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Titolo: Daubergate Rape: Jenny May
Newsgroup: it.sociale.handicap, italia.modena.handicap, maus.soc.handicap.talk
Data: 06/11/2009
Ora: 14:50:20
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  Dateline 1972, Omaha, Nebrska, United States<br /> <br /> Jenny May was the mother of three boys. The youngest, Brian, was in 1st<br /> Grade. Her son, Chris was in 2nd Grade. Her oldest son, Mike, was in 3rd<br /> Grade. All attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School as members of the<br /> Parish.<br /> <br /> For reasons unknown, but calculated and premeditated, former US Army Captain<br /> Harold John &quot;Hal&quot; Daub paid a visit to the Our Lady of Lourdes Church to<br /> pitch his &quot;Patriotic Program&quot; to the mothers of the children at the Catholic<br /> Grade School.<br /> <br /> Daub first sought the blessing of the pastor of the church, Monseignor<br /> Ulrich. Monseignor Ulrich was more than a little excited to have the<br /> opportunity to show his congregation's and faith's loyalty to the United<br /> States.<br /> <br /> The United States was embroiled in an unpopular war in Vietnam. The US<br /> people's trust of the US government was at a historic all time low. Riots<br /> and protests were rampant across the country. Republican Richard Nixon was<br /> in the White House.<br /> <br /> Daub, a Republican and attorney who graduated from the University of<br /> Nebraska, whether on his own, with help from the United States Army,<br /> Republican Party, or fanatics concocted a scheme by which Daub could enter<br /> the homes of Catholic women and rape them.<br /> <br /> Daub pitched his program to the mothers of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.<br /> <br /> Most balked at Daub and did not trust him.<br /> <br /> Daub stated participation in his program would help boost the career futures<br /> for the children participating as well as show loyalty to the United States<br /> in her time of need.<br /> <br /> Daub found a handful of women willing to participate, along with their<br /> children.<br /> <br /> Jenny May was one of them. She was then the wife of an Omaha fire fighter or<br /> her husband was soon to be an Omaha fire fighter.<br /> <br /> Then, Daub added a stipulation to the program that he had to administer his<br /> program to one or more of the male children of those women program WITHOUT<br /> the women's husband knowing about it.<br /> <br /> Daub said it was &quot;vital&quot; to the success of the program.<br /> <br /> Most of the remaining women walked away from Daub's program at this point.<br /> But Jenny May and two other mothers did not.<br /> <br /> The three women contacted one or more uniformed Omaha Police Division<br /> officers they knew to verify Daub's intentiions.<br /> <br /> Jenny May was married to a &quot;hero&quot; in the Omaha Fire Division, a gang unto<br /> itself. She had nothing to fear from Daub, so she thought.<br /> <br /> When the Omaha Police Division &quot;heroes&quot; told the women Daub was likely<br /> nothing but a harmless pencil knecked up and coming politician, and with the<br /> blessing of Our Lady of Lourdes' Monseignor Ulrich, the women each agreed to<br /> let Daub visit them in their homes after school was finished.<br /> <br /> Daub would bring video equipment with him. Televisions weren't common in<br /> every home at that time and only the military and the very rich had any kind<br /> of video playback device.<br /> <br /> According to accounts told by current Omaha Fire Division Captain Chris May<br /> throughout his life, Daub demanded his mother perform fellatio on him but<br /> she did not care to oblige.<br /> <br /> With two of her sons standing by helplessly, Daub forced May into bed and<br /> raped her. Chris May has stated his mother complied willingly with the<br /> sexual advances of Hal Daub and his father, retired Omaha fire fighter Chuck<br /> May, claims his wife was a slut, that is why he married her.<br /> <br /> Days later when the victims of Hal Daub would finally discuss their being<br /> raped by Daub in their own homes, it would be Jenny May who would concoct<br /> the story that it had been the son of Marlene Stewart who had been raped by<br /> Daub fearing no one would taker her claims seriously.<br /> <br /> This zeal to accuse Daub of raping a little boy intensified when Chuck May<br /> became aware of his wife's rape and notified his fellow union members of the<br /> International Association of Fire Fighters including Jim McDonnell who is<br /> now the father of the Chief of the Omaha Fire Division, Mike McDonnell, and<br /> whose brother, John McDonnell, was the blackmailer and tormentor of Trent<br /> Stewart as his neighbor and adult.<br /> <br /> The Omaha fire union used Daub's rapes to their advantage and the cover up<br /> behind it at every opportunity.<br /> <br /> Hal Daub was elected to Congress and served four terms about four years<br /> after he raped the women of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Omaha, Nebraska.<br /> <br /> Daub ran for the US Senate unseccessfully at least twice since and was Mayor<br /> of Omaha, NE, for a time.<br /> <br /> While campaigning for reelection to the office of Mayor of Omaha, Daub was<br /> shaking at hands at Omaha's Sons of Italy Hall when he glanced over to see<br /> Mr. Trent Stewart, the boy whose mother Daub violently sexually assaulted<br /> when the boy was seven, dining with his father.<br /> <br /> Daub IMMEDIATELY fled the building, running through the hall in terror<br /> despite the place being packed with hundreds of lunch diners witnessing it<br /> all.<br /> <br /> Following this public flight by Hal Daub from Trent Stewart and admissioin<br /> of guilt, Chris May was promoted within days to Captain at the Omaha Fire<br /> Division and Hal Daub lost his bid for reelection.<br /> <br /> Bu that didn't end Hal Daub's political ambitions. The serial rapist on the<br /> verge of being exposed for his crimes knew no shame.<br /> <br /> Daub's highest position of public trust came in 2003 during the Bush<br /> Administration where he served on the Social Security Advisory Board of<br /> United States President GW Bush.<br /> <br /> Daub's crimes were reported to the US Senate via email and to Senators Chuck<br /> Hagel and Ben Nelson in writing while he served in the Bush Administration.<br /> US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales also received reports of Daub's crimes<br /> via US mail as well as Nebrska Attorney General Jon Bruning at the same time<br /> Hagel was notified.<br /> <br /> Nothing was ever done about Hal Daub who ran for Mayor of Omaha once again<br /> after quietly being removed from the GW Bush Administration.<br /> <br /> Jenny May's youngest son, Brian, tried to commit suicide as an adult having<br /> a standoff with police on a bridge over the Missouri River.<br /> <br /> No charges were ever filed and Brian May now lives in Missouri Valley, IA.<br /> <br /> Captain Chris May continues to serve as a Captain in the Omaha Fire<br /> Division, a position he accepted in return for his silence.<br /> <br /> Mike May is currently employed with Omaha Public Power District in Omaha,<br /> NE. His family is closely associated with the McDonnells who continue to<br /> conspire to keep the rapes committed by Hal Daub of the Republican Party<br /> secret and the victims of Daub's suffering in silence.<br /> <br /> No investigation has ever take place into what is being called Daubergate<br /> Rape.<br /> <br /> A Civil Rights Complaint was filed with the Office of Inspector General at<br /> USDOJ in June of this year regarding the failure to investigate these<br /> complaints by all those involved.<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hal_Daub<br /> <br /> USDOJ has yet to respond to the complaint.<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Hal_Daub<br /> <br />  

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