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Titolo: Monogram Billfold with 10 Credit Card Slots M60883 Collection
Newsgroup: it-alt.media.radio.rai
Data: 09/02/2009
Ora: 02:11:49
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  Monogram Billfold with 10 Credit Card Slots M60883 Collection<br /> <br /> Handbags Collection Site : http://www.handbags-shopping.com/<br /> Monogram Billfold with 10 Credit Card Slots M60883 View Full :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Monogram-Billfold-with-10-Credit-Card-Slots-M60883.html<br /> <br /> Monogram Billfold with 10 Credit Card Slots M60883 AdditionalInfo :<br /> <br /> Brand : Wallet Bags ( http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Wallet-wholesale.html<br /> )<br /> Handbags Name : Monogram Billfold with 10 Credit Card Slots<br /> M60883<br /> Code : M60883<br /> <br /> This discreet,beautifully crafted wallet restores perfect order to<br /> one's bills and credit cards.The symmetrical layout offers 10 credit-<br /> card slots,two pockets for papers,and a deep currency pocket. -<br /> Monogram canvas with textured leather lining<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- Classic folded wallet with long currency pocket<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- 10 credit-card slots<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- Two vertical pockets for papers or ID &lt;STRONG&gt;Size:&lt;/STRONG&gt; 4&quot;<br /> L x 4.5&quot; H<br /> &lt;BR&gt;&lt;STRONG&gt;This Monogram Billfold with 10 Credit Card Slots comes<br /> with:&lt;/STRONG&gt; Serial and model numbers,the LV dust bag,care<br /> booklet,LV cards,and copy of the genuine receipt from an official LV<br /> store.<br /> <br /> The Wallet Bags Watches Collection Series :<br /> <br /> Damier Zip Compact Wallet N61668 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Damier-Zip-Compact-Wallet-N61668.html<br /> Monogram Canvas Tresor Wallet M61730 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Monogram-Canvas-Tresor-Wallet-M61730.html<br /> Monogram Small Ring Agenda R20005 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Monogram-Small-Ring-Agenda-R20005.html<br /> Hermes Dogon Ostrich Veins Wallet Jester Red :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Hermes-Dogon-Ostrich-Veins-Wallet-Jester-Red.html<br /> Hermes Dogon Wallet Travel Case Dark Coffee :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Hermes-Dogon-Wallet-Travel-Case-Dark-Coffee.html<br /> Hermes Dogon Wallet Travel Case Organizer Gold :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Hermes-Dogon-Wallet-Travel-Case-Organizer-Gold.html<br /> Hermes Bearn Japonaise Bi-Fold Wallet Orange H009 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Hermes-Bearn-Japonaise-Bi-Fold-Wallet-Orange-H009.html<br /> Hermes Dogon Ostrich Veins Wallet Black :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Hermes-Dogon-Ostrich-Veins-Wallet-Black.html<br /> Hermes Dogon Wallet Light Coffee :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Hermes-Dogon-Wallet-Light-Coffee.html<br /> Hermes Dogon Ostrich Veins Wallet Grey :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Hermes-Dogon-Ostrich-Veins-Wallet-Grey.html  

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