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Titolo: News Software. Get TOP in the mass media and SE.
Newsgroup: it-alt.media.internet.news-server
Data: 24/10/2012
Ora: 15:24:05
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  <br /> News Software. Get TOP in the mass media and SE. Multithreaded submitting:=<br /> over 500 running threads possible! Software can registration and posts mes=<br /> sage, able to work with lots of different types of resources. Over 200. Aut=<br /> omatically fill in the required fields. The powerful built-in proxy-server.=<br /> Protection bypass from automatic registration:tickets, captcha, E-mail act=<br /> ivation, Java-script, ect. A built-in proprietary &quot;Question-answer&quot; and Ant=<br /> ispam system. A variations system. Protect your posts from being filtered o=<br /> ut by Panda and ect. User-friendly interface: you only need to choose the p=<br /> roper links database, create a message text and hit the 'Start' button. htt=<br /> p://x.nu/BD5p2  

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