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Titolo: Daubergate Rape: Marlene Stewart
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Data: 06/11/2009
Ora: 14:50:38
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  Dateline 1972, Omaha, Nebrska, United States<br /> <br /> Marlene Stewart was the mother of two boys. The youngest, Bryan, was in<br /> Kindergarden. Her oldest son, Trent James (TJ) was in 2nd Grade. Both<br /> attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School as members of the Parish.<br /> <br /> For reasons unknown, but calculated and premeditated, former US Army Captain<br /> Harold John &quot;Hal&quot; Daub paid a visit to the Our Lady of Lourdes Church to<br /> pitch his &quot;Patriotic Program&quot; to the mothers of the children at the Catholic<br /> Grade School.<br /> <br /> Daub first sought the blessing of the pastor of the church, Monseignor<br /> Ulrich. Monseignor Ulrich was more than a little excited to have the<br /> opportunity to show his congregation's and faith's loyalty to the United<br /> States.<br /> <br /> The United States was embroiled in an unpopular war in Vietnam. The US<br /> people's trust of the US government was at a historic all time low. Riots<br /> and protests were rampant across the country. Republican Richard Nixon was<br /> in the White House.<br /> <br /> Daub, a Republican and attorney who graduated from the University of<br /> Nebraska, whether on his own, with help from the United States Army,<br /> Republican Party, or fanatics concocted a scheme by which Daub could enter<br /> the homes of Catholic women and rape them.<br /> <br /> Daub pitched his program to the mothers of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.<br /> <br /> Most balked at Daub and did not trust him.<br /> <br /> Daub stated participation in his program would help boost the career futures<br /> for the children participating as well as show loyalty to the United States<br /> in her time of need.<br /> <br /> Daub found a handful of women willing to participate, along with their<br /> children.<br /> <br /> Marlene Stewart was one of them.<br /> <br /> Daub added a stipulation to the program that he had to administer his<br /> program to one or more of the male children of those women program WITHOUT<br /> the women's husband knowing about it.<br /> <br /> Daub said it was &quot;vital&quot; to the success of the program.<br /> <br /> Most of the remaining women walked away from Daub's program at this point.<br /> But Marlene Stewart and two other mothers did not.<br /> <br /> The three women contacted one or more uniformed Omaha Police Division<br /> officers they knew to verify Daub's credibility.<br /> <br /> When the Omaha Police Division &quot;heroes&quot; told the women Daub was likely<br /> nothing but a harmless pencil knecked up and coming politician, and with the<br /> blessing of Our Lady of Lourdes' Monseignor Ulrich, the women each agreed to<br /> let Daub visit them in their homes after school was finished.<br /> <br /> Daub would bring video equipment with him. Televisions weren't common in<br /> every home at that time and only the military and the very rich had any kind<br /> of video playback device.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart arrived home from school one afternoon, eager to play outside<br /> with other children as children his age always do.<br /> <br /> Trent's mother, Marlene, told little TJ he had to remain inside for a little<br /> while because they were expecting a visit from someone and TJ needed to be<br /> present.<br /> <br /> THE VIDEO BRAINWASHING &amp;HEROIN DRUGGING OF SEVEN YEAR OLD TRENT JAMES<br /> STEWART<br /> <br /> Hal Daub arrived and set up video equipment in the dining room of the<br /> Stewart home complete with a stool just large enough for a child to sit on.<br /> <br /> Marlene Stewart hovered closeby as Daub asked little TJ to sit in the chair.<br /> <br /> Before long, little TJ noticed Hal Daub and his mother arguing. Marlene<br /> Stewart was vehement about not allowing Daub to do something. Daub produced<br /> a white powdered substance on a mirror or plate and, with Marlene Stewart<br /> physically trying to prevent Daub from ordering her son to consume the<br /> powder, ordered Trent Stewart to snort the white powder.<br /> <br /> Little Trent (TJ) Stewart wore glasses and had sinus problems. He attempted<br /> to comply with Daub's request as his mother objected while Daub grew angry<br /> his wishes had not yet been complied with.<br /> <br /> TJ was unable to snort the white powder and this drew rage from Daub and<br /> terror from the boy he was abusing. Hal Daub then ordered the boy to eat the<br /> white powder which the terrified boy did quickly and completely.<br /> <br /> Daub now forceably restrained Marlene Stewart while telling the little boy<br /> to sit on the stool he provided and watch the video screen in front of him.<br /> <br /> The video began and the terrified child began watching it.<br /> <br /> The video was in black and white.<br /> <br /> It began with the face of a small boy with big, terrirified dark eyes.<br /> <br /> Soon, the camera panned out to show the boy's entire body. He was wearing a<br /> funny hat and uniform. Whatever was in front of him he was terrified of.<br /> <br /> But gradually, the boy's facial expression changed from a look of fear to a<br /> look of comfort and near intoxication. Whatever the boy was viewing had<br /> changed.<br /> <br /> It was then the camera showed what was in front of the boy.<br /> <br /> A beautiful young woman, Vietnamese or Chinese, was kneeling in front of the<br /> child consoling him and stroking his hand. The woman was likely the child's<br /> mother or at least a motherly figure comforting a small boy who was<br /> previously terrirified.<br /> <br /> The boy was nearly hypnotized by the woman and his facial expression showed<br /> just that as his eyes nearly glazed over while he was smiling.<br /> <br /> By then, while under the influence of the heroin he was forced to consume by<br /> Hal Daub, Trent Stewart had become that little boy in the video, himself in<br /> a trance while not taking his eyes or mind off the video.<br /> <br /> Without warning, the camera panned out to show a previously not seen man in<br /> uniform standing directly behind the woman. The man was apparently<br /> supervising and was not or no longer noticed by the child facing him.<br /> <br /> Again without warning, the oriental man in uniform let out a blood curtling<br /> yell. He had a sword in his hand the tip of which had been at the back of<br /> the woman consoling the boy.<br /> <br /> The man was a North Vietnamese Army officer. When he let how his cry, the<br /> man thrust the sword in his hand down and forward into the back/kneck of the<br /> woman.<br /> <br /> The sword prodtruded from the womans breasts and her facial expression as<br /> she looked into the eyes of the small child in front of her changed from<br /> kindness, to disbelief, to anger, then went blank as she collapsed in front<br /> of the child, dead.<br /> <br /> It took a little while for the child to realize what just happened to the<br /> motherly figure in front of him. The NVA officer was now glaring intensely<br /> with anger at the child.<br /> <br /> The boy's facial expression was what the video was all about to this point.<br /> His face turned from being in a happy trance to a look of disbelief to one<br /> of complete paralysis, distorted horribly by trauma.<br /> <br /> The child's face basically turned to stone. His dark eyes remained open but<br /> now looked dead.<br /> <br /> This is apparently what the NVA officer was looking for. The boy continued<br /> to stand there, terrified, face distorted horribly as if made of stone, with<br /> eyes that were open but frozen dead.<br /> <br /> The NVA officer pointed with his hand and order the boy in military fashion<br /> to join a group of other children not yet seen in the video standing a short<br /> distance away. He was also handed a rifle which was nearly as long as he was<br /> tall.<br /> <br /> The boy complied and joined dozens of other two to three foot tall children,<br /> half or better of whom also had the same traumatized, stone faces and dead<br /> eyes as this child.<br /> <br /> These children when then given instructions by the NVA officer and told to<br /> follow the largest kid in the group, at center front, who was smiling and<br /> not traumatized, and run until they heard the whistle the NVA officer was<br /> holding blow. Then they should return, running back the way they came.<br /> <br /> From that point onward, the camera became the eyes of the child who had been<br /> traumatized earlier.<br /> <br /> The children ran through a bizarre landscape of day and night. It was the<br /> jungle and the jungle canopy played havoc on the camera work, being bright<br /> and sunny one moment and nearly pitch black the next.<br /> <br /> The children like deer through the brush, keeping their eyes on the child in<br /> the center at front who was the appointed leader.<br /> <br /> The facial expression of the lead child, who was taller and likely older<br /> than all the rest, changed from a smile to a look of fear as they ran as<br /> told.<br /> <br /> The look of fear was due to what the child saw ahead of him. The look of<br /> fear turned to absoulte terror then to a look of hopelesness as they all<br /> just kept running forward.<br /> <br /> Soon, children began to drop all around as they continued to run as a group.<br /> <br /> The child who was leading them was now crying, but no one stopped runnng as<br /> they shot to pieces by the soldiers in front of them.<br /> <br /> Then, the lead child saw his own death coming and his facial expression<br /> changed to one nearly similar to those already traumatized.<br /> <br /> The remaining children in uniform just kept running straight ahead following<br /> the leader.<br /> <br /> The lead child ran into what can only be described into a curtain of flames<br /> and fire. The camera angle was still from the angle of the child whose point<br /> of view it was depicting. That child was far enough away not to be consumed<br /> by the fire.<br /> <br /> The lead child entered the curtain of flames and kept running. He ran for<br /> yards, completely engulfed in flame, with little of him distinguishable<br /> other than his sillouhette.<br /> <br /> He just kept on running until his lower jaw dropped from being incinerated<br /> alive and then his body collapsed from the Napalm fire bombs dropped in<br /> front of him which he just ran through as told. The whistle hadn't yet<br /> blown.<br /> <br /> Not much later, the child whose view the camera was capturing collapsed. The<br /> camera view was now calim and straight up showing the light leaking through<br /> the jungle canopy.<br /> <br /> This video has NEVER been placed on the Internet. It was what is now deemed<br /> a &quot;reality&quot; video the type which can be found commonplace today showing<br /> attacks on and by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.<br /> <br /> Enough said about the North Vietnamese child soldier indoctrination video in<br /> possession of Hal Daub three years before the United States LOST the Vietnam<br /> War.<br /> <br /> THE SEXUAL ASSAULT OF MARLENE STEWART BY HAL DAUB<br /> <br /> When Trent Stewart neared the end of the video (not described above) he came<br /> back to reality.<br /> <br /> He had thought he saw two children in the room and a dog running around.<br /> <br /> Unable to find the dog or the children, he began looking for his mother<br /> hoping to find the dog and the two boys.<br /> <br /> The boy yelled for his mother as he proceeded from the dining room into the<br /> kitchen of the family home.<br /> <br /> No answer was ever received. That alone was odd, since enough cries of &quot;Mom&quot;<br /> would eventually bring the attention of Marlene Stewart to her son.<br /> <br /> When TJ entered the kitchen, there was Hal Daub standing with his back to<br /> him.<br /> <br /> Directly in front of TJ was his mother, seated in a kitchen chair.<br /> <br /> As TJ Stewart cautiously drew closer to his mother and Hal Daub, he became<br /> very uneasy.<br /> <br /> He could now see his mother's face. Her eyes were closed as she looked down<br /> and did not move.<br /> <br /> Hal Daub had his hand on her hand, forcing her to unzip his pants and she<br /> was resisting.<br /> <br /> Tears were streaming down Marlene Stewart's cheeks and she made no sound.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart continued to try and get the attention of his mother who never<br /> responded.<br /> <br /> Now standing next to Hal Daub and scared his mother was dead, he quietly<br /> tried to get his mother's attention and failed.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart started tugging on the pant leg of the former US Army Captain he<br /> was standing next to and asked him what was wrong with his mother.<br /> <br /> Daub, too, failed to respond.<br /> <br /> Little TJ Stewart, seven years old, continued to bother the man standing<br /> next to him asking him what was wrong with his mother.<br /> <br /> Suddenly, Hal Daub grabbed the boy by the head, and through him across the<br /> kitchen into the wall and he landed under the kitchen table.<br /> <br /> Injured from the attack, little TJ was terrified. He lay face down on the<br /> kitchen floor afraid to move, afraid to turn around and determine if what<br /> just happened to him was a game or something very bad.<br /> <br /> Slowly, TJ Stewart turned over and looked up from the floor to see the scene<br /> had changed little.<br /> <br /> Hal Daub was standing over his mother smilting forcing her to unzip his<br /> pants.<br /> <br /> Little TJ was terrified and sensed for the first time that his mother, not<br /> himself, was in danger.<br /> <br /> So the little boy got back to his feet, cautiously proceeded to stand in<br /> front the man who never had yet looked at him, and began trying to get<br /> Daub's attention.<br /> <br /> Unable to get Hal Daub's attention, TJ drew closer to Daub until he was<br /> again in front of the rapist and started once again tugging on his pant leg<br /> to get his attention.<br /> <br /> Daub hit the boy and sent him flying across the room once again.<br /> <br /> Injured from the assault and now crying, the boy lay on the kitchen floor<br /> staring up at the monster standing over his mother who was also crying.<br /> <br /> Terrified, TJ once again got to his feet and proceeded in the same fashion<br /> as before to get Daub's attention asking what was happening to his mother.<br /> <br /> Daub still had yet to gaze at the boy as the sexual predator was consumed<br /> with the rape he was committing and not at all intimidated by a seven year<br /> old boy he had just drugged with heroin.<br /> <br /> Little TJ grew angry at not being able to draw Daub's attention and fearing<br /> for his mother's life, TJ Stewart wedged himself between the rapist and his<br /> mother until he was completely shielding his mother from the rapist.<br /> <br /> It was then that Hal Daub turned his gaze to the little boy standing in<br /> front of him.<br /> <br /> When TJ Stewart, looking up at the man he was directly in front of, caught<br /> the gaze of the demonic predator standing in front of him, he began to cry<br /> in terror.<br /> <br /> Daub was smiling like a monster standing over his prey, looking down at the<br /> boy whom he was now terrifiying.<br /> <br /> Then something amazing happened.<br /> <br /> Litte TJ Stewart, crying, injured, hot and red faced, looking up at the<br /> rapist Hal Daub, felt a cool sensation cover his face from his forehead to<br /> down to his chin.<br /> <br /> Little TJ Stewart, the son of an Irish mother and a Scottish father, had his<br /> face to turn to stone in trauma just as he had witnessed happing to the<br /> Vietnamese child in the video he watched just minutes earlier.<br /> <br /> When little TJ's face to stone in trauma, Hal Daub was looking directly down<br /> into the boy's eyes.<br /> <br /> Daub cried in absolute terror at the sight of the little boy's distorted,<br /> stone face and dead eyes. He jumped back, grabbed his belt and pants,<br /> released Marlene Stewart's hand and fled the Stewart home in a matter of<br /> seconds.<br /> <br /> Hal Daub had left all his equipment behind, ran out the front door of the<br /> Stewart home the way he entered, jumped into his vehicle and fled the<br /> neighborhood.<br /> <br /> Little TJ followed the man through the home and watched him exit the<br /> neighborhood from inside the front door.<br /> <br /> Then littel TJ Stewart, proceeded to tend to his mother, Marlene and her<br /> injuries.<br /> <br /> Marlene hadn't moved when TJ Stewart returned to the kitchen. She sat in the<br /> same chair looking down, eyes closed as before, tears pouring down her<br /> cheeks, not making a sound.<br /> <br /> TJ couldn't get his mothers attention, still, despite trying to reason with<br /> her that the monster was gone and it would be alright.<br /> <br /> Marlene was in shock from being sexually assaulted.<br /> <br /> Little TJ began to cry after not getting hs mother's attention for so long<br /> after Daub fled begging her not to die.<br /> <br /> Finally, TJ Stewart took his mother's hand and placed it on his shoulder and<br /> told her he would lead her to her bedroom where she could lie down.<br /> <br /> The woman finally responded and followed her son through the dining room,<br /> living room, up the stairs and into her own bed.<br /> <br /> Once he put his mother to bed, he felt much better and went downstairs.<br /> <br /> When he reached the last flight of steps in the living room, his younger<br /> brother, Bryan popped into the room through the front door.<br /> <br /> The Kindergardener stood there with his eyes wide in disbelief staring at<br /> his older brother.<br /> <br /> &quot;You sucked some guy's dick,&quot; said Bryan Stewart to his brother, TJ.<br /> <br /> &quot;No, I didn't,&quot; said TJ angrily at his only brother who then wanted his<br /> mother.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart made dinner for his brother and himself. He did know where is<br /> father was but he was no where to be found.<br /> <br /> Bryan and Trent Stewart had tomato soup for dinner. TJ then allowed his<br /> brother to see his mother and the youngest boy crawled into bed with his<br /> mother where they stayed all night.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart was very proud of himself up to that point. But it was getting<br /> dark and the reality that the monster may return settled in. TJ locked all<br /> the doors and baracaded them.<br /> <br /> He stayed up very late by himself terrirified the monster would return.<br /> <br /> At some point, he went to bed telling himself it would all be better<br /> tomorrow.<br /> <br /> The next day Marlene Stewart remained unresponsive and did not get out of be<br /> nor did Bryan Stewart.<br /> <br /> It was a school day and no one was going to school from the Stewart<br /> residence.<br /> <br /> The telephone rang and the Our Lady of Lourdes school secretary demanded and<br /> explanation from Trent why he and his brother were not in school and where<br /> their mother was.<br /> <br /> Trent told her he didn't know who she was and he wasn't supposed to talk to<br /> strangers and hung up on her.<br /> <br /> The phone rang once again and it was the school principle, Sister Alexis,<br /> whom Trent knew.<br /> <br /> Skister Alexis asked Trent if everything was alright and he told her it was<br /> not.<br /> <br /> She said she would send help and all would be alright.<br /> <br /> THE COVER UP OF THE ASSAULT<br /> <br /> The only help which arrived was Eleanor Krause, a neighbor, and the woman<br /> who had overdosed TJ Stewart with heroin while trying to have him raped two<br /> years earlier arrived. She cared little for anyone but herself as she feared<br /> what she did two years earlier would now be discovered from this similar<br /> crime being committed by Hal Daub.<br /> <br /> TJ and Bryan Stewart went to school the following day. Marlene Stewart<br /> finally recovered from her being assaulted and betrayed by Daub.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart was told to tell the story of what happened in his mother's home<br /> to Monseignor Ulrich, the Church Pastor. No one trusted the police or called<br /> them.<br /> <br /> Little TJ told the pastor the story, but the Pastor, who arranged the whole<br /> thing, didn't want to hear any of it.<br /> <br /> Little TJ was labeled a liar and made an outcast in Catholic School.<br /> <br /> With the exception of Sister Alexis, no one believed what he said happened<br /> to himself and his mother. The Catholics reasoned that his mother was using<br /> drugs or drinking heavily or some such and this is why Trent and Bryan<br /> Stewart missed school.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart was punished by the Nuns who taught school for being a &quot;liar&quot;.<br /> When his classmates went to recess, he was forced to stay inside and was<br /> never told why.<br /> <br /> When he was allowed to go out for recess, the nuns immediately would call<br /> the rest of the school in for recess and lock the little boy outside the<br /> school on the playground by himself without a reason why.<br /> <br /> Day after day it when on for the entire week. The children laughed at him,<br /> spurred on by the Nuns who wanted little TJ Stewart to tell the truth about<br /> what went on. But little TJ Stewart was telling the truth and had no story<br /> to give them.<br /> <br /> By the end of the week, the little boy whose mother and himself had just<br /> been assaulted by a monster and whom defended them both from that monster<br /> was despondent and suicidal.<br /> <br /> His mother recognized something wrong with the boy and he told her that he<br /> was being bullied and picked on all day long at school by both his<br /> classmates and the Nuns. He told his mother Monsiegnor Ulrich hadn't cared<br /> or even wanted to listen to the whole story about Hal Daub and was angry at<br /> the boy.<br /> <br /> Finally, Marlene Stewart gathered the courage to call the police to protect<br /> her son, whom she told was a hero for his actions, from the abuse of the<br /> Catholic faithful at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.<br /> <br /> This was the first time Marlene Stewart showed any sympathy toward her son<br /> who was by far the biggest victim of Hal Daub's.<br /> <br /> But it would get much worse.<br /> <br /> Jenny May, who was another Hal Daub rape victim from the school, conspired<br /> to make Trent Stewart the rape victim of Hal Daub. Trent Stewart was labeled<br /> a &quot;homo&quot; and a &quot;cocksucker&quot; by his classmates and that label stuck with him<br /> for years in Catholic school.<br /> <br /> Marlene Stewart told TJ Stewart he would have to talk to a police officer<br /> about the attacks. Marlene Stewart herself apparently was not believable or<br /> refused to report the crimes, so she had her son TJ do it for her.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart did not know what a police officer was. He asked his mother and<br /> her answer did not provide any help, so he simply asked her if they were<br /> good or bad. She responded with, &quot;they are both&quot; and they left it at that.<br /> <br /> Omaha Police Division officer Joe Friend arrived at the Stewart home to<br /> interview TJ Stewart. He was wearing a police uniform and leather jacket.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart found him to be very nice and had no problem telling the man what<br /> had happened. Joe Friend made certain to interview the boy with his mother<br /> able to watch the officer without her being able to coach the boy on how to<br /> answer.<br /> <br /> After answering question after questoin from the police officer, Joe Friend,<br /> who was also Catholic, asked the boy what the man looked like.<br /> <br /> TJ Stewart responded he looked like him.<br /> <br /> Rather than inquire further as to the answer given him by the seven year old<br /> boy, Joe Friend got defensive, angry and called off the rest of the<br /> interview.<br /> <br /> It was two Omaha Police Division officers who were rapists of children in<br /> Omaha at least two years earlier and Joe Friend apparently was under the<br /> impression that everyone in Omaha was accusing police of beng criminals to<br /> frame them.<br /> <br /> So Joe Friend also told the Stewarts, Marlene and her son, Trent, to fuck<br /> off and labeled them part of a conspiracy to discredit police officers and<br /> law abiding citizens like Hal Daub.<br /> <br /> Joe Friend learned years later that Hal Daub was a rapist, but by then he<br /> was being blackmailed by Nazis and two of his officers while Hal Daub was<br /> now in US House of Representatives.<br /> <br /> When Trent James Stewart recalled the details of his childhood, long<br /> supressed, after the year 2000, Joe Friend was now a Deputy Chief of Police<br /> in the Omaha Police Division. His son Dave, who was drugged with heroin<br /> himself as a child, was now a Captain in the same Department. There were up<br /> to ten family members of the Friend family in the Omaha Police Division.<br /> <br /> The cover up had a life of its own by then.<br /> <br /> Joe Friend retired in 2000 and passed away in 2004 the same month as his<br /> sister and brother. His brother was also a retired Omaha Police Division<br /> officer.<br /> <br /> Dave Friend retired in 2004 and ran for Mayor of Omaha as a Republican, the<br /> same party as Daub, and with Daub's help.<br /> <br /> Hal Daub was elected to Congress and served four terms four years after he<br /> raped the women of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Omaha, Nebraska.<br /> <br /> Daub ran for the US Senate unseccessfully at least twice since and was Mayor<br /> of Omaha, NE, for a time.<br /> <br /> Daub's highest position of public trust came in 2003 during the Bush<br /> Administration where he served on the Social Security Advisory Board of<br /> United States President GW Bush.<br /> <br /> Daub's crimes were reported to the US Senate via email and to Senators Chuck<br /> Hagel and Ben Nelson in writing while he served in the Bush Administration.<br /> US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales also received reports of Daub's crimes<br /> via US mail as well as Nebrska Attorney General Jon Bruning at the same time<br /> Hagel was notified.<br /> <br /> Nothing was ever done about Hal Daub who ran for Mayor of Omaha once again<br /> after quietly being removed from the GW Bush Administration.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart worked for his father at the family business, running it for<br /> about sixteen years.<br /> <br /> He is currently an unemployed former elevator and packaging line mechanic in<br /> Omaha living in a home without heat or water without a dollar to his name.<br /> <br /> His mother, Marlene, passed away in 2001.<br /> <br /> He has been arrested dozens and dozens of times throughout his life for<br /> weapons possession, assault, and alcohol related offenses.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart became an alcoholic at a very young age and remained so until<br /> the year 1995 when he became sober and remains so to this day.<br /> <br /> Stewart discovered his home was under electronic surveillance by police and<br /> their informants in 1999 including the mob and fire union criminals, all of<br /> whom used the rapes committed by Hal Daub for personal gain and leverage<br /> since they occurred.<br /> <br /> He continues to remain under unlimited and illegal surveillance in his own<br /> home to this day. He solicited the help of US Senator Chuck Hagel who<br /> solicited aid from the FBI to have the surveillance stopped, but neither<br /> followed through. Stewart lives in his home in Omaha as a prisoner who<br /> committed no crime and received no due process with those who assaulted him<br /> as a child fearing they may be brought to justice.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart and Hal Daub crossed paths one afternoon during the lunch hour<br /> at Omaha's Sons of Italy Hall while Daub was campaigning for reelection to<br /> the office of Mayor of Omaha following his Congressional career.<br /> <br /> At the sight of Trent Stewart and his father, James, having lunch together<br /> at the hall, Daub became terrirified and fled publicly in front of hundreds<br /> of people whose vote he was seeking.<br /> <br /> Daub then went on to a position in the Bush Administration and was quietly<br /> removed after Trent Stewart contacted the USDOJ and reported the crimes Daub<br /> committed against himself, his family, and the other families in Omaha, NE.<br /> <br /> United States President George W. Bush sent Stewart a letter in 2003 and<br /> again in 2004, not addressing the rapes, but thanking Stewart for his<br /> support.<br /> <br /> Hal Daub ran for US Senate briefly then again for Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska,<br /> this year (2009). He was defeated by Democrat Jim Suttle.<br /> <br /> A Civil Rights Complaint was filed by Trent Stewart in June of this year<br /> (2009) with the Office of Inspector General at the USDOJ for their not<br /> investigating the serial rapist.<br /> <br /> No response has been given by the USDOJ to the latest request for<br /> investigation into what is being called Daubergate Rape.<br /> <br /> Mr. Trent Stewart has saved the life and prevented the sexual and physical<br /> assaults of a number of women and children in Omaha throughout his life.<br /> <br /> He has been unable to find an attorney to pursue civil damages against Daub<br /> and the Omaha Police Division.<br /> <br /> MORE TO COME<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> For more information on the some of the life of Trent James Stewart, aka<br /> American Vietcong, see posts entitled:<br /> <br /> Daubergate Rape: Jean Gruidel<br /> <br /> Daubergate Rape: Jenny May<br /> <br /> Omaha Police Rape Teenager, Attempt To Rape And Kill Five Year Old, Poison<br /> Twelve Year Old Officer's Son<br /> <br /> Home Invasion Failed, So Transient Calls Omaha Police<br /> <br /> Child Held At Gunpoint SAVED By Trent Stewart of Omaha, NE<br /> <br /> ANOTHER Omaha Police Rape/Assault/Attempted Murder Cover Up Where Trent<br /> Stewart Was A HERO<br /> <br /> Immigration Reform For Illegals? Where can we find the &quot;legal&quot; immigrants?<br /> <br /> Angel of Nebraska Chalks Up Another Life Saved-CHILD'S RAPE PREVENTED<br />  

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