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Titolo: S.A.G.A. Lowest Prices of the YEAR 60% OFF!!!!
Newsgroup: free.it.anime.matsumoto
Data: 16/11/2013
Ora: 22:18:06
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  S.A.G.A. (SUPER AWESOME GRAPHIC ARTS) is Live Now on GOOGLE PLAY! Check <br /> IT OUT @ SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS of UP TO 60% OFF ON BLACK FRIDAY Week <br /> Starting Monday-Sunday Midnight! You can find Our S.A.G.A. books at <br /> the following links: <br /> https://play.google.com/store/books/details?<br /> id=PQ5zAQAAQBAJ&amp;sticky_source_country=us<br /> https://play.google.com/store/books/details?<br /> id=cVV1AQAAQBAJ&amp;sticky_source_country=us<br /> https://play.google.com/store/books/details?<br /> id=XXF8AQAAQBAJ&amp;sticky_source_country=us<br /> <br /> NOTE:We NOW Accept ALL GLOBAL CURRENCIES ON OUR PayLoadz.com Site NO <br /> LONGER JUST US Dollars!...S.A.G.A. Is an Up and Coming Emerging Cool <br /> Super Media BRAND!<br /> Watch Out! For My New SUPER NOVEL entitled <br /> &quot;SHURIK`EN&quot; <br /> A BRAND NEW MILLENNIUM SUPERHERO, SUPER-NINJA that Fights GLOBAL <br /> MEGA-TERRORISTS and their ORGANIZATIONS around the GLOBE with a B.O.O.T. <br /> Force (BLACK OPS ON TERRORISTS)!....get the <br /> 1st EDITION NOVEL at http://www.lulu.com/content/1384352<br /> <br /> It is being Released Worldwide on the Internet RIGHT NOW find out what <br /> all the BUZZ is about! LIKE us on facebook.com/moviemangaartscompany and <br /> be entered in a monthly draw to WIN a FREE SHURIK`EN Audio Book I or <br /> FREE SUPER MANGA!!! CLICK http://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=1896837 TO <br /> Download Issue #1 Take-Down in Nicaragua a 58 Page <br /> Action Packed Japanese Style Super Comic! You can follow us on Twitter <br /> and Youtube also Twitter@Rdlyons and Youtube.com/Reg.D.Lyons <br /> <br /> The Project is BIG!!!!. With Incredible T.V., GAME, and Movie Potential <br /> We are also Looking for Affiliates to Market this incredible action <br /> packed Series around the Globe on the World Wide Web!<br /> <br /> We are also looking for a Japanese or Asian Pacific Business <br /> Partner.Rewards could well be twenty percent of first Release proceeds <br /> to start plus royalties from any future T.V. Video Game, or Movie <br /> rights. Few Serious Investors wanted Don't delay!Serious Inquiries Only <br /> to superninjabizchiefdirector@shaw.ca Check out my Website <br /> http://www.shurikenthesuperninja.com where you can get the E-Novel for <br /> as little as $4.99 or the Audio Novel Autographed on Studio Quality MP3 <br /> Format for only $10 by Mail Order including <br /> The Original Author's autograph with FREE SHIPPING! <br /> <br /> NOTE:We NOW Accept ALL GLOBAL CURRENCIES ON OUR PayLoadz.com Site NO <br /> LONGER JUST US Dollars! So What are you waiting for Order Now!Get the <br /> SUPER MANGA Issue #1 SHURIK`EN the SUPER NINJA in 'TAKE-DOWN in <br /> NICARAGUA' A fifty-eight page action packed SUPER Japanese Style COMIC! <br /> Go now to http://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=1896837 the hard copy will <br /> also be mailed with the order. Thank you in advance for all your orders <br /> and interest in the S.A.G.A. Brand Project a division of the parent <br /> Company Movie Manga Arts Production Company parent Company of the <br /> S.A.G.A.Brand!  

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