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Titolo: ielts fake scores web site validation fake copy toefl
Newsgroup: it-alt.sport.wrestling
Data: 14/03/2013
Ora: 01:44:05
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WARNING! WARNING!<br /> <br /> Right now there is fierce completion among fake degree sites whereas<br /> many fake degree sites have created there very own phony review site<br /> grading their products as number #1. They create and fabricate phony<br /> complaints pointing customers to their own sites stating that they<br /> can<br /> be trusted but in the end the customer pays for it in the end.<br /> <br /> We produce and specialize in exact copy documents in which we<br /> produce exact replicas. DO NOT be fooled by fake degree sites that<br /> state they can produce such documents as these sites DO NOT<br /> specialize<br /> in these types of documents and produce everything as we do not. We<br /> focus on MOSTLY on TOEFL=92s IELTS and all ESOL or English as a second<br /> language documents.<br /> __________________________________________________________________________<br /> <br /> YES =96 our documents are expensive why because it takes time and a<br /> serious amount of security features to produce these kinds of<br /> documents. This is ALL we produce and we know exactly what we are<br /> doing! All documents bare the correct IELTS &amp; TOEFL Seal and well as<br /> the correct document, color for that country and year issued.<br /> <br /> Contact us for estimated delivery times for your region.<br /> We operate 24/7 contact us today at:<br /> arkprin...@aol.com<br /> arkprintservice.aol.com<br /> http://noveltyfakepassportsdegrees.blogspot.com/<br /> <br /> each novelty IELTS =96 TOEFL &amp; English Language document is<br /> individually<br /> made to fit our clients=92 needs.<br /> <br /> IELTS TOEFL ESOL CELTA DELTA<br /> (1) Any Scores<br /> (2) Correct Seal<br /> (3) Correct Year and Country and Color<br /> <br /> Score: Name of: Test Date: Date of Birth: Native Country: Native<br /> Language:<br /> Photo of Your self Sent Email Attachment Form:<br /> <br /> ___________________________________________________________________________=<br /> __<br /> <br /> Every one of our novelty English and a second language documents<br /> comes complete with seal and signatures, and unlike some of our<br /> competitors, we do not charge extra for this. Our product comes<br /> complete ready to display and will pass for an original.<br /> <br /> 100% guarantee<br /> <br /> our goal is your 100% SATISFACTION. All of our documents are designed<br /> to look 100% authentic and EXACTLY WHAT WE PROMISE THEM TO BE. We<br /> thoroughly examine each novelty document before it is packaged for<br /> shipping.<br /> <br /> FREE - Shipping =96 Shipping Information<br /> <br /> WE DO NOT SHIP TO THE US!<br /> We ship all over the world accept the USA<br /> <br /> we ship all over the world and to some of the most remote areas. 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