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Titolo: M,I-5'Perse cution ' w hy won 't the Br itish pol ice do their job an d p ut a st op to it?
Newsgroup: de.soc.recht.arbeit+soziales, free.it.citta.rimini, free.it.diritto.avvocati.praticanti, free.it.discussioni.matrimonio, free.it.giochi.fantacalcio
Data: 01/01/2008
Ora: 15:29:17
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  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<br /> -= why won't the British police do their job and put a. stop to it? -=<br /> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<br /> <br /> The British police obviously do know what is taking. place. Besides my<br /> interpretations of what individual officers have said which forces. that<br /> conclusion, it would. be inconceivable for them to be unaware of something<br /> on this. scale.<br /> <br /> If they know, then they will know that the abusers have broken laws. in the<br /> UK and abroad. Recently the UK. introduced laws against electronic spying<br /> which carry a penalty of several years jail if caught. If the police. know<br /> illegal harassment is taking. place, and do nothing about it, then they are<br /> failing in. their responsibilities.<br /> <br /> Last. Easter (1995) I went into the local police station in London and spoke<br /> to an officer about the harassment. against me. But I couldn't provide<br /> tangible evidence; what people said, in. many cases years ago, is beyond<br /> proof, and without something to support my statements. I cannot expect a<br /> police officer to take the complaint. seriously.<br /> <br /> The current situation with regard to the police is not one which. allows a<br /> breakthrough in dealing with the problem. On the one hand, most. individual<br /> officers at a local police station may not know. about the ongoing assaults,<br /> so a complaint at that level will not yield results. Yet the. police as an<br /> organisation do know. of the harassment, and they must be aware that a<br /> complaint has been made at a police station. So it. is clearly their duty to<br /> take preventative action against the. continuing molestation, but because<br /> the criminals are operating on behalf of a. state agency, the police are not<br /> carrying. out their duty.<br /> <br /> 2119<br />  

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