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Parliamo di pattinaggio rotelle e tutto cio che gira senza limiti

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  Inviato da: Jeanette@free.it.sport.calcio.roma  Mostra tutti i messaggi di Jeanette@free.it.sport.calcio.roma
Titolo: free.it.sport.calcio.roma
Newsgroup: free.it.sport.calcio.roma, free.it.sport.pattinaggio, alt.sports.baseball.edm-trappers, sci.crypt
Data: 24/07/2007
Ora: 02:04:07
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  -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----<br /> <br /> officials have been suspended while a federal<br /> criminal probe investigates the destruction of documents related to the<br /> incident.<br /> <br /> A total of twelve agents were disciplined. None have yet been prosecuted.<br /> <br /> The Federal government subsequently named after a U.S. Marshal who was<br /> killed, but who also shot Randy Weaver's son dead in the back: a new<br /> Marshals training center.<br /> <br /> The Federal government's behavior in the incident can only be described as<br /> sickening: targeting a citizen (a veteran, no less) who committed no crime<br /> AND EVEN HAD NO CRIMINAL RECORD (but had politically incorrect views) for<br /> blackmail, then acting vengefully when he wouldn't act as their rat fink.<br /> <br /> Shoot-to-kill. Sniper team. Military fatigues.<br /> <br /> A terrorizing organization: how else to explain the cruel cruel taunting.<br /> <br /> A terrorist organization by virtue of shoot-to-kill orders.<br /> <br /> <br /> ----<br /> <br /> <br /> Waco.<br /> <br /> Gun charges.<br /> <br /> The deaths of all those people were 80% the fault of the government.<br /> <br /> I say that even though I believe the Koreshians set the fire.<br /> <br /> You'd go mad too after screaming dying rabbits are blasted into your dreams<br /> every night, and in the end w<br /> <br /> <br /> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----<br /> Version: PGPfreeware 9.5.9<br /> <br /> z/8cXuru/FJhdWDYA9ExcXlUCx+fOhINfy4/jWeQNIrGu9z16M6H/iivtNlgtD4Y<br /> 5tQ3BVUU/ixXH4/iB61Pp7xmK/VkpndwoCv47LSCXrR7ytxfpxmLvUSpZZAk2Ze7<br /> R0+pdaAR+Yw1WN6TT6bqGD6dDqEm1nzJHnlH+DNCtY8dD2Nkv91nWDyYnhlnEYvb<br /> pwyO6pAUOktD9GFPDw==<br /> =WL6o<br /> -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----  

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