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  Inviato da: Sandro kensan  Mostra tutti i messaggi di Sandro kensan
Titolo: -365/2
Newsgroup: it-alt.comp.software.mozilla
Data: 08/11/2017
Ora: 18:06:49
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  Legacy Add-on Support on Firefox ESR<br /> Jorge Villalobos<br /> <br /> Oct 3 2017<br /> <br /> Earlier this year, we shared with you our compatibility plan for<br /> Firefox. As anticipated, Firefox 57 will be released in late November,<br /> only allowing add-ons using the WebExtensions API. However, we have<br /> received some questions from developers on how this timeline applies to<br /> the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR).<br /> <br /> To clarify how legacy extensions will work with the ESR release:<br /> <br /> ESR 52 will be the last ESR release that supports legacy add-ons.<br /> Support for ESR 52 officially ends on June 2018.<br /> <br /> GIUGNO 2018 finisce la compatibilit&agrave; con le estensioni legacy per<br /> Firefox ESR 52.<br /> <br /> The following ESR release (59), and any subsequent release, will not<br /> support legacy add-ons. There will be no override provided for this<br /> behavior.<br /> <br /> AMO Support<br /> <br /> AMO (addons.mozilla.org) will continue to support legacy add-on listings<br /> throughout the ESR 52 cycle. However, AMO will primarily focus on<br /> WebExtension add-on listings. This means some legacy features may also<br /> change during this time period. There are big changes coming to AMO,<br /> including a completely new design. Stay put for more updates on this.<br /> <br /> -- <br /> Sandro kensan www.kensan.it &amp; www.qiqi.it geek site<br /> Saluto gli agenti della NSA - Hello NSA - www.nsa.gov  

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