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Titolo: Join as associate of Karvy
Newsgroup: free.it.citta.agrigento
Data: 08/06/2010
Ora: 14:36:26
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  Do you want to join Stock Market=85.In right time..?<br /> Do you want earn money with less investment by daily trading...?<br /> Do you want to get into pioneer stock broking company..?<br /> <br /> Karvy Fortune is what you have been looking for...!!! Join in Karvy<br /> family as Franchisee or Authorized person earn unlimited profit with<br /> minimal capital.<br /> <br /> Karvy stock broking, a Pioneer in Stock Broking, it is actively<br /> expanding out retail distribution network to reach out to investors<br /> nationwide. To achieve this objective, Karvy constantly look forward<br /> to like-minded business partners for stock broking operations.<br /> <br /> We at Karvy Fortune, offer the following services, to help you make a<br /> fortune.<br /> <br /> Equities<br /> Trading =96 NSE and BSE<br /> Derivatives Trading<br /> E- Broking / Online<br /> Broking<br /> Commodities Trading<br /> Depository Services<br /> PAN Services<br /> Investments (Mutual Funds, IPOs, Tax Saving, Capital Gains<br /> Bonds)<br /> Margin Funding<br /> IPO Funding<br /> Loan against Shares<br /> <br /> The end, we at the KARVY FORTUNE team would like to state, that making<br /> a relationship with you will be one of the most beautiful<br /> accomplishment for us. With the complete backing of KARVY FORTUNE,<br /> these services act as a big opportunity for you to reach new heights<br /> in financial services.<br /> <br /> http://www.karvy.com/v2/fortune/fortuneclassifieds/  

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