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Titolo: SGM go-kart engines and components and NewLine radiators
Newsgroup: free.it.musica.francescorenga
Data: 10/05/2009
Ora: 23:08:52
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  Dear Sirs, pardon me in case of unappropriate posting but I couldn't find go-kart specific groups in your area. If you know go-kart websites in your area, please tell us (contact us on our website).<br /> <br /> We sell SGM go-kart racing engines and NewLine radiators, both hand made in the famous Maranello land.<br /> <br /> The SGM engine is currently the fastest engine in its class:<br /> if you are a go-kart racer you can buy online the SGM engines and also every genuine spare part by browsing the online catalog and the exploded drawings on our site.<br /> Buyers are entitled for email assistance; servicing, repair and tuning at the factory are possible too.<br /> <br /> SGM racing engines and parts:<br /> http://www.maranello-engineering.com/eshop/motori-sgm-motori-completi-c-67_84.html<br /> http://www.maranello-engineering.com/eshop/ricambi-originali-ga207-c-67_72_87.html<br /> <br /> New Line Radiators:<br /> http://www.maranello-engineering.com/eshop/newline-racing-m-15.html<br /> <br /> If you are a dealer or you have a kart shop and you are able to resell<br /> an adequate volume of products each month, contact us with details,<br /> you may be entitled for a discount.<br /> <br /> -- <br /> Maranello Engineering Srl  

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