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Titolo: New criminal charges against author Patricia Cornwell - Current status, links
Newsgroup: free.it.letteratura.americana, free.it.letteratura.europea, it.cultura.libri, free.it.cultura.letture
Data: 02/05/2009
Ora: 18:07:52
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  by Dan Hajidah<br /> <br /> (For those not aware, author Patricia Cornwell is a close friend of the <br /> George Bush family, a key financial figure in the US political mafia. <br /> Cornwell's long criminal history is hidden by major media.)<br /> <br /> - US Justice Dept staff confirm proof that Patricia Cornwell engaged in <br /> felony perjury, extortion and threats of terrorist murder, against the <br /> non-Zionist Jewish political refugee from the US Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs <br /> (see articles and online Dept of Justice proof files, links just below);<br /> <br /> - Now is currently a 'waiting period' where President Obama's Attorney <br /> General, Eric H Holder Jr, is pondering an EU request to bring criminal <br /> charges against Patricia Cornwell and her lawyers - these criminal <br /> charges also affect US officials and even US judges whom DOJ staff say <br /> took bribes from Cornwell, judges who held fake US 'trials' to help <br /> murder Sachs, ban his journalism and block his websites;<br /> <br /> - If Eric Holder does not act to indict her, Patricia Cornwell faces <br /> criminal charges in Belgium for racist hate crimes and acts of terrorism <br /> in Belgium toward having Dr Les Sachs murdered, and Cornwell's court <br /> fraud and bribery with US judges who ordered Google to block the Sachs <br /> websites from the internet - European criminal charges are also likely <br /> against a number of Patricia Cornwell's lawyers, and the US judges and <br /> government - the Obama government and Eric Holder may prefer to have <br /> Belgian criminal charges filed first, so Holder can have 'backing' to <br /> act on Patricia Cornwell's crimes that involve US judges and government <br /> agents.<br /> <br /> European press articles giving facts on Patricia Cornwell - Les (Leslie) <br /> Sachs legal cases - busting the lies and hoaxes long planted on the <br /> internet by Cornwell's media team:<br /> <br /> Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder: Roberto Saviano and Dr Les Sachs<br /> http://lombardia.indymedia.org/node/13581 - also at: <br /> http://mytinyurl.net/10e98<br /> <br /> B'nai B'rith inquiry of anti-Semite attacks on Jewish political refugee <br /> from US in Europe<br /> http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2009/04/59038.shtml - also at: <br /> http://mytinyurl.net/4ab38e<br /> <br /> US Justice sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both <br /> Fraudulent<br /> http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2009/02/57826.shtml - also at: <br /> http://mytinyurl.net/bee8e8<br /> <br /> US Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US Dissident in <br /> Brussels<br /> http://www.indymedia.be/en/node/31259 - also at: <br /> http://mytinyurl.net/f35b4e<br /> <br /> All of the above articles, and copies of internal US government files, <br /> can be found linked here:<br /> http://cornwell-trial-documents.skyrock.com/<br /> <br /> Biography of Patricia Cornwell's early life that Cornwell is trying to <br /> block from the internet:<br /> http://mytinyurl.net/bd8cf5 and also found via link here: <br /> http://mytinyurl.net/9ca376<br /> <br /> Vanity Fair magazine, Patricia Cornwell boasting she can get away with <br /> murdering people - from US Federal courthouse, US Dept of Justice, <br /> European police files:<br /> http://mytinyurl.net/7ee992<br /> <br /> Esquire magazine, author Patricia Cornwell in lesbian stalking of <br /> Hollywood actress Jodie Foster - <br /> http://mytinyurl.net/80eb57<br /> <br /> Official court transcript of Patricia Cornwell perjury - Cornwell lies <br /> under oath in US federal courtroom, Cornwell's felony perjury as she <br /> denies threatening to destroy the books of a Jew - <br /> http://mytinyurl.net/1<br /> <br /> - Dan Hajidah<br /> <br /> Abdan &quot;Dan&quot; Hajidah is a researcher for journalists at European news <br /> agencies, and is now doing some journalism under his own name. Dan <br /> shares most of his time among several countries of Northern Europe - the <br /> Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. Dan can be reached at:<br /> dh-news@europe.com<br /> <br /> <br /> This article may be freely copied and re-published in whole or in part <br /> as in the public domain.<br /> It is published with a maximally open Creative Commons Licence and also <br /> a GNU Free Documentation Licence:<br /> &lt;a rel=&quot;license&quot; href=&quot;http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/"><img <br /> alt=&quot;Creative Commons License&quot; style=&quot;border-width:0&quot; <br /> src=&quot;http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by/3.0/80x15.png"/></a><br/>This <br /> work is licenced under a &lt;a rel=&quot;license&quot; <br /> href=&quot;http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/">Creative Commons <br /> Licence&lt;/a&gt;.<br /> Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document <br /> under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or <br /> any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of <br /> the license is available at: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.html.<br />  

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