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Titolo: commozione civile a causa di un insulto contro Ambedkar su Facebook
Newsgroup: it.cultura.religioni.buddhismo, free.it.religioni.buddhismo
Data: 17/02/2011
Ora: 01:48:40
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  Scusate, solo in inglese ancora. Classica storia indiana, ahim=E9.<br /> <br /> --<br /> <br /> http://www.thehindu.com/news/states/other-states/article1462774.ece<br /> <br /> Facebook pulls off objectionable page on Ambedkar<br /> <br /> Facebook pulled off the =91I hate Ambedkar' page on Wednesday after the<br /> Mumbai Police Cyber Cell pursued the case with the authorities, police<br /> said. The page sparked a row in the city and more than 200 people<br /> resorted to rioting on Monday night in protest.<br /> <br /> Cases were registered against them for rioting, damaging public<br /> property and obstructing police officials from performing their duty.<br /> <br /> =93After we procured an order from the court on Tuesday, our Cyber Cell<br /> took the matter with the technical authorities of Facebook in the U.S.<br /> The page has now been deleted,=94 K.M.M. Prasanna, Deputy Commissioner<br /> of Police, Zone IX, told The Hindu.<br /> <br /> Investigation on<br /> <br /> He said that further investigation was on. =93We do not know who created<br /> the page and when it was created. We are looking into it.=94<br /> <br /> A local Marathi daily on Monday reported about the page, sparking<br /> protest in the suburban areas of Khar, Bandra and Linking Road late on<br /> Monday night.  

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