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Titolo: Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 Discount, Replicas, Fake
Newsgroup: it-alt.discussioni.pasticceria
Data: 27/10/2009
Ora: 09:01:54
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  Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 Discount, Replicas, Fake<br /> <br /> Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 Link : http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-529.html<br /> <br /> To Wholesale the cheapest Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 in<br /> toppest Replica . www.wubags.com helps you to save money! M92071 ,<br /> Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 , Replias , Cheap , Fake ,<br /> imitation , Louis Vuitton Handbags<br /> <br /> Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 Information :<br /> <br /> Brand : Louis Vuitton Handbags ( http://www.wubags.com/louis-vuitton.html<br /> )<br /> Gender :<br /> Code : M92071<br /> Our Price : $ 218.00<br /> <br /> The hand-grained leather and polished, aged brass hardware of this<br /> handsome, masculine messenger bag give it a vintage, Western feel,<br /> while the &quot;Louis Vuitton&quot; hot-stamping and fine topstitching lend it<br /> an air of refinement. A casual, yet urban bag, perfect for everyday<br /> use.<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- Supple, hand-grained calf leather<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- Tinted cowhide straps with polished, aged brass buckle<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- Cotton adjustable shoulder strap<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- One main compartment, a smaller pouch under the flap<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- Rustic cotton canvas lining<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- Polished, aged brass hardware<br /> &lt;BR&gt;- &quot;Louis Vuitton&quot; hot-stamped on the leather &lt;STRONG&gt;Size:&lt;/<br /> STRONG&gt;15.6&quot; L x 13.2&quot; H x 4&quot; W<br /> &lt;BR&gt;&lt;STRONG&gt;This Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag handbag comes with:&lt;/<br /> STRONG&gt;Serial and model numbers,the LV dust bag,care booklet,LV<br /> cards,and copy of the genuine receipt from an official LV store.<br /> <br /> Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 is new brand replica, join<br /> thousands of satisfied customers and buy your Louis Vuitton Handbags<br /> with total satisfaction. A wubags.COM 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is<br /> included with every Louis Vuitton Handbags Replica Series for secure,<br /> risk-free online shopping. wubags.COM does not charge sales tax for<br /> the Fake Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071.<br /> <br /> All of our replica watches are shipped via EMS to worldwide. Normally<br /> it takes 3days to prepare the fake watch you ordered and 5-10days to<br /> transmit depending on the different destination.We pay for the free<br /> shipping cost for total quantity over 20 pcs. The EMS tracking NO.<br /> will be sent by email when an order is shipped from our warehouse. No<br /> more other charges from wubags.com such as the tax. If you have any<br /> other questions please check our other pages or feel free to email us<br /> by sales@wubags.com.<br /> <br /> <br /> The Same Louis Vuitton Handbags Series :<br /> <br /> Nomade Leather Nomade Speedy M85392 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-530.html<br /> <br /> Nomade Leather Nomade Alma M85394 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-531.html<br /> <br /> Nomade Leather Nomade Keepall M85391 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-532.html<br /> <br /> Nomade Leather Nomade Lockit M85388 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-533.html<br /> <br /> Monogram Tisse Sac Rayure GM M56385 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-534.html<br /> <br /> Monogram Tisse Sac Rayure PM M56386 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-535.html<br /> <br /> Utah Leather Huron M92532 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-536.html<br /> <br /> Utah Leather Commanche M92530 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-537.html<br /> <br /> Monogram Canvas Keepall 45 M41428 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-538.html<br /> <br /> Monogram Canvas Keepall 60 M41412 :<br /> http://www.wubags.com/Louis-Vuitton-Bags-539.html<br /> <br /> Top Quality Utah Leather Utah Messenger Bag M92071 Minimum Price<br /> Wholesale, Discount, Replicas, Fake  

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