty something year old Trent Stewart was relaxing on a Friday night at<br /> the home of his parents, Marlene and James Stewart of 3063 So 32 St in<br /> Omaha, Nebraska.<br /> <br /> Stewart was watching the home of his parents while they were out of town and<br /> was relaxing, alone with a cold Budweiser after wrok in the kitchen of the<br /> home he grew up in.<br /> <br /> The telephone rang.<br /> <br /> It was Joyce Faltis, now Joyce Faltis-Serenil, of 3067 So 32 St who lived<br /> just South of the Stewart residence.<br /> <br /> Joyce stated she needed help. She said she thought she was in danger.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart, a communications technicican at the time, thought it was just<br /> another female drama queen inventing some problem to keep herself amused.<br /> <br /> He calmed the woman, and asked her why she thought she was in danger.<br /> <br /> Joyce described how she went to her backporch and discovered the back porch<br /> light didn't work.<br /> <br /> Stewart reasoned with her that light bulbs burn out.<br /> <br /> Joyce then described to Stewart how when she went to her back porch without<br /> the light, she discovered a wire strung between the porch rails at shin<br /> height at the top of her steps.<br /> <br /> Stewart couldn't rationalize that away.<br /> <br /> He asked her again to repeat what she just told him and after she did so,<br /> asked if the wire was still there.<br /> <br /> She said yes because it was just a few minutes ago she discvered the wire<br /> and asked Stewart to meet her on his parent's back porch to investigate.<br /> <br /> Stewart agreed and turnd on the back porch light at his parent's home to<br /> light up the area.<br /> <br /> Joyce showed Stewart the wire and Stewart was dumb founded. Joyce Falstis<br /> had a history of dating black men and Stewart reasoned to himself one her<br /> black boyfriends must be out to get her.<br /> <br /> Then Joyce stated that she thought there was a man laying in her back yard.<br /> <br /> Again, Stewart balked at the idea until Joyce Faltis pointed to the bushes<br /> about fifteen feet from her and told Stewart there was a man laying right<br /> there in the darkness.<br /> <br /> Just then, a near naked man who apparently was masturbating in the darkness<br /> rose to his feet in the shadows and ran toward the ally where he jumped the<br /> fence and ran up the alley.<br /> <br /> Joyce Faltis told Stewart she thought it was one of the adults who lived<br /> with their parents directly across the street at 3068 So 32 St.<br /> <br /> Stewart thought he recognized the man, too, but did not tell Faltis this.<br /> <br /> The man was now gone and Joyce was advised to call the police if she desired<br /> and she stated she had already done so.<br /> <br /> Stewart told her to leave the wire there for evidence and wait for the<br /> police inside with her doors locked. Joyce Faltis exmained her back porch<br /> light and the bulb had been loosened so it would not function.<br /> <br /> Just prior to Faltis going inside, Stewart asked her to make certain the<br /> police didn't accuse him of being the predator since they Omaha Police<br /> Division had and still has a track record of accusing and arresting Trent<br /> Stewart often for crimes he did not commit.<br /> <br /> Joyce agreed and thanked him and went back inside to the safety of her<br /> locked doors.<br /> <br /> Stewart, kept vigil for a few minutes gazing toward the alley where the<br /> assailant fled then decided to quietly walk out to the alley and lay in<br /> ambush for the predator should he return.<br /> <br /> After five minutes, Stewart was feeling like a fool for expecting the would<br /> be rapist/killer to return when suddenly the predator did just that.<br /> <br /> Dressed onlly in shorts and walking down the alley toward the Faltis back<br /> yard once again, clearly identified in the light, was twenty something year<br /> old Joe Salado, Jr.<br /> <br /> Salado did not see Stewart and stopped at the back fence of Joyce Faltis<br /> glaring at the home and preparing another assault attempt.<br /> <br /> After watching Salado for several minutes and wondering what he was doing<br /> and why he was back, Stewart appeared in the alley and walked toward his<br /> neighbor, Joe Salado, asking him what he was doing.<br /> <br /> Salado went into a drunken tyrade about how &quot;that bitch&quot; brought &quot;niggers&quot;<br /> into our neighborhood and on and on and on.<br /> <br /> Stewart asked Salado what business it was of his and Salado turned on<br /> Stewart accusing him of this and that like Salado was the law and Stewart<br /> had just broken it.<br /> <br /> Finally, disgusted, Stewart told Salado he would be lucky if he lived<br /> through the next five minutes with the police on the way. He explained to<br /> the arrogant Momma's Boy Italian thug that if the police saw him, they might<br /> shoot him, depending on what the police were convinced was happening and he<br /> better flee the scene and go back home to his Mommy and Daddy's house where<br /> he lived.<br /> <br /> Salado wanted to assault Joyce Faltis and wasn't having any of it.<br /> <br /> Finally, Stewart convinced Salado to flee.<br /> <br /> Stewart went back inside his parent's home and looked out the window to see<br /> three police cruisuers with their spotlights on examining the neighborhood.<br /> <br /> But the odd thing was, none of the three police cruisers stopped and they<br /> drove down the street so fast they could have seen Salado or anyone else<br /> standing in the open between the houses and not noticed them.<br /> <br /> It turns out that the Salado family is a close associate of the Friend<br /> Family of Omaha Police Division infamy.<br /> <br /> Police were not about to arrest a Salado for anything.<br /> <br /> No charges were ever filed or arrests made.<br /> <br /> Joe Salado began showing himself the next day when he sobered up like<br /> nothing ever happened.<br /> <br /> The victim, Joyce Faltis, who lived alone, was never given any satisfaction<br /> for being the victim of the crimes committed by Joe Salado and it is not<br /> known how many additional hate crimes the Salados committed over the years<br /> against Joyce Faltis, a whilte woman who dated black men.<br /> <br /> Joyce Faltis eventually married a Latino Deputy Sheriff named Leonardo<br /> Serenil who died of cancer a short while later.<br /> <br /> Joyce Faltis-Serenil, James Stewart, and the Salado Klan continue to live in<br /> the same residences to this day.<br /> <br /> Joe Salado no longer lives with his parents at age forty.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart fears being arrested and retaliated upon for this and many<br /> other acts of heroism against criminals supported by the Omaha Police<br /> Division, particularly in the Italian mob.<br /> <br /> More to come on the heroism of the chief accuser of Republican serial rapist<br /> Harold John Hal Daub.<br /> <br /> The above story can be proven.<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Hal_Daub<br /> <br /> <br />  

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