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Titolo: Child Held At Gunpoint SAVED By Trent Stewart of Omaha, NE
Newsgroup: it.sociale.handicap, italia.modena.handicap, maus.soc.handicap.talk
Data: 06/11/2009
Ora: 14:49:56
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  Dateline Fall,1995, Omaha, Nebraska, United States<br /> <br /> In one of the most heroic acts EVER seen in the sewage dump of Omaha,<br /> Nebraska, Mr. Trent J Stewart risked his life to save that of a teenage boy<br /> being held at gunpoint.<br /> <br /> While walking East on Frederick St. from the home of his room mate, Mr.<br /> Gilbert &quot;John&quot; Styskal, to his local tavern, Clyde's Lounge, in Omaha, NE,<br /> USA, Trent (TJ) Stewart heard cries for help coming from a half dozen meters<br /> across the street.<br /> <br /> Thinking it was a hoax or a stunt of some kind, Stewart gazed at the boy<br /> crying for help initially without responding. But the small teenage boy was<br /> crying and absolutely terrified to even move, begging Mr. Stewart, who was<br /> alone, for assistance.<br /> <br /> Deciding to examine the scene further, the thirty something year old Stewart<br /> crossed Frederick Street and asked the child what was wrong.<br /> <br /> &quot;He's got a gun and he's going to hurt me,&quot; or something to that effect said<br /> the child to Stewart.<br /> <br /> Stewart hadn't even noticed anyone else nearby until then as the boy pointed<br /> toward an old man standing about fifteen feet in front of the boy and behind<br /> Stewart.<br /> <br /> Stewart turned to see the old man standing there thinking the boy was his<br /> mother's little drama queen until he looked into the eyes of the old man<br /> standing there and recognized the eyes of evil.<br /> <br /> It was then Stewart performed the most heroic act of anyone ever heard of in<br /> Omaha, Nebraska.<br /> <br /> Stewart, unarmed and unprotected, turned to face the old man glaring at him<br /> with the eyes of a killer and placed himself between the old man and the<br /> child. The old man glared at Stewart with what looked like a knife in his<br /> hand. The two stood staring at each other from about four feet apart with<br /> Stewart now aware the man was armed.<br /> <br /> The old man became engraged and told Stewart the boy was in his yard and<br /> stealing from him, charges which the boy denied immediately after the old<br /> man spoke.<br /> <br /> Stewart ordered the child to flee the scene. The kid was still sobbing, too<br /> scared to move. Stewart had to yell the order again and told him which way<br /> to run to escape, all the while face to face with the engraged armed<br /> predator.<br /> <br /> The Trent Stewart got mad, fighting mad, with the expression on his face<br /> telling all. The old man, who was the predator holding the weapon until<br /> then, began to cowar from looking into Stewart's eyes.<br /> <br /> Without a saying another word, the old man, no longer the predator and<br /> cowaring like prey, backed down. Stewart never said another word, either,<br /> since the old man had backed down and looked down, defeated without a fight.<br /> <br /> Stewart then turned back up the hill and toward his original destination,<br /> not thinking too much of any of it, deep in thought over his constant state<br /> of financial dispair.<br /> <br /> At Clyde's Lounge, where Stewart was a regular, he ordered a beer and sat at<br /> the bar drinking it when his room mate, Gilbert &quot;John&quot; Styskal, appeared and<br /> sat next to him.<br /> <br /> Styskal asked TJ if he had been in an altercation with &quot;Auto's Dad&quot;. TJ said<br /> no, he didn't even know &quot;Auto's Dad&quot; and had already forgotten about the<br /> incident with the old man and the kid which occurred less than an hour<br /> earlier.<br /> <br /> Gilbert &quot;John&quot; Styskal, who served under Medal of Honor winner Wesley L. Fox<br /> of the USMC in Vietnam, himself a member of the 1st Batalion, 9th Marines,<br /> aka &quot;The Walking Dead&quot; in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970, told his room mate TJ<br /> that &quot;Auto's Dad&quot; aka Dwight Otteman of 3051 So 34 St. in Omaha, NE, had<br /> telephoned him and told Styskal to relay a message to his room mate.<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_Battalion_9th_Marines<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesley_L._Fox<br /> <br /> &quot;Tell him every time he walks down the street he is going to be in the cross<br /> hairs of a rifle scope,&quot; said Otteman to Styskal to be relayed to Trent (TJ)<br /> Stewart. Styskal relayed that message to Stewart adding that Otteman also<br /> called the Omaha Police Division to have Stewart arrested, for disrupting<br /> his assault and murder of a teenage boy just minutes before which Stewart<br /> prevented.<br /> <br /> That being arrested part got Stewart's attention and he and John discussed<br /> what had transpired between the old man, the teenage boy, and Stewart<br /> minutes before both agreeing that was to what Otteman was referring.<br /> <br /> It was then that Styskal told Stewart the knife that he thought Otteman was<br /> holding was actually a home made &quot;zip&quot; gun which Otteman had shown Styskal<br /> before and Otteman admitted to Styskal in the telephone call he had when<br /> Stewart ruined his assault on the boy he claimed was stealing from him.<br /> <br /> To the notorious Omaha Police Division's credit, they never were dumb enough<br /> to arrive to arrest Trent Stewart at Clyde's Lounge for saving the life of a<br /> teenage boy being held at gunpoint.<br /> <br /> But as usual with the Omaha Police Division, commanded then by the Friend<br /> family and all their merry family members, they let this act of heroism go<br /> unnoticed but by a few and the criminal, Dwight Otteman, go without ever<br /> being questioned, let alone arrested.<br /> <br /> Dwight Otteman's son, Auto, was a regular at Clyde's Lounge, too. Stewart<br /> had asked him about his Dad following this incident and Auto had nothing<br /> good to say about his father nor would he, Auto, be held responsible for his<br /> actions. Stewart and Otteman, Jr, aka &quot;Auto&quot; left it at that.<br /> <br /> Less than two years later, &quot;Auto&quot; died in the custody of the Omaha Police<br /> Division after succumbing to alcohol poisoning.<br /> <br /> A Grand Jury found no misconduct by the Omaha Police Division in the death<br /> of Otteman, Jr.<br /> <br /> When notified of his son's death, Dwight Otteman reportedly said, &quot;He's<br /> probably gay, anyway,&quot; of his late son.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart continued to use Frederick St. as he pleased without being<br /> intimidated by the threats of terrorist Dwight Otteman.<br /> <br /> Trent Stewart is the man responsible for bringing rape allegations against<br /> Harold John &quot;Hal&quot; Daub of the Bush Administration to the attention of the<br /> USDOJ, Nebraska Attorney General's Office, Senators Chuck Hagel and Ben<br /> Nelson, as well as the Omaha Police Division.<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hal_Daub<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Hal_Daub<br /> <br /> ?<br />  

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