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Le schede grafiche con funzioni 3D

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Titolo: What is the future of 3D Product?
Newsgroup: it.comp.hardware.video-3d
Data: 10/11/2017
Ora: 20:54:50
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  FREE | Request Sample Copy is Available at: https://tinyurl.com/y8fm4rp2=20<br /> <br /> 3D imaging technology is growing rapidly into large number of industries in=<br /> cluding design, entertainment, manufacturing, defense, security, constructi=<br /> on, heath care and so on. With the high precision and diversified vertical =<br /> application, the 3D imaging market is growing with decent growth rate and a=<br /> few years down the line, it is expected to be adopted at extraordinary rat=<br /> e by almost every industry. In recent years, the 3D image acquisition syste=<br /> ms are rapidly growing with several options and features based on the requi=<br /> rement for an application and cost.  

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