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Titolo: Hitman Video slot THE HITMAN COMETH.... - Casino On Line Play
Newsgroup: free.it.giochi.online, free.it.giochi.carte.poker, fr.rec.jeux.cartes.poker
Data: 11/11/2009
Ora: 08:55:18
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  Gamers' fave transforms into a killer that's a thriller of a video slot <br /> at Belle Rock Casinos!<br /> Enter the mysterious and deadly world of the modern assassin and take out <br /> a contract to win with the latest 5 reel 15 pay-line video slot HITMAN, a <br /> totally engrossing, multi level game with a slew of exciting features.<br /> Already popular with PC gamers all over the world, we have licensed and <br /> transformed the Hitman phenomenon into a suspense-filled video slot that <br /> provides hours of excitement and many opportunities for solid wins <br /> through Wilds, a new and thrilling 3 reel Expanding Wild feature, <br /> Scatters, Free Spins and Bonuses.<br /> Go to http://giocaonline.it.gg - http://gamblingonline.it.gg/<br /> Carrying the sinister theme are some of the best, photo-realistic <br /> graphics in the business from hitman Agent 47 his cool, dangerous self, <br /> right through an assortment of tools-of-the-trade such as sniper rifles, <br /> deadly drugs and the glint of cold hard steel. Developing these <br /> outstanding graphics into hardcore player wins is a range of features <br /> that activate on various reel combinations.<br /> Be prepared to encounter 18 Free Spins where wins are doubled, 3 <br /> insignias which trigger an explosive on-screen bonus and lastly the real <br /> deal-maker, the Contract Bonus. Select from a choice of targets, a choice <br /> of weapons and sit back and enjoy the action - a real action attraction <br /> of bonuses, multipliers and winnings, of course. This package of features <br /> is pure dynamite - not to be missed.<br /> Go to http://giocaonline.it.gg - http://gamblingonline.it.gg/<br /> From every perspective this unique slot packs a hefty punch when it comes <br /> to entertainment and interactive action. The betting range runs from as <br /> little as a cent right through to 75.00 and rewards can be as high as 20 <br /> 000.00 in the base game and 40 000.00 on the Free Spin feature. The on-<br /> screen bonus opportunities could bring a further 1 500.00 and the off-<br /> screen bonus can reach breath-taking 67 500.00.<br /> Hitman is something really special and it is going to blow you away....in <br /> a good way.....!<br /> Go to http://giocaonline.it.gg - http://gamblingonline.it.gg/  

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