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Titolo: Important Linlk
Newsgroup: free.it.sport.superbike
Data: 04/05/2012
Ora: 20:32:27
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  I send this to strong, intelligent people that I either think or know are<br /> with us so just an important link for Richard Knowles.<br /> <br /> The world's stronger, more intelligent groups are on the right side of this:<br /> secretcontrol.byethost33.com<br /> <br /> It deals with the use of shame factors as a control mechanism. The thesis at<br /> secretcontrol.byethost33.com is an analysis of the mechanisms used by a<br /> hidden system to achieve its objectives. It explains how it gets things done<br /> that otherwise wouldn't be. It answers questions as how to control<br /> individuals using shame factors such as incest, paedophilia, queer sex,<br /> consensual (closet queers) and non-consensual and how to control<br /> organizations by placing these individuals into such organizations. It uses<br /> a logical thought process to describe the mechanisms of this system and<br /> strengthens this with a large amount of research data. It describes how<br /> blackmail is the key to corruption and how this specific form of blackmail<br /> can get people to do just about anything. It also describes in detail the<br /> technology used and the secret weapon of this system and the groups that are<br /> with us.<br /> <br /> It explains how this is a replicating system that can and is infiltrating<br /> governments, the police, media...etc. It also indicates how just knowing<br /> what is contained in this document provides a potential solution.<br /> <br /> Those groups that use such shame factors will inevitably be destroyed as<br /> others discover their secrets.  

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