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Titolo: [NEWS] initiatives Casino 'and new games of 2009!
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Data: 18/01/2009
Ora: 10:59:30
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  [NEWS] initiatives Casino 'and new games of 2009! <br /> <br /> Dear Player <br /> <br /> Let me remind you that the promotion of casinos' of the month and 'Vacation <br /> in Las Vegas, won with a rich premium travel in the capital of fun. Be sure <br /> to visit http://www.giocaonline.biz - http://www.giocaonline.info for all <br /> the information on. <br /> <br /> Everest Gaming offers every month a new game for its players! We have up to <br /> now 316 games, for a jackpot total of $20,043,935! <br /> The new game of the month of January and 'Flipper, a colorful video slot <br /> machine with an exceptional bonus round to play pinball. <br /> The players may well 'try their luck and their skills' in the classic game <br /> loved all over Italy. <br /> <br /> http://www.giocaonline.biz - http://www.giocaonline.info <br /> <br /> For the month of February will offer a new 'all-Italian.  

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