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Titolo: (IVÁN): ANCIENT ISRAEL is NAILED TO YESHUA (JESUS C HRIST) with connecting WOUNDS everlastingly:
Newsgroup: it-alt.cultura.lingua.latino
Data: 30/11/2016
Ora: 19:20:34
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  S=C3=A1bado, 26 de Noviembre, 2016 de Nuestro Salvador Jesucristo, Guayaqui=<br /> l, Ecuador-Iberoam=C3=A9rica=20<br /> <br /> (Cartas del cielo son escritas por Iv=C3=A1n Valarezo)<br /> <br /> (Recordamos a ex alcaldesa de Valencia y Senadora del Parlamento Espa=C3=B1=<br /> ol Rita Barbera. Nuestro amor, condolencias y oraciones delante nuestro Pad=<br /> re celestial son para su familia y amistades y todas las familias de toda E=<br /> spa=C3=B1a, dentro y fuera de sus tierras, en el nombre bendito de su Hijo =<br /> Jesucristo, para que su Esp=C3=ADritu Santo toque y bendiga grandemente sus=<br /> corazones y vidas: consol=C3=A1ndolos grandemente con el fuego del altar d=<br /> e su amor eterno, perpetuamente. La se=C3=B1ora Rita se encuentra en la pre=<br /> sencia sant=C3=ADsima de nuestro Padre celestial, porque su Hijo Jesucristo=<br /> la purific=C3=B3 con su gracia y amor infinito, para que siempre goce de s=<br /> u nueva vida eterna en la que siempre el Esp=C3=ADritu Santo la llevara de =<br /> gloria y gloria, amando, sirviendo y glorificando al Padre de nuestras alma=<br /> s vivientes, para siempre. =C2=A1Am=C3=A9n!)<br /> <br /> ANCIENT ISRAEL is NAILED TO YESHUA (JESUS CHRIST) with connecting WOUNDS ev=<br /> erlastingly:<br /> <br /> Moses was tending his father in-law flocks near Mount Sinai, and there he s=<br /> aw a fire that was burning, but it was not spreading into the area around i=<br /> t, thus he thought after three days that he should approach it, to see why =<br /> was this estrange fire still kindling at the same place unchanged, as in th=<br /> e previous days. Let by the Holy Spirit, Moses entered into the fire of the=<br /> altar from the prehistoric love burning wildly thus to call him and approa=<br /> ch it for his baptism of fire of the great grace, the great mercy, the grea=<br /> t truth, and the great divine justice just as his father Abraham had been b=<br /> aptized by this fire in his day.=20<br /> <br /> Our heavenly Father had called him so he may speak to Him and His Son Jesus=<br /> Christ that is Isaac=E2=80=99s burning flesh over the altar of the prehist=<br /> oric love, descended from heaven above with great powers thus to liberate n=<br /> ot only Abraham from sin, but also his children to be born in the generatio=<br /> ns ahead, by been baptized with His love. That is to say, that our heavenly=<br /> Father had descended with His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, so He =<br /> may meet not only Moses thus to speak to him about the liberation of Israel=<br /> from Egypt=E2=80=99s captivity, but also to baptize him with the burning f=<br /> ire that Abraham and Isaac had started over Mount Zion, resting over Mount =<br /> Moriah.=20<br /> <br /> This is the baptism of the altar of the prehistoric love that fulfills the =<br /> Holy Spirit of the Ten Commandments that neither Abraham nor Moses had rece=<br /> ived yet, nonetheless, they needed to fulfill them, so He may work with the=<br /> entire house of Israel along with His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit=<br /> thus to lead them to His home-sweet-home. Our heavenly Father needed to ba=<br /> ptize Moses within the altar of the prehistoric love fire burning wildly ov=<br /> er Mount Zion since the day that Abraham started it that was supposed to bu=<br /> rn Isaac his only son, but, instead, this fire was started to burn with bap=<br /> tism grace and mercy the entire house of Israel, including the King Messiah=<br /> in his day.=20<br /> <br /> Once Moses had been baptized at the altar of the prehistoric love, descende=<br /> d from heaven above with Him, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the=<br /> n he was ready not only to receive His very holy name that will empower eve=<br /> ry man, woman and child within Israel to escape darkness, but also show the=<br /> m the way to life in Canaan. That is why, that Moses was called by our heav=<br /> enly Father to be received by His Son Jesus Christ burning within the altar=<br /> of the fire of the prehistoric love, where the sacred-flesh is burning day=<br /> and night into eternity, where not only Abraham=E2=80=99s sacred-flesh bur=<br /> ns along with Isaac but also his children to be born yet in future generati=<br /> ons.=20<br /> <br /> For the reason that, with this baptism of the fire, from the altar of the p=<br /> rehistoric love, descended with Isaac and the Holy Spirit, then our heavenl=<br /> y Father=E2=80=99s holy name is glorified everlastingly along with His ever=<br /> y word that exalts, glorifies, and serves His holy commandments into everla=<br /> sting on earth with humankind and in heaven=E2=80=99s glory with His angeli=<br /> cal hosts, forever. Therefore, it was important for our heavenly Father to =<br /> baptize with His fire of the prehistoric love burning wildly over Mount Zio=<br /> n, resting over Mount Moriah in the days of Abraham, and later resting over=<br /> Mount Sinai for Moses, because he needed to take Abraham=E2=80=99s childre=<br /> n to the promised land in only a three day walk to His divine resting place=<br /> ..=20<br /> <br /> Our heavenly Father needed to resurrect Israel with His great grace, His gr=<br /> eat mercy, His great truth, and with His great divine justice, so they may =<br /> become reborn within His image and living-soul thus for them to be recogniz=<br /> ed and accepted as His legitimate children with the privilege to possess Ca=<br /> naan with His altar of the prehistoric love burning passionately, forever. =<br /> Therefore, our heavenly Father needed with Abraham=E2=80=99s children to wa=<br /> lk towards the promised land thus to revive the altar that Abraham with Isa=<br /> ac had initially not only lifted it but also started the fire of the prehis=<br /> toric love, descended from heaven above to baptize every one with the fulfi=<br /> llment of the commandments for life to be possible into the nations, lastly=<br /> ..=20<br /> <br /> Provided that, this is the only way possible, where our heavenly Father alo=<br /> ng with His Son and the Holy Spirit not only can erase sin from their livin=<br /> g-souls but also baptize them with His great grace, with His great mercy, w=<br /> ith His great truth, and with His great divine justice, thus fulfilling the=<br /> Holy Spirit of the commandments for every one=E2=80=99s lasting-salvation.=<br /> Besides, our heavenly Father needed to introduce them not only into Canaan=<br /> so they may edify His ancient altar that Abraham and Isaac started the fir=<br /> e that is burning for everyone=E2=80=99s baptism fulfilling the Holy Spirit=<br /> of the commandments, but also to receive His blessings thus they may learn=<br /> to love, serve and glorify Him and His holy name, perpetually.=20<br /> <br /> Now, when Moses descended Mount Sinai, he really descended from Mount Zion =<br /> with the altar of the burning fire, of the prehistoric love that had baptiz=<br /> ed him fulfilling the Holy Spirit of the commandments, and so, as he descen=<br /> ded from the altar of love then he descended baptized and with the holy nam=<br /> e to be given to Israel to possess it forever. This is the name that our he=<br /> avenly Father manifested himself as the God of Abraham, then His Son Jesus =<br /> Christ manifested himself as the God of Isaac and, finally, the Holy Spirit=<br /> manifested himself as the God of Jacob, therefore, Moses received the holi=<br /> est name that it had never been given to any nation before, for Israel to p=<br /> ossess it, perpetually.=20<br /> <br /> Here, once Moses had descended baptized by the Holy Spirit of the commandme=<br /> nts, because he needed to have fulfilled the commandments even though he ha=<br /> d not received them yet as Abraham in his days, for example, nonetheless, o=<br /> ur heavenly Father had them baptized with His fire of the prehistoric love =<br /> thus to work with them constantly without any sin-problem. That is why, tha=<br /> t once Israel received our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s name and that of His S=<br /> on along with the Holy Spirit, then Israel began to have amazing powers aga=<br /> inst Pharaoh and his officials that were refusing to let them go, because i=<br /> f they allow them to leave, immediately Egypt=E2=80=99s economy will be sha=<br /> ken to the core, losing the power to run smoothly.=20<br /> <br /> Therefore, Pharaoh and his people were very reluctant to allow them to go t=<br /> o the land that our heavenly Father had called them to edify His altar of t=<br /> he prehistoric love burning wildly over Mount Zion, resting at Sinai, and t=<br /> hat is homed in Jerusalem for everyone=E2=80=99s baptism in water and with =<br /> its fire to fulfill the commandments, for lasting salvation, forever. Surel=<br /> y, many miracles were wrought with our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s holy name,=<br /> His Son and of the Holy Spirit, because finally Pharaoh had to let them go=<br /> on their way to the promised land, because our heavenly Father had had to =<br /> kill every firstborn that failed to be protected by blood of the lamb that =<br /> Israel was called to lift in Canaan.=20<br /> <br /> Then, the Israelis left Egypt with great richness because our heavenly Fath=<br /> er told Moses to tell the Israelites to ask of the Egyptians to give them g=<br /> old, silver, and what they had of great value, for our heavenly Father want=<br /> ed them to be rich as they crossed the Red Sea, so they may abandon their s=<br /> inful-flesh to dress with richness His sacred-flesh. Having arrived at the =<br /> seafront then Moses was reluctant to cross the great body of water that he =<br /> became afraid even to think to try it, and so, he stood at the beach contem=<br /> plating the choppy waters, suddenly Pharaoh was approaching with his army t=<br /> o retake them as captives again that the people cried out to Moses, because=<br /> of the eminent danger.=20<br /> <br /> The people had a reason to cry out to Moses, because Pharaoh and his offici=<br /> als were closing in on them with great fury, and perhaps ready to kill them=<br /> , given that they left Egypt with their first-born dead, and so, the Israel=<br /> is could sense the spirit of vengeance against them that is why they turned=<br /> to Moses with great overwhelming fear. Timely, our heavenly Father looked =<br /> from heaven upon Moses and the Israelis ordering to get moving, to stretch =<br /> Aaron=E2=80=99s staff over the water for it to divide in two giant walls, o=<br /> pening the Highway of Holiness for Israel to cross to safety on the other s=<br /> ide of the sea, because the Israelis needed to abandon their sinful-flesh f=<br /> or the sacred-flesh=E2=80=94baptized, forever.=20<br /> <br /> Conveniently, our heavenly Father needed every man, woman and child from th=<br /> e twelve tribes of Israel baptized at the sea, because, they did not only n=<br /> eed to abandon their sinful-flesh with their wicked days filled with proble=<br /> ms, curses, infirmities and even death from Satan and his fallen angels, bu=<br /> t also to dress in the sacred-flesh to ascend into His altar of love. Certa=<br /> inly, our heavenly Father needed every one within Israel baptized within Hi=<br /> s altar of the prehistoric love that Abraham and his son Isaac ignited the =<br /> Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s fire baptizing every man, woman and child not only fr=<br /> om Israel but also from the families of the nations, because only when ever=<br /> yone is baptized then He can say: Now I know that you love me.=20<br /> <br /> Then, as the entire house of Israel had finished crossing the sea, instantl=<br /> y, our heavenly Father became very happy to see them walking in the Highway=<br /> of Holiness, dressed in His sacred-flesh that He had personally convened w=<br /> ith Abraham for eternal life to be possible for him and his children to be =<br /> born in generations ahead, including the families of the nations. For our h=<br /> eavenly Father had promised to Abraham that he will be the father of a grea=<br /> t nation renown worldwide, but also he will be the father of many nations, =<br /> because every man, woman and child will come to believe in His holy name th=<br /> us to submerge in water baptism, disposing the sinful-flesh to dress the sa=<br /> cred-flesh that fulfills His commandments forever.=20<br /> <br /> Furthermore, as we already know Moses had to ascend over Mount Sinai to mee=<br /> t our heavenly Father in heaven, because he needed to learn about the taber=<br /> nacle of reunion and its place of Holy of Holiest that Israel was to receiv=<br /> e thus to minister daily rituals and ceremonies of perfect Righteousness fo=<br /> r angels in heaven and for the nations on earth. Moses spent forty-days and=<br /> forty-nights upon the mountaintop that people became concern, for he had n=<br /> ever been gone from Israel that long that Aaron along with the Israelites t=<br /> hey just failed to understand that our heavenly Father was instructing him =<br /> for the very holy things that Israel was about to receive to love, serve an=<br /> d glorify Him and His holy name, forever.=20<br /> <br /> This is when Aaron put into the furnace the gold jewelry that the Israelis =<br /> had received from the Egyptians that a golden calf emerged from it, fashion=<br /> ed by Satan and his fallen angels, angering our heavenly Father and to cont=<br /> aminate His altar of the prehistoric love fire that was resting over Mount =<br /> Sinai, so His divine will for Israel may fail, forever. Certainly, Israel h=<br /> ad sinned against our heavenly Father and threatening to contaminate His al=<br /> tar of the prehistoric love where He intended to baptize each one with His =<br /> fire of great grace, great mercy, great truth and great divine justice, so =<br /> they may finally love, serve and glorify Him and His holy name in the sacre=<br /> d-flesh that He had convened with Abraham, forever.=20<br /> <br /> Provided that, our heavenly Father can only be served once one has been bap=<br /> tized in water by invoking the perfect holiness of His name and that of His=<br /> Son along with the Holy Spirit, so they may abandon the sinful-flesh for t=<br /> he sacred-flesh that will take them through the Highway of Holiness ascendi=<br /> ng into the altar of love fulfilling the commandments, everlastingly. Here,=<br /> when Israel accepted the golden calf, emerging from the furnace, then our =<br /> heavenly Father was ready to kill Israel, because they had contaminated the=<br /> mselves with an idol that if He will allow them to ascend Mount Zion to sta=<br /> nd where Moses became baptized first with the Holy Spirit of the commandmen=<br /> ts, then they would have contaminated His altar with sin, forever.=20<br /> <br /> That is why, that our heavenly Father could no longer use Israel, because, =<br /> although they had been baptized at the Red Sea, abandoning the sinful-flesh=<br /> descending into hell=E2=80=99s torment with their wicked days and death, m=<br /> oreover had received the sacred-flesh instead then they were contaminated w=<br /> ith the golden calf thus unfit to stand in holy ground for the Holy Spirit=<br /> =E2=80=99s baptism. Moses interceded for them, so our heavenly Father will =<br /> not pour His wrath to destroy them in the desert, because of the golden cal=<br /> f acceptance and worship, besides the Israelis did say: These are your gods=<br /> that liberated you from captivity=E2=80=94and by pronouncing these words m=<br /> oreover accepted them as true=E2=80=94then they disqualified themselves to =<br /> enter into His altar of love.=20<br /> <br /> For it was our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s intention to baptize each one of t=<br /> hem just as He had previously baptized not only Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wi=<br /> thin His altar of the prehistoric love that baptizes every believer with th=<br /> e fulfillment of the commandments for blessing, healing, prosperity and las=<br /> ting salvation, but also, to baptize the families of the nations for His gr=<br /> eater Kingdom. Having our heavenly Father accepted Moses=E2=80=99 prayer no=<br /> t to destroy Israel because of the golden calf then He said that whoever ma=<br /> y sin, divinely He will erase his name from His book, because He will never=<br /> allow sin into His kingdom on earth much less in heaven=E2=80=99s glory, a=<br /> nd so, in the Day of Judgment the soul that sins will die.=20<br /> <br /> Having our heavenly Father set things straight with everyone within Israel,=<br /> beginning with Moses and Aaron, then commanded the Israelis to walk toward=<br /> s the promised land, and as they did, then He continued to feed them from h=<br /> is rock the needed water and the rations of the manna that descended from h=<br /> eaven above every morning, except on Sabbath day. The eating of the manna a=<br /> nd drinking from the rock it was important for Israel=E2=80=99s subsistence=<br /> within the Sinai=E2=80=99s desert on their way to conquer the promised lan=<br /> d, because our heavenly Father needed them to nourish each day only from Hi=<br /> s altar of the prehistoric love fire and never from the nations=E2=80=99 fo=<br /> od and drinks, since they needed to keep themselves uncontaminated.=20<br /> <br /> That is why, that our heavenly Father forbade the Israelites mingling with =<br /> the nations around them, because He did not want anything from them as peop=<br /> le and their believe or their land and the crops to consume for their daily=<br /> nourishment, so the sacred-flesh that was in the Israelis it will continue=<br /> to be holy all the way into Canaan. Our heavenly Father was very jealous o=<br /> f the entire house of Israel, because He had to watch for them constantly t=<br /> hat they will never give themselves in marriage to any nation much less eat=<br /> the food that they were used to eat that probably could be contaminated wi=<br /> th idol-worship or certain offerings to demon gods.=20<br /> <br /> The Israelis=E2=80=99 flesh had to stay perfect and holy towards Canaan, es=<br /> pecially Judah, because it was from the family of King David where the King=<br /> Messiah will be born from one of his virgin daughters thus fulfilling the =<br /> words of the prophet Isaiah, and so, through her virgin womb give life to t=<br /> he entire house of Israel, at the altar of love. Moreover, our heavenly Fat=<br /> her was expecting Israel not only to enter Canaan with the sacred-flesh int=<br /> act for the King Messiah to be born but also that they will fail to baptize=<br /> in water by invoking His name=E2=80=99s perfect holiness, His Son Jesus Ch=<br /> rist and the Holy Spirit, so they may dress the sacred-flesh ascending into=<br /> heaven forever justified on their last day.=20<br /> <br /> That is why, that the entire house of Israel that was born from Sarah=E2=80=<br /> =99s barren-womb by the Holy Spirit=E2=80=99s power then they failed consta=<br /> ntly to get baptized in water in His name, His Son=E2=80=99s and of the Hol=<br /> y Spirit=E2=80=99s as well, and so, on the last day then they all descended=<br /> into the Valley of the dried bones to be rescued someday. Now, our heavenl=<br /> y Father had to make sure that not a single Israelite will be contaminated =<br /> with the sins of the nations as they crossed the Sinai=E2=80=99s desert, wh=<br /> ether this contamination could have taken place by marrying them, believing=<br /> their idol gods or eating their food offered to their gods normally, so th=<br /> eir sacred-flesh will stay holy even in death.=20<br /> <br /> Inasmuch as, this is how our heavenly Father was protecting the wood that w=<br /> ill be used as the cross to nail the King Messiah=E2=80=99s sacred-flesh to=<br /> their living-souls that had descended into the Valley of the dried bones, =<br /> for the sinful-flesh to become dust, because He had said in judgment: From =<br /> the dust I took you, to it you will return. Now, Israel=E2=80=99s sinful-fl=<br /> esh had become dust throughout the Valley of the dried bones, and so, they =<br /> failed to have the flesh to be nailed to the King Messiah=E2=80=99s sacred-=<br /> flesh: so they may receive his salvation conquered with victories over Sata=<br /> n and his many demons of problems, infirmities, curses, and even death in h=<br /> ell=E2=80=99s torment, but, without a body then no salvation still.=20<br /> <br /> Now, as Israel lied over the Valley of dried bones with her human body comp=<br /> letely disintegrated, because it became dust, then Satan along with his dem=<br /> ons sang victory, because they failed to see how can our heavenly Father sa=<br /> ved His people from the grave=E2=80=94Israel was just countless millions of=<br /> living-souls lying in the Valley of death without hope and salvation. Real=<br /> ly, what Satan never realized, it was that the dust that Israel had become =<br /> within the land of Canaan, lying at the Valley of the dried bones, in hell,=<br /> then the food and seeds that the Israelites had eaten in life will sprout =<br /> with the dust fertilizing them, so they may become trees=E2=80=94the trees =<br /> needed as flesh saving Israel lastly.=20<br /> <br /> Meaning that, Israel=E2=80=99s sinful-flesh in the Valley of the dried bone=<br /> s became the dust fertilizing the seed into trees for our heavenly Father, =<br /> His Son and the Holy Spirit to pick just two of them, so they may become th=<br /> e cross needed to be lifted to Mount Zion to nail the Holy One of Israel to=<br /> the sinful one, saving Israel finally. Divinely, our heavenly Father picke=<br /> d the two trees that became one in His hands receiving His wounded Son Jesu=<br /> s Christ in his head, hands, thorax and heels, because His judgment to Adam=<br /> and Eve against Lucifer and the woman=E2=80=99s seed will hit him on his h=<br /> ead, but the serpent=E2=80=99s seed from the Garden of Eden will hit the Lo=<br /> rd in his heels.=20<br /> <br /> Therefore, our heavenly Father had to judge Israel in the Sinai=E2=80=99s d=<br /> esert at times, because they will rebel against Him and His words, and agai=<br /> nst Moses, too, because they will question his leadership by asking him to =<br /> lead them back to Egypt, because they were tired to wander around the barre=<br /> n-land, so they may return to the good-life that once enjoyed. By surprise,=<br /> while transiting through the desert again Israel rebelled against Moses an=<br /> d to what our heavenly Father was leading him to do with them, so they may =<br /> reach the promised land, and because of this great rebellion that Israel ma=<br /> nifested against Moses immediately He caused overwhelming numbers of snakes=<br /> to emerge from the sand that stung them with lethal venom.=20<br /> <br /> The smitten Israelis, obviously, were dying, because of the poisonous venom=<br /> that they had received from the snakes attacking them in their heels as th=<br /> ey walked through the sand, and in their hands because they reached to remo=<br /> ve them from their wounded bodies=E2=80=94but the snakes just continued to =<br /> multiply against them that were overcome with poison, dying a horrible deat=<br /> h. Then, Moses cried out to our heavenly Father to help him and Israel, bec=<br /> ause of the snakes emerging from the sand as they walked through it, causin=<br /> g them to jump on them in a very vicious manner that it was impossible for =<br /> the Israelis to escape, moreover the situation was getting worst because th=<br /> e Israelis were outnumbered by the attacking snakes.=20<br /> <br /> Instantly, our heavenly Father felt mercy for Moses and the dying Israelis =<br /> that He told him to fashion a bronze snake, just as the ones emerging from =<br /> the sand that were smiting and killing the Israelis, moreover that he was t=<br /> o nail the bronze snake to Aaron=E2=80=99s staff, and as the Israelis may l=<br /> ook up to it then they will become heal. This is when Israel became bitten =<br /> by the snakes attacking them viciously with their poisonous fangs that they=<br /> were injured throughout their bodies as in their hands, body and heels, be=<br /> cause their bodies were going to enter into Canaan to become dust in the gr=<br /> ound with their living-souls descending into the Valley of the dried bones =<br /> that will eventually become trees.=20<br /> <br /> These trees once they became well aged then they were ready for our heavenl=<br /> y Father to send His Son Jesus Christ born from King David=E2=80=99s virgin=<br /> daughter, by the amazing powers of the Holy Spirit just as he was born ini=<br /> tially from Sarah=E2=80=99s barren-womb by the same powers, so he may be th=<br /> e Holy One of Israel nailed to the sinful-Israel for lasting-salvation. It =<br /> is here, where our heavenly Father needed to nail the rebellious Israel tha=<br /> t came out from Egypt=E2=80=99s captivity to conquer not only the Sinai=E2=<br /> =80=99s desert but also His must precious land that He had personally chose=<br /> n to establish His altar of Abraham and Isaac burning passionately with His=<br /> love for Israel and the nations=E2=80=99 salvation-baptisms, but also to l=<br /> ive there, forever.=20<br /> <br /> It is here, where our heavenly Father nailed not only the bodily injuries t=<br /> hat Israel had received abundantly through life as in their hands, thorax a=<br /> nd heels, emerging from Egypt=E2=80=99s captivity and the water baptism at =<br /> the Red Sea to be nailed as two crossed-trees to the sacred-flesh of His So=<br /> n Jesus Christ, so they may finally heal with lasting-salvation, forever. M=<br /> oreover, our heavenly Father had to have Israel becoming the two crossed-tr=<br /> ees that resembled the bronze snake nailed to Aaron=E2=80=99s staff, but al=<br /> so to nail their injuries to the injuries of His Son Jesus Christ that were=<br /> on his head, hands, thorax and heels as he was nailed to them, at the cros=<br /> s for lasting-salvation from earth heavenly bound eternally justified.=20<br /> <br /> Therefore, by our heavenly Father nailing the entire house of Israel that h=<br /> ad become two crossed-trees resting over Mount Zion, that is His home-sweet=<br /> -home, to receive each one of them with their injuries nailed and united ev=<br /> erlastingly to His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s injuries of his hands and hee=<br /> ls, so they may never suffer again the attacks of the poisonous snakes, for=<br /> ever. It is here, also that our heavenly Father wisely not only joint Israe=<br /> l=E2=80=99s injuries to His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s injuries of his hand=<br /> s and heels but also the bodily-injuries from every man, woman and child fr=<br /> om all the families of the nations, because it was always His Salvation Pla=<br /> n aimed to save humankind entirely from hell=E2=80=99s torment with His dai=<br /> ly healings.=20<br /> <br /> It is here, where our heavenly Father ruled over Israel that had become fro=<br /> m dust from the Valley of the dried bones the fertilizer that will germinat=<br /> e the seed to powerful trees that will endure forever over Mount Zion, beca=<br /> use He needed to nail His name and His Son=E2=80=99s injuries to them thus =<br /> to shed His seed of salvation over them, forever. Besides, His Son Jesus Ch=<br /> rist was injured with the crown of thorns on his head, because this is what=<br /> ancient Israel had done as they demanded from Samuel their prophet to allo=<br /> w them to pick their own kings that will rule over them just as the nations=<br /> are ruled by their chosen kings, so they may be as the nations are worldwi=<br /> de.=20<br /> <br /> Certainly, this terrible wound over our Lord Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s head th=<br /> at he had to bear with the Israelis as they rebelled initially against him =<br /> by asking Samuel to allow them to have their own Kings to rule over them as=<br /> the nations are ruled by their chosen leadership, because they wanted to f=<br /> eel that they were as equal as the nations. This is the terrible injury of =<br /> his head that our heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit had to bear =<br /> through the entire life of the house of Israel, because they not only asked=<br /> Samuel to allow them to pick their own kings but also they refused to get =<br /> baptized in water to enter into the covenant of the sacred-flesh.=20<br /> <br /> For the reason that, by been baptized in water as they may invoke our heave=<br /> nly Father=E2=80=99s holy name and that of His Son and the Holy Spirit, the=<br /> n they would have descended into the waters in perfect holiness liberating =<br /> them forever from all rebellions only to know the grace, mercies, truth, an=<br /> d divine justice of the sacred-flesh that loves them, everlastingly. This h=<br /> ead-wound of our heavenly Father, His Son and of the Holy Spirit can only b=<br /> e replaced with the crown of eternal life over our Living King Messiah=E2=<br /> =80=99s head but also for each one of His children, because by His Son been=<br /> nailed to Israel=E2=80=99s body that became trees then the crown of life i=<br /> s reconquered along with The New celestial Jerusalem.=20<br /> <br /> And it is here, where our heavenly Father fulfilled His promised that He wi=<br /> ll rule over the entire house of Israel with iron hands and with His extend=<br /> ed arms nailed to their flesh that once lived in His holy presence within I=<br /> srael and the nations, but now, it has become from dust to fertilizing seed=<br /> sprouting incredibly into giant eternal trees. Living trees filled with th=<br /> e house of Israel=E2=80=99s injuries lying at the Valley of the dried bones=<br /> to be nailed to His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s injuries of his hands and h=<br /> eels, so finally His Son may receive his crown of gold and eternal life to =<br /> share it with every one of his children not only from Israel but also from =<br /> the nations.=20<br /> <br /> For this greater angelical Kingdom that our heavenly Father has prepared fo=<br /> r His Son Jesus Christ and for His Holy Spirit is a Kingdom that will be in=<br /> habited by His children that have become reborn from water baptism and from=<br /> the altar of the prehistoric love finally fulfilling the Holy Spirit of Hi=<br /> s commandments, forever. That is why, that you should get baptized in water=<br /> , as soon as possible, because this is the only way that you are going to g=<br /> et rid of your sinful-flesh where Satan rules with problems, infirmities, c=<br /> urses, and death to become reborn from the Holy Spirit of the sacred-flesh =<br /> that is widely loved by our heavenly Father and His angelical hosts.=20<br /> <br /> It is only in these baptisms of water and of the Holy Spirit of the altar o=<br /> f the prehistoric love that really is His great grace, His great mercy, His=<br /> great truth, and His great divine justice baptizing you forever with the f=<br /> ulfillment and glorification of the commandments blessing you always into e=<br /> verlasting, because you have honored them with His glorious baptisms. It is=<br /> here, over our heavenly Father=E2=80=99s altar of the prehistoric love, de=<br /> scended from heaven above with Isaac and the Holy Spirit so you may get all=<br /> the baptisms that you are required to become reborn from His living-soul t=<br /> hus for you to become His legitimate child, but also the rightful heir of H=<br /> is eternal richness on earth and in heaven, forever.=20<br /> <br /> It is here only, where our heavenly Father is waiting for you thus to accep=<br /> t you as His child, because you have fulfilled His glorious commandments wi=<br /> th the baptisms of water and of the Holy Spirit that is the burning fire ov=<br /> er His altar that once Abraham and Isaac ignited it over Mount Zion, then i=<br /> t burns until now you come, finally. It is here, where our heavenly Father =<br /> will cause you to feel the great love that He has always felt for you throu=<br /> gh His Son and the Holy Spirit, because you were born initially from His im=<br /> age and living-soul, so you may become His child as perfect and glorious as=<br /> He has always been known in heaven=E2=80=99s glory by His holy angels.=20<br /> <br /> For this is the divine life that our heavenly Father granted you even befor=<br /> e you were born from His image and living-soul, because He needs to have Hi=<br /> s children enjoying the wonderful life that His heart and living-soul along=<br /> with His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and now, the angelical host=<br /> s have always known through eternity and forevermore. Our heavenly Father l=<br /> ongs to see you enjoy His glorious blessings filling the entire angelical k=<br /> ingdom with His ancient love that has always been the center of His family =<br /> that is His Son and the Holy Spirit, and now, you are part of His family, b=<br /> ecause you are baptized and reborn as His legitimate child possessing alrea=<br /> dy the city of gold, perpetually.=20<br /> <br /> This is the New Jerusalem from heaven above that can only be inhabited by t=<br /> hose that have obeyed our heavenly Father through the work done with His So=<br /> n Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit throughout the house of Israel abandonin=<br /> g captivity to become the dust fertilizing the two crossed-trees, receiving=<br /> His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s sacred-flesh with nails: saving you today, =<br /> and forevermore. Certainly, our heavenly Father had nailed the entire house=<br /> of Israel that is the two pieces of wood as one in His hands filled with i=<br /> njuries nailed to His Son Jesus Christ=E2=80=99s injuries of his hands and =<br /> heels, so you may become saved along with your loved ones thus you will fai=<br /> l to escape from His love, prosperity, richness, and never-ending happiness=<br /> ..=20<br /> <br /> Graciously, our heavenly Father has made you His family along with His Son =<br /> and His Holy Spirit that He widely manifested through the entire life of th=<br /> e house of Israel escaping Egypt=E2=80=99s captivity to enter into Canaan w=<br /> ith all the wounds received from their enemies as the ancient serpent, so t=<br /> hrough His Son=E2=80=99s fatal wounds you may heal your wounds with lasting=<br /> -salvation. Miraculously, our heavenly Father finally united the entire hou=<br /> se of Israel as the wood that became the two crossed trees from Egypt=E2=80=<br /> =99s captivity for more than four hundred years escaping through the Sinai=<br /> =E2=80=99s desert attacked by enemy armies, bitten by poisonous snake, rece=<br /> iving the King Messiah with the same wounds over the altar of love, for las=<br /> ting-salvation thus enriching you mightily, forever. Amen!<br /> <br /> =C2=A1Cultura y paz para todos, hoy y siempre!<br /> <br /> Saludos cordiales a todos<br /> <br /> D=C3=ADgale al Se=C3=B1or, nuestro Padre Celestial, de todo coraz=C3=B3n, e=<br /> n el nombre del Se=C3=B1or Jesucristo: Nuestras almas te aman, Se=C3=B1or. =<br /> Nuestras almas te adoran, Padre nuestro. Nuestras almas te rinden gloria y =<br /> honra a tu nombre y obra santa y sobrenatural, en la tierra y en el cielo, =<br /> tambi=C3=A9n, para siempre, Padre Celestial, en el nombre de tu Hijo amado,=<br /> nuestro Se=C3=B1or Jesucristo.<br /> <br /> <br /> ORACI=C3=93N DEL PERD=C3=93N<br /> <br /> Padre nuestro que est=C3=A1s en los cielos: santificada sea la memoria de t=<br /> u nombre que mora dentro de Jesucristo, tu hijo amado. Venga tu reino, sea =<br /> hecha tu voluntad, como en el cielo as=C3=AD tambi=C3=A9n en la tierra. El =<br /> pan nuestro de cada d=C3=ADa, d=C3=A1noslo hoy. Perd=C3=B3nanos nuestras de=<br /> udas, como tambi=C3=A9n nosotros perdonamos a nuestros deudores. Y no nos m=<br /> etas en tentaci=C3=B3n, mas l=C3=ADbranos del mal. Porque tuyo es el reino,=<br /> el poder y la gloria por todos los siglos. Am=C3=A9n.=20<br /> <br /> Porque si perdon=C3=A1is a los hombres sus ofensas, vuestro Padre Celestial=<br /> tambi=C3=A9n os perdonar=C3=A1 a vosotros. Pero si no perdon=C3=A1is a los=<br /> hombres, tampoco vuestro Padre os perdonar=C3=A1 vuestras ofensas.<br /> <br /> Por lo tanto, el Se=C3=B1or Jes=C3=BAs dijo, &quot;Yo soy el CAMINO, y la VERDAD=<br /> , y la VIDA ETERNA; nadie PUEDE VENIR al PADRE SANTO, sino es POR M=C3=8D=<br /> =E2=80=9D. Juan 14:<br /> <br /> NADIE M=C3=81S TE PUEDE SALVAR.<br /> <br /> =C2=A1CONF=C3=8DA EN JES=C3=9AS HOY!=20<br /> <br /> MA=C3=91ANA QUIZAS SEA DEMASIADO TARDE.=20<br /> <br /> YA MA=C3=91ANA ES DEMASIADO TARDE PARA MUCHOS, QUE NO LO SEA PARA TI Y LOS =<br /> TUYOS, EN EL D=C3=8DA DE HOY.<br /> <br /> - Reconoce que eres PECADOR en necesidad, de ser SALVO de =C3=A9ste MUNDO y=<br /> su MUERTE.<br /> <br /> Disp=C3=B3nte a dejar el pecado (arrepi=C3=A9ntete):<br /> <br /> Cree que Jesucristo muri=C3=B3 por ti, fue sepultado y resucito al tercer d=<br /> =C3=ADa por el Poder Sagrado del Esp=C3=ADritu Santo y deja que entr=C3=A9 =<br /> en tu vida y sea tu =C3=9ANICO SALVADOR Y SE=C3=91OR EN TU VIDA.<br /> <br /> QUIZ=C3=81 TE PREGUNTES HOY: =C2=BFQUE ORAR? O =C2=BFC=C3=93MO ORAR? O =C2=<br /> =BFQU=C3=89 DECIRLE AL SE=C3=91OR SANTO EN ORACI=C3=93N? -HAS LO SIGUIENTE,=<br /> y di: Dios m=C3=ADo, soy un pecador y necesito tu perd=C3=B3n. Creo que Je=<br /> sucristo ha derramado su SANGRE PRECIOSA y ha muerto por mi pecado. Estoy d=<br /> ispuesto a dejar mi pecado. Invito a Cristo a venir a mi coraz=C3=B3n y a m=<br /> i vida, como mi SALVADOR.<br /> <br /> =C2=BFAceptaste a Jes=C3=BAs, como tu Salvador? =C2=BFS=C3=AD _____? O =<br /> =C2=BFNo _____?<br /> <br /> =C2=BFFecha? =C2=BFS=C3=AD ____? O =C2=BFNo _____?<br /> <br /> Si tu respuesta fue Si, entonces esto es solo el principio de una nueva mar=<br /> avillosa vida en Cristo. Ahora:<br /> <br /> Lee la Biblia cada d=C3=ADa para conocer mejor a Cristo. Habla con Dios, or=<br /> ando todos los d=C3=ADas en el nombre de JES=C3=9AS. Baut=C3=ADzate en AGUA=<br /> y en El ESP=C3=8DRITU SANTO DE DIOS, adora, re=C3=BAnete y sirve con otros=<br /> cristianos en un Templo donde Cristo es predicado y la Biblia es la suprem=<br /> a autoridad. Habla de Cristo a los dem=C3=A1s.<br /> <br /> Recibe ayuda para crecer como un nuevo cristiano. Lee libros cristianos que=<br /> los hermanos Pentecost=C3=A9s o pastores del evangelio de Jes=C3=BAs te re=<br /> comienden leer y te ayuden a entender m=C3=A1s de Jes=C3=BAs y de su palabr=<br /> a sagrada, la Biblia. Libros cristianos est=C3=A1n disponibles en gran cant=<br /> idad en diferentes temas, en tu librer=C3=ADa cristiana inmediata a tu barr=<br /> io, entonces visita a las librer=C3=ADas cristianas con frecuencia, para ve=<br /> r que clase de libros est=C3=A1n a tu disposici=C3=B3n, para que te ayuden =<br /> a estudiar y entender las verdades de Dios.<br /> <br /> Te doy las gracias por leer m=C3=AD libro que he escrito para ti, para que =<br /> te goces en la verdad del Padre Celestial y de su Hijo amado y as=C3=AD com=<br /> iences a crecer en =C3=89l, desde el d=C3=ADa de hoy y para siempre.<br /> <br /> El salmo 122, en la Santa Biblia, nos llama a pedir por la paz de Jerusal=<br /> =C3=A9n d=C3=ADa a d=C3=ADa y sin cesar, en nuestras oraciones. Porque =C3=<br /> =A9sta es la tierra, desde donde Dios lanzo hacia todos los continentes de =<br /> la tierra: todas nuestras bendiciones y salvaci=C3=B3n eterna de nuestras a=<br /> lmas vivientes. Y nos dice Dios mismo, en su Esp=C3=ADritu Eterno: =E2=80=<br /> =9CVivan tranquilos los que te aman. Haya paz dentro de tus murallas y tra=<br /> nquilidad en tus palacios, Jerusal=C3=A9n=E2=80=9D. Por causa de mis herman=<br /> os y de mis amigos, dir=C3=A9 yo: =E2=80=9CHaya paz en ti, siempre Jerusal=<br /> =C3=A9n=E2=80=9D. Por causa de la casa de Jehov=C3=A1 nuestro Dios, en el c=<br /> ielo y en la tierra: implorar=C3=A9 por tu bien, por siempre.=20<br /> <br /> El libro de los salmos 150, en la Santa Biblia, declara el Esp=C3=ADritu de=<br /> Dios a toda la humanidad, dici=C3=A9ndole y asegur=C3=A1ndole: - Qu=C3=A9 =<br /> todo lo que respira, alabe el nombre de Jehov=C3=A1 de los Ej=C3=A9rcitos, =<br /> =C2=A1el Todopoderoso! Y esto es, de toda letra, de toda palabra, de todo i=<br /> nstrumento y de todo coraz=C3=B3n, con su voz tiene que rendirle el hombre:=<br /> gloria y loor al nombre santo de Dios, en la tierra y en las alturas, como=<br /> antes y como siempre, para la eternidad.<br /> <br /> <br /> http://www.supercadenacristiana.com/index.php<br /> <br /> http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/ambassador/free-audio-bible-download<br /> <br /> http://radioalerta.com<br /> =20<br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DrsYA-M0r-w4&playnext=3D1&list=3DPLEF344CEA=<br /> C8A8F474&amp;feature=3Dresults_main<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dyw5qBHyVtoQ&list=3DPLjMWsAQ3-rfnNnBq-wn0AT=<br /> M5vaHi9HA3Q<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DnZKtwRuutnY&list=3DPL3C9EC193E2A7CB7B<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DhOVdjxtnsH8&h d=3D1<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ds7kj1Wx5ffs<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DbMsXK66XmUs&list=3DRD5eb99aA3Jsk&index=3D=<br /> 5<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D1khhFySfO-s&list=3DPL54B204D72BF2799A=20<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DBTpaVXvSbZE<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DLpKllW86iG8<br /> <br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dt5RfFn_Kwew<br /> <br />  

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