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Titolo: Singer/Songwriter Halie Loren Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Album
Newsgroup: it.arti.musica.jazz
Data: 10/11/2017
Ora: 04:12:42
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  Internationally acclaimed singer and independent recording artist Halie Lor=<br /> en is teaming with famed British music producer Troy Miller (Jamie Cullum, =<br /> Gregory Porter, Becca Stevens) to release a Kickstarter-funded studio album=<br /> project, aptly titled, &quot;Halie Loren is making a new album.&quot; http://bit.ly/=<br /> HalieLoren<br /> <br /> Loren first achieved international prominence with three jazz albums charti=<br /> ng at No. 1 on Billboard Japan's Top 20. The new Kickstarter campaign will =<br /> enable her fans to hear her voice backed by top studio musicians with indus=<br /> try-leading production values.<br /> <br /> The new album will be distributed in Asia by JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainme=<br /> nt and throughout the rest of the world by Justin Time Records. &quot;We are gra=<br /> tified to see so many of Halie's fans who have committed to over one-half o=<br /> f the goal in only the first week,&quot; said Justin Time's president, Jim West.=<br /> &quot;This recording is a big undertaking with top-notch participants, and we a=<br /> re proud to be one of the channels in releasing it around the world in 2018=<br /> ..&quot;<br /> <br /> The pledge period ends on September 30, and backers have the opportunity to=<br /> receive gifts such signed pre-release CDs, silk-screened T-shirts, Halie L=<br /> oren original artwork, concerts in your home, and eco-themed options.<br /> <br /> In addition to covers of popular songs and jazz standards, all nine of her =<br /> previous albums have featured one or more of her own originals, fitting in =<br /> so seamlessly that not all fans realized they were hers. The new project wi=<br /> ll turn the spotlight entirely on her original material, and will be her mo=<br /> st personal artistic statement to date.<br /> <br /> &quot;I have long dreamed of making this album, and finally felt brave enough to=<br /> make this leap because of the immense outpouring of support that my fans h=<br /> ave shown for my original music,&quot; said Loren. &quot;This project feels so true a=<br /> nd necessary for me as an artist, and I'm beyond excited to share it with t=<br /> he world. I'm truly grateful to all the people who are supporting me and th=<br /> is music.&quot;<br /> <br /> Contributions will go toward production, studio time, recording engineering=<br /> , mixing, mastering, artwork and photography, and promotion. Go to http://b=<br /> it.ly/HalieLoren to see a video from Halie Loren and learn more about the &quot;=<br /> Halie Loren is making a new album&quot; Kickstarter campaign.=20<br /> <br /> Website: http://www.halieloren.com<br /> <br /> Source: http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=3D199851  

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