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Data: 19/01/2017
Ora: 05:06:21
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  S=C3=A1bado, 14 de Enero, 2017 de Nuestro Salvador Jesucristo, Guayaquil, E=<br /> cuador-Iberoam=C3=A9rica=20<br /> <br /> (Cartas del cielo son escritas por Iv=C3=A1n Valarezo)<br /> <br /> <br /> THE TREE OF LIFE IS AT YOUR LOCAL TEMPLE=E2=80=99S ALTAR WITH YOUR BREAD AN=<br /> D WINE:=20<br /> <br /> Our heavenly Father said to Adam and Eve: you may eat from all the fruits f=<br /> rom the trees of the Garden of Eden, but from the fruit from the tree of kn=<br /> owledge of good and evil you will never eat. Since the day that you may it =<br /> from it, then, you will certainly die only to know darkness separated from =<br /> paradise and the daily blessing from heaven=E2=80=99s glory. Therefore, you=<br /> are called only to eat from His Son=E2=80=99s tree of life that is his sac=<br /> red-flesh and the atoning-blood at the altar for eternal life filled with d=<br /> aily blessings to be possible in you along with your loved ones, including =<br /> your friends, so you may live a fulfilled life enjoying the best of our hea=<br /> venly Father=E2=80=99s every day richest blessings, always.<br /> <br /> Certainly, that our heavenly Father wanted Adam and Eve to live always enjo=<br /> ying the best of His eternal life that He had already granted to him and hi=<br /> s wife Eve, by default, because they had been born from His image, by the H=<br /> oly Spirit=E2=80=99s powers, so they may live in His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=<br /> =99s likeness, filled with the Holy Spirit into eternity. That is why, that=<br /> our heavenly Father expressly told them that they may eat from all the tre=<br /> es from the Garden, including from the tree of life that is His Son Jesus C=<br /> hrist=E2=80=99s sacred-flesh and the atoning-blood in the daily served brea=<br /> d and cup of wine, so they may live with Him, enjoying the blessing of His =<br /> daily covenant of life, perpetually.=20<br /> <br /> Besides, our heavenly Father needed Adam and Eve to eat from His bread and =<br /> drink from His cup, so they may receive all their daily nourishments that H=<br /> e normally consumes before His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the an=<br /> gelical hosts, thus for them to live with Him in perfect holiness just as H=<br /> e has lived plentifully through eternity and forevermore. That is to say, t=<br /> hat our heavenly Father needed to ensure that they may continue to live wit=<br /> h Him, His Son, the Holy Spirit and the angelical hosts always enjoying His=<br /> perfect holiness that brings glory and honor unto His holy name in heaven =<br /> and throughout His Creation as the earth, for example, then He had to feed =<br /> them properly, always.=20<br /> <br /> Certainly, Adam and Eve had to eat and drink what God eats and drinks only =<br /> in heaven=E2=80=99s glory and wherever they may go through Creation, and so=<br /> , they had to learn to eat from the tree of life that is His Son Jesus Chri=<br /> st always imparting unto the angelical hosts His bread and wine, so they ma=<br /> y live filled with holiness, always. In heaven=E2=80=99s glory everyone may=<br /> eat from all the trees from the Garden of Eden, but they most also eat fro=<br /> m His Son Jesus Christ, because he is the only one bearing His holy name in=<br /> the perfect holiness nourishing every one=E2=80=99s heart within the Kingd=<br /> om of heaven including every man, woman and child, for holiness to prevail =<br /> through eternity, always.=20<br /> <br /> That is why, that our heavenly Father had to start Adam and Eve to eat and =<br /> drink from His fruit of life that His Son over Mount Zion, His home-sweet-h=<br /> ome, for this is a family that He along with His Son and the Holy Spirit wa=<br /> s enhancing, and Adam with Eve had to eat what is served daily to remain ho=<br /> ly. This is the reason that our heavenly Father had to establish His home-s=<br /> weet-home that is over Mount Zion within Jerusalem, in Israel, because this=<br /> is where His temple is established for the nations of the world to pray, s=<br /> o He may give them to eat from His bread and wine, for His perfect holiness=<br /> to run always freely through their entire lives.=20<br /> <br /> That is to say, also that our heavenly Father is always expecting you to ap=<br /> proach His home-sweet-home over Mount Zion, where His altar that He granted=<br /> Abraham and Isaac to offer His burnt offering of the prehistoric love is l=<br /> ocated constantly, descended from heaven above with Isaac and the Holy Spir=<br /> it, so everyone may eat and drink from His food, always. Furthermore, you m=<br /> ust eat from our heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit =<br /> just as the angels do in heavens=E2=80=99 glory each day, because He needs =<br /> you not only to enjoy His daily food thus to remain perfectly holy before H=<br /> im and His holy name, but also, to be able to conquer new glories on earth =<br /> in perfect holiness.=20<br /> <br /> Therefore, our heavenly Father needs you to return to your spiritual state =<br /> as you were initially born from His image and living soul, to live in His S=<br /> on Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s likeness of his sacred-flesh, unbreakable bones a=<br /> nd the atoning-blood, so you may be like him as he is from head to foot, be=<br /> cause you are His king, His priest, and temple, forever. That is why, that =<br /> when you eat from His tree of life that is His Son Jesus Christ then you ar=<br /> e eating his food that He only eats daily, because this is the food for Kin=<br /> gs, high priests, temples for His holy name and judges judging angels, so H=<br /> is perfect holiness and glory may always prevail through His loved ones con=<br /> stantly.=20<br /> <br /> For this reason, our heavenly Father fed His angelical hosts with the same =<br /> bread and wine that He offered Adam and Eve, because He will always keep Hi=<br /> s holy angels loving, serving and glorifying Him and His holy name over Mou=<br /> nt Zion as they eat from His food to live in perfect holiness, but they can=<br /> never be as He is everlastingly. And this is to say that the angelical hos=<br /> ts will never be able to become as He is or His Son Jesus Christ or the Hol=<br /> y Spirit, because they are created beings unable ever to become as God is i=<br /> n His duties as a Sovereign Lord, King, high priest and temple to His holy =<br /> name, however, His children can through rebirth.=20<br /> <br /> Because no matter how much the angelical hosts may eat from His tree of lif=<br /> e that is His Christ, but they will fail to become as God is the Almighty, =<br /> Sovereign Lord, high priest, judge and temple to His holy name, however, Hi=<br /> s children can as Adam and Eve along with the children because they were bo=<br /> rn from His image and living-soul. That is why, that our heavenly Father wh=<br /> en He said to Adam and Eve that they may eat from all the trees from the Ga=<br /> rden of Eden along with the tree of life, but never from the forbidden frui=<br /> t, then He could see in them becoming as He is everlastingly as perfect and=<br /> glorious, conquering always new glories for His holy name.=20<br /> <br /> Now, since Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit, because Lucifer manag=<br /> ed to deceive them through the serpent from the Garden of Eden, then the ho=<br /> pe that He will see Adam and the children becoming as He is a King, a high =<br /> priest, a temple for His holy name and judge, judging the angelical hosts t=<br /> hrough eternity, was contaminated and lost. Besides, because they both diso=<br /> beyed Him by eating from the forbidden fruit that had temporarily destroyed=<br /> His plan to create His dream kingdom of His children born from His image a=<br /> nd living-soul, by the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s powers, then He had to pass ju=<br /> dgment against the sinful-flesh, and this is that Adam with his children wi=<br /> ll return to the dust of the earth.=20<br /> <br /> Provided that, He had dressed His living-soul from each one of them, from t=<br /> he dust of the earth that became mud, clay, in His holy hands, so they may =<br /> become a living human being with all the capabilities to become as He is pe=<br /> rfect, glorious and eternal before the angelical hosts always conquering ne=<br /> w glories for His name into all eternity. Meaning that, although Adam and h=<br /> is children had sinned by eating from the forbidden fruit, nevertheless the=<br /> y still have the potential to become reborn from His image thus to live in =<br /> His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s likeness of the sacred-flesh, the unbreakabl=<br /> e bones and the atoning-blood that not only gives them eternal life but als=<br /> o they will become as God is, everlastingly.=20<br /> <br /> And because our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s children born from His image, and=<br /> living-soul by the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s powers, had sinned, then He not o=<br /> nly had passed judgment against Adam and Eve to return to dust since they a=<br /> re the ones that contaminated it with sin, but also, because He had now to =<br /> transfer His home to them to become reborn from His image. That is to say, =<br /> also that since Adam and Eve had failed to eat from the tree of life, but, =<br /> instead they had eaten from the forbidden fruit, thus contaminating themsel=<br /> ves with darkness that caused them to become born again but into the earth =<br /> thus abandoning paradise=E2=80=99s glorious life, so they may later return =<br /> to Him but reborn from the Holy Spirit.=20<br /> <br /> In other words, when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit then they be=<br /> came reborn, but this time, to the dust of the earth, because they failed t=<br /> o please our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s holy name and living word, so they m=<br /> ay later become reborn from the Holy Spirit to return to paradise, and seal=<br /> ed with His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s atoning-blood for salvation. Now, fo=<br /> r our heavenly Father to have Adam and Eve return to paradise and His etern=<br /> al life that He had already granted them, because they were both born from =<br /> His image and living-soul therefore they are His legitimate children, and s=<br /> o, He had to transfer His tree of life to earth thus to have them eating fr=<br /> om His fruit of life.=20<br /> <br /> And this is the bread of life that our heavenly Father had always called th=<br /> em to eat from His Son Jesus Christ that is the bread and wine daily served=<br /> over the Lord=E2=80=99s Table, so they may not only have their sins remove=<br /> by His Son=E2=80=99s sacred-flesh and atoning-blood but also to have them =<br /> Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s reborn, returning to paradise anyday. Inasmuch as, an=<br /> yone passing-away, believing in our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s holy name, Hi=<br /> s Son=E2=80=99s and the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s, moreover baptized in water, =<br /> then that one will ascend into paradise to continue to eat the bread and wi=<br /> ne that our heavenly Father called Adam and Eve initially to eat from His S=<br /> on Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s tree of life, since this is the only perfect holi=<br /> ness lasting-forever.=20<br /> <br /> For this is the joy of our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s heart that He has alwa=<br /> ys been looking forward to see in Adam and Eve along with the children to b=<br /> e born in the generations ahead, because now He can have them not only livi=<br /> ng with Him in paradise in perfect holiness that pleases truth and justice,=<br /> but also conquers new glories through eternity. That is why, that our heav=<br /> enly Father commanded Adam and Eve to eat from the fruit of life that His S=<br /> on Jesus Christ is ready providing it to them, that is, if they had approac=<br /> hed him first before been deceived by the serpent from the Garden of Eden t=<br /> o eat from the forbidden fruit, so our Father would have blessed them power=<br /> fully.=20<br /> <br /> Because our heavenly Father can only truly bless His loved one, whether the=<br /> se are angels or men, women or children, by His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s =<br /> perfect holiness abiding in them, provided that they have eaten from his br=<br /> ead and wine, enriching them with astounding glories pouring from deep-heav=<br /> enly places causing our Father to love them always as His legitimate childr=<br /> en with amazing-happiness. Now, when our heavenly Father struck a covenant =<br /> of life with Abraham and Sarah then He did it by sitting at the Lord=E2=80=<br /> =99s Table eating the bread and wine that He had personally called Adam and=<br /> Eve to eat with Him, so they may enter into the perfect holiness that fill=<br /> s His holy heart with amazing joys with His loved ones, forever.=20<br /> <br /> Inasmuch as, when Abraham ate the bread and wine with our heavenly Father a=<br /> t the Lord=E2=80=99s Table sitting with his 318 adoptive sons, then this wa=<br /> s the beginning of the existence of His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s sacred-f=<br /> lesh, unbreakable bones and the atoning-blood on earth, giving life not onl=<br /> y to Abraham but also to the children to be born from generations ahead. Th=<br /> at is why, that our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s Son Jesus Christ was later bo=<br /> rn by the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s powers from Sarah=E2=80=99s barren-womb, so=<br /> not only Abraham could be baptized over Mount Zion and the altar of the pr=<br /> ehistoric love that he erected along with his son Isaac, but also everyone =<br /> else may be baptized with the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s Ten Commandments, fulfi=<br /> lling them, forever.=20<br /> <br /> For our heavenly Father had said to Abraham: You must be perfect and holy a=<br /> s I have always been through eternity before my angelical hosts, so he may =<br /> not only ascend into heaven=E2=80=99s glory forever justified, but also his=<br /> children and every one else from all the families of the nations, because =<br /> He is looking forward to establish His new everlasting Kingdom. Therefore, =<br /> there was no way possible on earth for Abraham along with his children much=<br /> less from the families of the nations to become as perfect and holy as our=<br /> heavenly Father has always been through eternity before His angelical host=<br /> s unless His Son Jesus Christ is Holy Spirit born as the saving love and gr=<br /> ace blessing us to return to paradise.=20<br /> <br /> That is why, that our heavenly Father had to send His Son Jesus Christ to b=<br /> e born from Sarah=E2=80=99s barren-womb as Isaac, by the Holy Spirit=E2=80=<br /> =99s powers, so he may bring into the world the love and grace that were mi=<br /> ssing, manifested finally worldwide through his sacred-flesh, unbreakable b=<br /> ones and the atoning-blood to be shed timely over Mount Zion for everyone=<br /> =E2=80=99s salvation. Therefore, as Isaac was born then our Lord Jesus Chri=<br /> st was able to live with Abraham and Sarah as the love of their lives not o=<br /> nly blessing them with love and grace, but also the surrounding families ev=<br /> erywhere, thus touching their lives with amazing blessings never experience=<br /> d before since the foundation of the world, because it was God living with =<br /> humankind lastly.=20<br /> <br /> Henceforward, Abraham along with everyone else enjoyed the wonderful love t=<br /> hat he was receiving from Isaac his only son, because this is the love and =<br /> grace that our heavenly Father was speaking about as He assured him that he=<br /> must be perfect and holy as He has always been through eternity before the=<br /> angels, for him to enter into heavens=E2=80=99 glory. That is why, that it=<br /> was important for Abraham not only to wait for years until he and his wife=<br /> was aged for Isaac to be born, because he alone is the love and grace that=<br /> they needed along with everyone else around the world to become saved from=<br /> sin and death, after been baptized in his love, over the ancient altar.=20<br /> <br /> For this is the altar of the prehistoric love, descended from heaven above =<br /> with Isaac and the Holy Spirit not only to burn passionately over Jerusalem=<br /> =E2=80=99s holy hill manifesting our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s great grace,=<br /> great mercy, great truth and great divine justice, but also the baptism th=<br /> at saves and fulfills the Holy Spirit of the commandments for anyone enteri=<br /> ng heaven, forever justified. For this is the altar that our heavenly Fathe=<br /> r needed to establish on earth between Him and Abraham, so not only he may =<br /> become baptized with the baptism of the Holy Spirit that fulfills the comma=<br /> nds throughout the earth but also in heaven=E2=80=99s glory thus to live fo=<br /> rever blessed only knowing His goodness that pleases His divine heart, fore=<br /> ver into eternity.=20<br /> <br /> Now, when Isaac was ready for the altar of the prehistoric love, descended =<br /> from heaven above with God Almighty and the Holy Spirit, then He said: brin=<br /> g unto me your dear son, the one that you love so much to the mountaintop t=<br /> hat I will always speak to you about, so you may offer him as a burnt sacri=<br /> fice unto me, forever. This is when Abraham took his only son Isaac that wa=<br /> s a young lad to Mount Zion, resting over Mount Moriah, for the burnt offer=<br /> ing sacrifice that was to start the continuous sacrifice within Israel that=<br /> will not only baptize Abraham with the fulfillment of the commandments but=<br /> also everyone else throughout the world that loves God and His holy name.=<br /> =20<br /> <br /> Besides, our heavenly Father was waiting for Abraham as he started his tree=<br /> days walk to Mount Zion, resting over Mount Moriah, for Abraham to offer h=<br /> is son Isaac and simultaneously offer the entire house of Israel as the sup=<br /> reme sacrifice and burnt offering that will take on the sins of the world, =<br /> giving us finally the savior: His Son Jesus Christ! (That is why, that when=<br /> John the Baptize saw our Lord Jesus Christ walking towards him, and he als=<br /> o saw the Holy Spirit descending upon him, as our heavenly Father had manif=<br /> ested that when he will see His Son receiving the dove from heaven=E2=80=94=<br /> then he said: This is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world,=<br /> forever.)=20<br /> <br /> Now, when Abraham ascended to the mountaintop then he was up there to slay =<br /> his only son Isaac, because this is exactly what our heavenly Father had ca=<br /> lled him to do for the glory of His holy name, so he may lie down his son I=<br /> saac over the wood to start the fire of the prehistoric love, baptism peopl=<br /> e everywhere with salvation. There Abraham was with his son Isaac lying ove=<br /> r the wood that our heavenly Father along with the Holy Spirit and His Son =<br /> prayed, shedding tears of divine love over Isaac=E2=80=99s sacrificial body=<br /> and, at the process, praying for every one within Israel because they were=<br /> called to be God=E2=80=99s Lamb taking on the sins of the nations to His a=<br /> ltar.=20<br /> <br /> What=E2=80=99s more, our heavenly Father needed to pray for every one withi=<br /> n Israel as Isaac was lying over the wood that will finally become through =<br /> Isaac=E2=80=99s sacred-flesh, unbreakable bones and atoning-blood the tree =<br /> of life, descending from heaven above to be established over Mount Zion wit=<br /> h His holy name nailed to it for the families of the nations=E2=80=99 forgi=<br /> veness, healing, and lasting-salvation. Moreover, our heavenly Father had t=<br /> o announce to Abraham that the children that he will get through the genera=<br /> tions to come will be born in captivity mainly, because they will become ca=<br /> ptive for about four hundred years, and then He will visit them thus to lib=<br /> erate them, but the nation that they will captivate them He will judge in d=<br /> ue time.=20<br /> <br /> Now, our heavenly was doing all these things with Abraham and his son Isaac=<br /> because He was bringing into the world the tree of life that is His Son Je=<br /> sus Christ=E2=80=99s sacred-flesh, unbreakable bones and the atoning-blood,=<br /> manifested only in Isaac and throughout the house of Israel, so they may b=<br /> ecome His continuous sacrifice at His home-sweet-home, His ancient altar of=<br /> love! Just as our heavenly Father had announced to Abraham then Jacob desc=<br /> ended to Egypt with his family of seventy because his son Joseph had become=<br /> second-in-command, to shelter and feed them through the famine that will o=<br /> vertake the world, so they may become eventually the dream nation that our =<br /> heavenly Father needed to turn into His tree of life on earth, forever.=20<br /> <br /> The entire house of Israel was originally born into captivity to suffer the=<br /> sins, curses, maladies, wounds and death of the families of the nations, f=<br /> or more than four hundred years, because our heavenly Father had to get the=<br /> m ready to ascend to His altar of the ancient love to become part of it as =<br /> His tree of life, bearing everyone=E2=80=99s sins. Then, when the time had =<br /> arrived immediately our heavenly Father descended with His Son Jesus Christ=<br /> and the Holy Spirit over the altar of the prehistoric love, resting over M=<br /> ount Sinai, so He may call Moses for the work that He had prepared him alre=<br /> ady to execute timely, so Israel may escape captivity with His holy name at=<br /> last to serve Him.=20<br /> <br /> Timely, our heavenly Father gave Moses His holy name that He had never had =<br /> anyone, family or nation to pronounce much less to possess it, but now, He =<br /> was given it to Moses and Israel to have the power escaping captivity, but =<br /> also to get baptized at the Red Sea, because they were going to become part=<br /> of His continuous sacrifice, forever. For our heavenly Father was calling =<br /> them to abandon Egypt=E2=80=99s captivity to go into the wilderness to cele=<br /> brate His festivities (as Passover, Tabernacles, Sabbath, etc.) and sacrifi=<br /> ces over His ancient altar of the prehistoric love, descended initially fro=<br /> m heaven above with Isaac and His Spirit, thus to baptize Abraham and every=<br /> one else within the nations with the fulfillment of His commandments, for l=<br /> asting-salvation.=20<br /> <br /> Definitely, our heavenly Father had to manifest His holy name=E2=80=99s glo=<br /> ries and plagues for the pharaoh of Egypt to let His people go into the wil=<br /> derness to celebrate His festivals and to become His continuous sacrifice o=<br /> ver His ancient altar of the prehistoric love that baptizes, heals, prosper=<br /> s, enriches, and saves everyone=E2=80=99s living-soul to enter heaven=E2=80=<br /> =99s glory forever justified into all eternity. This is the altar of the pr=<br /> ehistoric love, descended from heaven above with Isaac and the Holy Spirit,=<br /> where our heavenly Father not only baptized Abraham but also He must bapti=<br /> ze with the Holy Spirit of the fulfillment of the commandments every man, w=<br /> oman and child from all the families of the world thus to become saved and =<br /> ready for heaven=E2=80=99s glory.=20<br /> <br /> Therefore, right after the entire house of Israel had been born within capt=<br /> ivity only knowing the suffering of the sins, wounds, curses, destruction a=<br /> nd death of all the families of the nations for four hundred years, then ou=<br /> r heavenly Father was ready to baptize them at the Red sea, because this wa=<br /> ter baptism is very important before entering His altar of love. For it is =<br /> impossible for any one to ascend to His altar of the prehistoric love to be=<br /> come baptized with the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s fire for the fulfillment of th=<br /> e commandments thus to become saved ready to meet our heavenly Father, His =<br /> Son and the Holy Spirit, moreover it is totally impossible to enter into he=<br /> aven=E2=80=99s glory and eternal life without it.=20<br /> <br /> Therefore, Moses had to walk Israel towards the Red sea, so they may become=<br /> baptized all together as one big family, because they were going to become=<br /> the wood of the tree of life that will dress our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s=<br /> altar of the prehistoric love over Mount Zion, finally to sacrifice His on=<br /> ly Son Jesus Christ with nails over them for everyone=E2=80=99s lasting-sal=<br /> vation. Indisputably, our heavenly Father had to shed His Son Jesus Christ=<br /> =E2=80=99s atoning-blood over the entire house of Israel that had become th=<br /> e wood that receives with nails His holy name but also His Son=E2=80=99s sa=<br /> cred-flesh, unbreakable bones and the atoning-blood to remove sin in one da=<br /> y from the world forever, for every one=E2=80=99s lasting salvation, finall=<br /> y establishing His new angelical Kingdom everlastingly.=20<br /> <br /> Then, as Israel crossed the Red sea our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s altar of =<br /> the prehistoric love was there to cause them to become reborn, abandoning t=<br /> he sinful-flesh for the sacred-flesh that will finally become the tree of l=<br /> ife on their way to the land of Canaan, to become part of the altar that sa=<br /> ves everyone that is baptized with the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s powers. Surely=<br /> , Israel at last had become baptized, meaning that they were no longer dres=<br /> sing the sinful-flesh but now they were (dressing) the sacred-flesh that st=<br /> arted them to walk with our heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit in=<br /> the Highway of Holiness, leading them always to the baptism of the Holy Sp=<br /> irit, fulfilling the eternal commandments finally with lasting-salvation, i=<br /> nto eternity.=20<br /> <br /> That is why, that once Israel had been baptized in water and dressing the s=<br /> acred-flesh then our heavenly Father wanted them to drink from His rock of =<br /> salvation, and this is Mount Zion, where Abraham with Isaac=E2=80=99s altar=<br /> of the covenant love is shedding abundantly the Holy Spirit of the glorifi=<br /> ed commandments and every one=E2=80=99s daily blessing to serve God, perpet=<br /> ually. Certainly, Israel needed to drink from the rock, where our heavenly =<br /> Father had immolated His Son Jesus Christ since even before the creation of=<br /> the heavens and earth along with everything else, including Adam and Eve i=<br /> n paradise (and now Israel on earth), so He may have His altar receiving Hi=<br /> s children with love every day for forgiveness, healing, prosperity, and sa=<br /> lvation.=20<br /> <br /> However, after the entire house of Israel had drunk plentifully from the ro=<br /> ck of His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s atoning-blood turned into water, then =<br /> they were ready to walk to the Promised Land to become the tree of life tha=<br /> t had already drunk the water necessary not only to become God=E2=80=99s tr=<br /> ee of life but also to uphold with nails His name, forever. Provided that, =<br /> the water that our heavenly Father gave the Israelis to drink from the rock=<br /> was not only His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s atoning-blood turned into livi=<br /> ng water for them to drink and the families of the nations, but also as the=<br /> tree of life to go without thirsting again over the altar of love, bearing=<br /> His holy name gloriously with nails, perpetually.=20<br /> <br /> Now, when Satan manifested himself as the Golden Calf then it was not only =<br /> to stop them from continuing towards possessing Canaan forever, but also to=<br /> stop the tree of life from being erected by our heavenly Father and His So=<br /> n Jesus Christ over Mount Zion for the world to see His amazing work and ne=<br /> ver-ending glories of His Holy Spirit. Indeed, Israel sinned against our he=<br /> avenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, because only His Son is the Lamb ov=<br /> er Mount Moriah, Mount Sinai and for the final stop over Mount Zion within =<br /> Jerusalem, Israel, and so, He felt that He had to kill Israel, because He d=<br /> id not want to have His altar contaminated with the idol-worship of the Gol=<br /> den Calf.=20<br /> <br /> That was our heavenly Father main concern that He could no longer use the h=<br /> ouse of Israel to become His tree of life bearing everyone=E2=80=99s sins o=<br /> ver Mount Zion, His home-sweet-home, and so He had to destroy them at the f=<br /> oot of Mount Sinai, but Moses prayed so He may not dishonor His holy name b=<br /> y destroying Israel in the wilderness. Because the nations will say that He=<br /> took Israel from Egypt=E2=80=99s captivity to kill them in the desert sinc=<br /> e He could not deal with them, and this will dishonor His holy name in the =<br /> midst of the families of the nations, and so, He had to put away His anger =<br /> to find a way out of this problem to have His tree.=20<br /> <br /> Mercifully, our heavenly Father decided to let Israel live, because He told=<br /> Moses that the soul that sins against Him, then He will erase from His boo=<br /> k of life, and so, He allowed Israel to continue on their way to possess th=<br /> e Promised Land, for their children will become the tree of life that He ne=<br /> eded dressing His altar of love, finally. Unfortunately, on the way to Cana=<br /> an Israel continued to rebel against our heavenly Father and Moses that He =<br /> caused serpents to emerge from the sand to punish them with bites on their =<br /> heels, hands and thorax that they became bloody and poisoned with the serpe=<br /> nt=E2=80=99s venom, causing them to drop dying in the desert=E2=80=94and Mo=<br /> ses cried to our Father to help.=20<br /> <br /> Graciously, our heavenly Father responded to Moses by saying that he should=<br /> fashion a bronze snake with a hammer and then nail it to Aaron=E2=80=99s s=<br /> taff to be lifted over the entire house of Israel in the desert, and so, wh=<br /> oever may look up to it, then that one will be healed from the serpent=E2=<br /> =80=99s poison instantly, so they may go on. Here, by the Israelis looking =<br /> up to the bronze snake fashioned by Moses with a hammer moreover nailed it =<br /> to Aaron=E2=80=99s staff, so they may look up to it to become healed from t=<br /> he serpent=E2=80=99s poison and from certain death, then they were admittin=<br /> g His divine will for them to become the tree of life dressing His altar wi=<br /> th the sacred-flesh, forever.=20<br /> <br /> Finally, the children of the ancient Israelis that abandoned Egypt=E2=80=99=<br /> s captivity became dust in the ground, fulfilling our heavenly Father=E2=80=<br /> =99s judgment against Adam and Eve in paradise as He said from dust I took =<br /> you to dust you will return, and so, Israel=E2=80=99s covenant-flesh became=<br /> dust on the ground fertilizing the seed of the tree of life for the ultima=<br /> te sacrifice. For Israel=E2=80=99s families had descended into the Valley o=<br /> f death, converting their flesh into dust then finally returning to life bu=<br /> t as the tree of life that our heavenly Father needed with the sins, curses=<br /> , wounds of the nations for His Son Jesus Christ to be nailed to it for His=<br /> seed to spill, killing sin in one day on earth, forever.=20<br /> <br /> Provided that, our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s prophecy had to be fulfilled w=<br /> hen He promised that He will rule over them with an iron fist and out stret=<br /> ched arms, thus to shed His Son=E2=80=99s atoning-blood over them, putting =<br /> an end to sin in one day further anointing Mount Zion and its altar of love=<br /> with His seed, for every one=E2=80=99s lasting-salvation to be possible, f=<br /> inally. It is over His altar of the prehistoric love, descended from heaven=<br /> above with Isaac and the Holy Spirit, where our heavenly Father waited for=<br /> Abraham with his only son Isaac, and He still waits for His children to as=<br /> cend to Him as well, because He is ready to bless them with His Holy Spirit=<br /> =E2=80=99s baptism, eternal life, and amazing daily richness.=20<br /> <br /> Besides, our heavenly Father needs to sit with them at the Lord=E2=80=99s T=<br /> able to eat from His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s hands the bread and wine th=<br /> at is daily served for the angelical hosts to be as holy and glorious as th=<br /> ey have always been thus to serve God over His altar, and the same is true =<br /> for Israel and the nations nowadays. Surely, our heavenly Father has transf=<br /> erred His tree of life that is His Son Jesus Christ over His altar of love =<br /> into Jerusalem, descended from heaven above with Isaac and His Spirit, so y=<br /> ou may eat from His Son=E2=80=99s hands the bread and wine that makes you H=<br /> is child today, loving Him and His holy name over His altar of love, foreve=<br /> r.=20<br /> <br /> This is the altar of the prehistoric love, where our heavenly Father called=<br /> Abraham to ascend with his only son Isaac to start the fire that will bapt=<br /> ize him for his faith to be counted as justice, but also for his children f=<br /> rom Israel and the nations to eat daily the covenant=E2=80=99s bread and wi=<br /> ne that is the sacred-flesh enriching them through eternity. For this is th=<br /> e altar that our heavenly Father has chosen for you to meet Him in person, =<br /> for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, of the fulfillment of the commandments =<br /> that He had already fulfilled and glorified forever within His entire divin=<br /> e being, so He wants to share this personal glory in baptism with you, as y=<br /> ou obey His altar call.=20<br /> <br /> Meaning that, what our heavenly Father planned thus to save Adam and Eve al=<br /> ong with the children, by giving them to eat from His Son Jesus Christ=E2=<br /> =80=99s bread and wine, so they may always maintain the sacred-flesh well n=<br /> ourished not only for salvation but also to serve Him then now it is establ=<br /> ished in Jerusalem, Israel, for everyone to enjoy His baptism, freely. In o=<br /> ther words, the fruit of life that our heavenly Father called Adam and Eve =<br /> to eat from His tree of life so they may love, serve and worship Him and Hi=<br /> s holy name just as the angelical hosts have done it through eternity, but =<br /> now they will fulfill His call but only as His children eating His daily br=<br /> ead and wine.=20<br /> <br /> That is why, that He has finally established His tree of life within Jerusa=<br /> lem, in Israel, so not only the entire house of Israel may have access to e=<br /> at from it the bread and wine that He initially called Adam and Eve to eat,=<br /> but also the children may eat as well, so they may become reborn into heav=<br /> en, forever enriched. These days, our heavenly Father is still calling you =<br /> to eat, and this is to eat from His tree of life that is the bread and wine=<br /> that enriches your heart, soul, mind, body and human spirit, because you n=<br /> eed to be reborn from His image, so you may know the richness of His love t=<br /> hat will bless you daily into eternity.=20<br /> <br /> It is here only, where our heavenly Father will fulfill His entire love tha=<br /> t He has always felt within His holy heart for you and for your loved ones,=<br /> including your friends from everywhere, because He wants you to live a ver=<br /> y rich life that His Son Jesus Christ already paid for with his sacred-fles=<br /> h and atoning-blood spilled on the cross. Because as you may enter into you=<br /> r temple to worship His holy name, moreover listen to His living word is ma=<br /> nifested from His Bible, then He is at the altar of the prehistoric love, b=<br /> urning passionately with His great grace, His great mercy, His great truth =<br /> and His great divine justice, touching you as you may kneel before Him at H=<br /> is altar.=20<br /> <br /> For our heavenly Father is at the altar of the prehistoric love that is at =<br /> the back of the temple, where He is waiting for you to kneel before Him and=<br /> His holy name to pour your heart and love in prayer and in adoration in Hi=<br /> s presence, so He may bless you by enriching you as you have never knowing =<br /> blessing. You will always find our heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ an=<br /> d the Holy Spirit at the back of the temple, where the altar is, He is ther=<br /> e with His fire of love burning passionately to show you His abundant ancie=<br /> nt love that when He does it, then He will leave a blessing for you and you=<br /> r loved ones to enjoy, everlastingly.=20<br /> <br /> Nowadays, the tree of life is resting at the temple=E2=80=99s altar, and He=<br /> is at the wood that was once the sacred-flesh that became the house of Isr=<br /> ael finally to become dust to the cross receiving His Son Jesus Christ with=<br /> nails, pouring abundantly his love, grace, mercy, truth and divine justice=<br /> upon you and your loved ones for every day blessing. Amen!<br /> <br /> =C2=A1Cultura y paz para todos, hoy y siempre!<br /> <br /> Saludos cordiales a todos<br /> <br /> D=C3=ADgale al Se=C3=B1or, nuestro Padre Celestial, de todo coraz=C3=B3n, e=<br /> n el nombre del Se=C3=B1or Jesucristo: Nuestras almas te aman, Se=C3=B1or. =<br /> Nuestras almas te adoran, Padre nuestro. Nuestras almas te rinden gloria y =<br /> honra a tu nombre y obra santa y sobrenatural, en la tierra y en el cielo, =<br /> tambi=C3=A9n, para siempre, Padre Celestial, en el nombre de tu Hijo amado,=<br /> nuestro Se=C3=B1or Jesucristo.<br /> <br /> <br /> ORACI=C3=93N DEL PERD=C3=93N<br /> <br /> Padre nuestro que est=C3=A1s en los cielos: santificada sea la memoria de t=<br /> u nombre que mora dentro de Jesucristo, tu hijo amado. Venga tu reino, sea =<br /> hecha tu voluntad, como en el cielo as=C3=AD tambi=C3=A9n en la tierra. El =<br /> pan nuestro de cada d=C3=ADa, d=C3=A1noslo hoy. Perd=C3=B3nanos nuestras de=<br /> udas, como tambi=C3=A9n nosotros perdonamos a nuestros deudores. Y no nos m=<br /> etas en tentaci=C3=B3n, mas l=C3=ADbranos del mal. Porque tuyo es el reino,=<br /> el poder y la gloria por todos los siglos. Am=C3=A9n.=20<br /> <br /> Porque si perdon=C3=A1is a los hombres sus ofensas, vuestro Padre Celestial=<br /> tambi=C3=A9n os perdonar=C3=A1 a vosotros. Pero si no perdon=C3=A1is a los=<br /> hombres, tampoco vuestro Padre os perdonar=C3=A1 vuestras ofensas.<br /> <br /> Por lo tanto, el Se=C3=B1or Jes=C3=BAs dijo, &quot;Yo soy el CAMINO, y la VERDAD=<br /> , y la VIDA ETERNA; nadie PUEDE VENIR al PADRE SANTO, sino es POR M=C3=8D=<br /> =E2=80=9D. Juan 14:<br /> <br /> NADIE M=C3=81S TE PUEDE SALVAR.<br /> <br /> =C2=A1CONF=C3=8DA EN JES=C3=9AS HOY!=20<br /> <br /> MA=C3=91ANA QUIZAS SEA DEMASIADO TARDE.=20<br /> <br /> YA MA=C3=91ANA ES DEMASIADO TARDE PARA MUCHOS, QUE NO LO SEA PARA TI Y LOS =<br /> TUYOS, EN EL D=C3=8DA DE HOY.<br /> <br /> - Reconoce que eres PECADOR en necesidad, de ser SALVO de =C3=A9ste MUNDO y=<br /> su MUERTE.<br /> <br /> Disp=C3=B3nte a dejar el pecado (arrepi=C3=A9ntete):<br /> <br /> Cree que Jesucristo muri=C3=B3 por ti, fue sepultado y resucito al tercer d=<br /> =C3=ADa por el Poder Sagrado del Esp=C3=ADritu Santo y deja que entr=C3=A9 =<br /> en tu vida y sea tu =C3=9ANICO SALVADOR Y SE=C3=91OR EN TU VIDA.<br /> <br /> QUIZ=C3=81 TE PREGUNTES HOY: =C2=BFQUE ORAR? O =C2=BFC=C3=93MO ORAR? O =C2=<br /> =BFQU=C3=89 DECIRLE AL SE=C3=91OR SANTO EN ORACI=C3=93N? -HAS LO SIGUIENTE,=<br /> y di: Dios m=C3=ADo, soy un pecador y necesito tu perd=C3=B3n. Creo que Je=<br /> sucristo ha derramado su SANGRE PRECIOSA y ha muerto por mi pecado. Estoy d=<br /> ispuesto a dejar mi pecado. Invito a Cristo a venir a mi coraz=C3=B3n y a m=<br /> i vida, como mi SALVADOR.<br /> <br /> =C2=BFAceptaste a Jes=C3=BAs, como tu Salvador? =C2=BFS=C3=AD _____? O =<br /> =C2=BFNo _____?<br /> <br /> =C2=BFFecha? =C2=BFS=C3=AD ____? O =C2=BFNo _____?<br /> <br /> Si tu respuesta fue Si, entonces esto es solo el principio de una nueva mar=<br /> avillosa vida en Cristo. Ahora:<br /> <br /> Lee la Biblia cada d=C3=ADa para conocer mejor a Cristo. Habla con Dios, or=<br /> ando todos los d=C3=ADas en el nombre de JES=C3=9AS. Baut=C3=ADzate en AGUA=<br /> y en El ESP=C3=8DRITU SANTO DE DIOS, adora, re=C3=BAnete y sirve con otros=<br /> cristianos en un Templo donde Cristo es predicado y la Biblia es la suprem=<br /> a autoridad. Habla de Cristo a los dem=C3=A1s.<br /> <br /> Recibe ayuda para crecer como un nuevo cristiano. Lee libros cristianos que=<br /> los hermanos Pentecost=C3=A9s o pastores del evangelio de Jes=C3=BAs te re=<br /> comienden leer y te ayuden a entender m=C3=A1s de Jes=C3=BAs y de su palabr=<br /> a sagrada, la Biblia. Libros cristianos est=C3=A1n disponibles en gran cant=<br /> idad en diferentes temas, en tu librer=C3=ADa cristiana inmediata a tu barr=<br /> io, entonces visita a las librer=C3=ADas cristianas con frecuencia, para ve=<br /> r que clase de libros est=C3=A1n a tu disposici=C3=B3n, para que te ayuden =<br /> a estudiar y entender las verdades de Dios.<br /> <br /> Te doy las gracias por leer m=C3=AD libro que he escrito para ti, para que =<br /> te goces en la verdad del Padre Celestial y de su Hijo amado y as=C3=AD com=<br /> iences a crecer en =C3=89l, desde el d=C3=ADa de hoy y para siempre.<br /> <br /> El salmo 122, en la Santa Biblia, nos llama a pedir por la paz de Jerusal=<br /> =C3=A9n d=C3=ADa a d=C3=ADa y sin cesar, en nuestras oraciones. Porque =C3=<br /> =A9sta es la tierra, desde donde Dios lanzo hacia todos los continentes de =<br /> la tierra: todas nuestras bendiciones y salvaci=C3=B3n eterna de nuestras a=<br /> lmas vivientes. Y nos dice Dios mismo, en su Esp=C3=ADritu Eterno: =E2=80=<br /> =9CVivan tranquilos los que te aman. Haya paz dentro de tus murallas y tra=<br /> nquilidad en tus palacios, Jerusal=C3=A9n=E2=80=9D. Por causa de mis herman=<br /> os y de mis amigos, dir=C3=A9 yo: =E2=80=9CHaya paz en ti, siempre Jerusal=<br /> =C3=A9n=E2=80=9D. Por causa de la casa de Jehov=C3=A1 nuestro Dios, en el c=<br /> ielo y en la tierra: implorar=C3=A9 por tu bien, por siempre.=20<br /> <br /> El libro de los salmos 150, en la Santa Biblia, declara el Esp=C3=ADritu de=<br /> Dios a toda la humanidad, dici=C3=A9ndole y asegur=C3=A1ndole: - Qu=C3=A9 =<br /> todo lo que respira, alabe el nombre de Jehov=C3=A1 de los Ej=C3=A9rcitos, =<br /> =C2=A1el Todopoderoso! Y esto es, de toda letra, de toda palabra, de todo i=<br /> nstrumento y de todo coraz=C3=B3n, con su voz tiene que rendirle el hombre:=<br /> gloria y loor al nombre santo de Dios, en la tierra y en las alturas, como=<br /> antes y como siempre, para la eternidad.<br /> <br /> <br /> http://www.supercadenacristiana.com/index.php<br /> <br /> http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/ambassador/free-audio-bible-download<br /> <br /> http://radioalerta.com<br /> =20<br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DrsYA-M0r-w4&playnext=3D1&list=3DPLEF344CEA=<br /> C8A8F474&amp;feature=3Dresults_main<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dyw5qBHyVtoQ&list=3DPLjMWsAQ3-rfnNnBq-wn0AT=<br /> M5vaHi9HA3Q<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DnZKtwRuutnY&list=3DPL3C9EC193E2A7CB7B<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DhOVdjxtnsH8&h d=3D1<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ds7kj1Wx5ffs<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DbMsXK66XmUs&list=3DRD5eb99aA3Jsk&index=3D=<br /> 5<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D1khhFySfO-s&list=3DPL54B204D72BF2799A=20<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DBTpaVXvSbZE<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DLpKllW86iG8<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dt5RfFn_Kwew<br /> <br /> <br />  

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