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Titolo: Firefox 3.6.6 on Slackware
Newsgroup: free.it.linux.slackware, alt.comp.linux, alt.linux.slakware
Data: 29/06/2010
Ora: 07:03:14
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  <br /> I am trying to install Firefox 3.6.6 on Slackware 13 x86 architecture. I <br /> looked at the prerequisites and then had to get the prerequisites for GCC <br /> 4.5.0. GCC will not compile correctly. It is giving an error that it <br /> cannot determine a file extension in the source directory. I think at this <br /> time I may have gotten a corrupted download as the md5 hashes didn't match <br /> so I will try and download that again! :)<br /> <br /> If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Also if someone knows a <br /> better way to install Firefox 3.6.6 I would appreciate the help.<br /> <br /> Thank You!<br /> -- <br /> The Overlord:<br /> &quot;Before you try and impose your idea upon someone else<br /> remember that youre an idiot!&quot; <br />  

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da leggere The Overlord 29/06 07:03
Firefox 3.6.6 on Slackware
   da leggere Eef Hartman 30/06 18:12
Re: Firefox 3.6.6 on Slackware
      da leggere The Overlord 01/07 20:52
Re: Firefox 3.6.6 on Slackware

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