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Newsgroup: free.it.ingegneria.civile
Data: 11/06/2010
Ora: 10:17:38
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  A land of colours and festivals, a land where tradition and modernity<br /> live side by side, a land with a history that is symbolized by images<br /> of valour, sacrifices and battles, a land that is the birthplace of<br /> grassroots democracy in India, a land dotted with beautiful and<br /> breathtaking palaces and forts, a land that is the most densely<br /> populated desert in the world and the largest state in India,<br /> Rajasthan is all this and more. Earlier known as Rajpootana, the story<br /> of Rajasthan is interesting not only from a linear historical<br /> standpoint but also from a cultural, sociological and social change<br /> perspective. The book is a collection of 33 articles and short<br /> comments or notes that provides a multi-faceted look at Rajasthan and<br /> Jaipur =96 its modern-day capital. A potpourri that explores Rajasthan=92s<br /> present and past, from early centres of agriculture and metallurgy in<br /> the region, the coming of the Rajputs, the impact of British rule on<br /> the kingdoms of Rajpootana, origin and evolution of tribals in the<br /> state, people=92s movements in Rajpootana, the merger of the princely<br /> states into Rajasthan, etc., ISBN - 8131603288<br /> you can buy this book and many more books from http://www.amazingindianbook=<br /> s.com  

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