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Titolo: Online SAP FIORI Training
Newsgroup: free.it.lavoro
Data: 08/12/2015
Ora: 09:41:01
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  TEKSONIT SERVICES provide the Best SAP FIORI Online Training all over the W=<br /> orld by a team of Highly Talented faculties with real time experience. Our =<br /> ambition is to create a student friendly academy with ample current trouble=<br /> shooting exercise in SAP FIORI to equip the student with adequate industry=<br /> ready knowledge. We assist you in project implementation and end to end us=<br /> er level assistance with the help of practical based scenario During SAP FI=<br /> ORI Training.<br /> <br /> Some of the SAP FIORI Course topics that covered by our professionals:<br /> <br /> 1.Introduction of end to end Data Flow.<br /> 2.SAP Business Workflow basics.=20<br /> 3.OData extensibility.<br /> 4.UI extensibility.<br /> 5.Configuration of Analytical Apps.<br /> 6.Configuration of a KPI.<br /> 7.SAP Business Workflow basics.<br /> 8.Analytical Apps overview.<br /> 9.HANA XS Engine overview &amp;amp; architecture.<br /> 10.Basic issue troubleshooting resources.<br /> <br /> And many sub topics are there for more details please go through the websit=<br /> e.<br /> <br /> Please call us for the Demo Classes we have regular batches and weekend bat=<br /> ches.<br /> <br /> Contact Number: USA: +13233008993, INDIA: +919391855249,<br /> <br /> Email: teksonit@gmail.com,<br /> <br /> Web: http://www.teksonit.com/sap-fiori-online-training/  

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