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Titolo: Giocoanline - Winterfest at Everest Poker!
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Data: 01/01/2011
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Subject: Giocoanline - Winterfest at Everest Poker!
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From now through January 7th, Everest Poker is giving our players three <br /> ways to win more this holiday season. With something for every player, <br /> Winterfest is a great promotion to push throughout your player base. <br /> Please see below for more details: To more information, visit <br /> http://www.giocaonline.biz - http://www.giocaonline.info and click on <br /> everest poker or see the poup forum!<br /> Winterfest Freerolls:<br /> Players earning 10 Summit Points in one day will receive a token to the <br /> next day&rsquo;s Winterfest freeroll, running every day at 18:00 GMT. Everest <br /> is giving the top 10 finishers some great holiday gifts:<br /> 1st Place: Apple iPad 32 GB<br /> 2nd-3rd Place: Apple iPod Touch 32 GB<br /> 4th-10th Place: Seats to the $50,000 Guaranteed ($100+9)<br /> Winterfest Happy Hour:<br /> Late night play has never been this rewarding! Every day from 23:00 GMT-<br /> 23:59 GMT, players can grind away at some of our cash tables and earn <br /> double the Summit Points. Any NLHE $0.2/0.2-$.50/.50 or LHE $0.2/0.4-<br /> $0.50/1 table is eligible. Buy gifts at the Summit Point store, or buy-in <br /> to your favorite Everest tournament.<br /> Winterfest for less: Everyone loves cash. Better yet, everyone loves a <br /> good sale. Every day during Winterfest, our $5000 Guaranteed is 50% off! <br /> The 19:00 GMT tournament is just $50+$5 for a limited time. To more <br /> information, visit http://www.giocaonline.biz - <br /> http://www.giocaonline.info and click on everest poker or see the poup <br /> forum!

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