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Titolo: Chef's Close Encounter with Moon
Newsgroup: alt.creative.writing, alt.humor, it-alt.media.internet.blog, misc.writing, misc.writing.screenplays
Data: 05/08/2010
Ora: 00:03:03
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  Having worked in many a restaurant and hotel over the years, I have gained a <br /> great dislike of chefs. I am a chefist. The majority of chefs I have worked <br /> for, have been annoying to say the least. I recall working in a kitchen of a <br /> hotel in Newquay. I was a kp - kitchen porter (washer of pots). I have been <br /> a kp many times in the past. I actually preferred doing this type of job <br /> over front of house work. Stood a [...]<br /> <br /> ************************************************************************<br /> Read the full post on my blog - Somewhere near Wherever<br /> http://somewherenearwherever.co.cc<br /> <br /> Follow me on twitter<br /> http://twitter.com/lucidlydreaming<br /> ************************************************************************ <br /> <br /> <br /> --- news://freenews.netfront.net/ - complaints: news@netfront.net ---  

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