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Titolo: Dior Gipsy Ruffled Large Hobo Mauve Collection
Newsgroup: it-alt.scienze.biologia.botanica
Data: 21/08/2009
Ora: 03:11:41
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  Dior Gipsy Ruffled Large Hobo Mauve Collection<br /> <br /> Handbags Collection Site : http://www.handbags-shopping.com/<br /> Dior Gipsy Ruffled Large Hobo Mauve View Full :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gipsy-Ruffled-Large-Hobo-Mauve.html<br /> <br /> Dior Gipsy Ruffled Large Hobo Mauve AdditionalInfo :<br /> <br /> Brand : Christian Dior Handbags (<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Christian-Dior-Handbags-wholesale.html<br /> )<br /> Handbags Name : Dior Gipsy Ruffled Large Hobo Mauve<br /> Code : 5-Mauve<br /> <br /> This exclusive Dior Gypsy Ruffled handbag is one of many from the<br /> Sping 2008 Dior Collection.With current waiting lists in Saks New York<br /> imposing embargos on the quantity you can purchase these bags are hot<br /> and guaranteed to get you noticed! Extra Large Zipped Hobo enough to<br /> hold all your essentials in style. While the design is simple and<br /> stylish the hardware bow gives an added feminine feel.-Gently washed<br /> calfskin<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Polished gold metal hardware<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Double-layer wrapped leather shoulder strap<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-&quot;Dior&quot; letter charms dangle from thin leather bands<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Perforated leather ruffles encircle bag<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Ruching around the base<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Zip top closure<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Fine satin lining<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Interior zipped pocket, patch pocket, and cell phone pocket<br /> &lt;BR&gt;-Made in Italy&lt;STRONG&gt;Size:&lt;/STRONG&gt;19.4&quot;x10&quot;x7&quot;<br /> &lt;BR&gt;&lt;STRONG&gt;This Dior bag comes with:&lt;/STRONG&gt; serial number and<br /> Christian Dior logo,Dior dog tag,Dior dust bag,authenticity card,care<br /> booklet,and Dior tags.<br /> &lt;BR&gt;<br /> <br /> The Christian Dior Handbags Watches Collection Series :<br /> <br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag Dark Camel 2511 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Bag-Dark-Camel-2511.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Croc Veins Bag Black :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Croc-Veins-Bag-Black.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag Red 88020 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Bag-Red-88020.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Handbag Jujube Red 88024 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Handbag-Jujube-Red-88024.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag Dark Coffee 88020 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Bag-Dark-Coffee-88020.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag White 88020 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Bag-White-88020.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Handbag Light Coffee 88024 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Handbag-Light-Coffee-88024.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag-Cream :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Bag-Cream.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag Green 88020 :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Bag-Green-88020.html<br /> Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag-Brown :<br /> http://www.handbags-shopping.com/Dior-Gaucho-Medium-Saddle-Bag-Brown.html  

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