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Titolo: Patch vulnerabilità Meltdown e Spectre
Newsgroup: it.comp.as400
Data: 12/01/2018
Ora: 09:46:34
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  https://goo.gl/KU2JZA<br /> <br /> Jan 9, 2018 4:20 pm EST<br /> <br /> On Wednesday, January 3, researchers from Google announced a security <br /> vulnerability impacting microprocessors, including processors in the IBM <br /> POWER family.<br /> <br /> This vulnerability doesn&rsquo;t allow an external unauthorized party to gain <br /> access to a machine, but it could allow a party that has access to the <br /> system to access unauthorized data.<br /> <br /> If this vulnerability poses a risk to your environment, then the first <br /> line of defense is the firewalls and security tools that most <br /> organizations already have in place.<br /> <br /> Complete mitigation of this vulnerability for Power Systems clients <br /> involves installing patches to both system firmware and operating <br /> systems. The firmware patch provides partial remediation to these <br /> vulnerabilities and is a pre-requisite for the OS patch to be effective. <br /> These will be available as follows:<br /> <br /> Firmware patches for POWER7+ and POWER8 platforms are now available via <br /> FixCentral. POWER9 patches will be available on January 15. We will <br /> provide further communication on supported generations prior to POWER7+ <br /> including firmware patches and availability.<br /> <br /> Linux operating systems patches are now available through our Linux <br /> distribution partners Redhat, SUSE and Canonical.<br /> <br /> AIX and IBM i operating system patches will be available February 12.<br /> <br /> Information will be available via PSIRT.<br /> <br /> Clients should review these patches in the context of their datacenter <br /> environment and standard evaluation practices to determine if they <br /> should be applied.<br /> <br /> -- <br /> S  

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Patch vulnerabilità Meltdown e Spectre
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Re: Patch vulnerabilità Meltdown e Spectre

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