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Titolo: Virginia Declares War On America, BLOOD & BLOOD PLASMA NEEDED NATIONWIDE
Newsgroup: it.sociale.handicap, italia.modena.handicap, maus.soc.handicap.talk
Data: 07/11/2009
Ora: 02:43:57
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  Dateline Friday, 06 November, 2009<br /> <br /> Thursday's terrorist attacks by a Viriginia US Army officer at Fort Hood,<br /> Texas, left thirteen people dead and thirty plus wounded.<br /> <br /> It's hardly the first time the Republican stronghold of Virginia has<br /> declared war on the United States.<br /> <br /> The United States has been fighting two wars since 2001.<br /> <br /> Where's your whole blood or blood plasma donations, America?<br /> <br /> Ft. Hood civilians lined up to donate blood following the shooting with so<br /> many donors that many had to be turned away.<br /> <br /> Where have YOU been for the last eight years, wearing yellow ribbons on your<br /> SUV and bitching about your taxes?<br /> <br /> THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BLOOD AND BLOOD PLASMA.<br /> <br /> Not a fan of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?<br /> <br /> CIVILIANS world wide depend on whole blood and blood plasma donations.<br /> <br /> Blood plasma is used to create medications to combat numerous diseases<br /> afflicting men, women, and children.<br /> <br /> So where you been?<br /> <br /> Mr. Trent (TJ) Stewart began donating blood plasma the last week of 1999. He<br /> continues to donate blood plasma to this day when he can.<br /> <br /> The man's one good vein for donating plasma is so scarred up from the<br /> donations he may NEVER be able to donate again.<br /> <br /> He personally has donated 48 GALLONS of life giving blood plasma.<br /> <br /> So where you at, America?<br /> <br /> There is no more altruistic act than donating whole blood or blood plasma.<br /> <br /> And for you crackers, particularly you war mongering Klansman in Virgiinia,<br /> the Old South, and throughout America, I have some bad news for you.<br /> <br /> Fifty percent or better of those donating blood plasma are black men and<br /> women.<br /> <br /> That means you racist piles of dog shit have black blood running through<br /> your veins if you have ever had medical treatment which required blood or<br /> blood plasma.<br /> <br /> That's right, KKK Klansman like Corey Urban of Omaha, Nebraska, and his fire<br /> fighter family, it's likely that a black man saved your punk ass life.<br /> <br /> The blood plasma is gathered individually then mixed together before it is<br /> used.<br /> <br /> So where you at American flag wavers?<br /> <br /> And Mr. Stewart is hardly alone nor does he hold some kind of record with<br /> his 48 GALLONS of donated blood plasma.<br /> <br /> Where you at, donors?<br />  

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