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Titolo: MusicDish Review: Jazz Singer Tony Adamo's Music Video "Rain Man"
Newsgroup: it.arti.musica.jazz
Data: 02/06/2017
Ora: 23:28:17
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  <br /> The interesting fact about Tony Adamo and the New York Crew is that everybo=<br /> dy in the band has got big ears all the way back to New Orleans and ancient=<br /> -forward into the ever-evolving Multi-New Thing. Teamwork kept their CD in =<br /> Jazzweek's Chart Top 200 List since its release, a totally unheard of pheno=<br /> menon for jazz-spoken word collaborations. Adamo and the New York crew rele=<br /> ased these eleven tracks that are consist of unique vocal solos.<br /> <br /> Tony Roc Adamo has gained recognition in recent times as a significant spok=<br /> en-word artist who often pays tribute to classic musicians in his talking o=<br /> ver a heated groove. However one should never take for granted his abilitie=<br /> s as a singer and a songwriter.<br /> <br /> &quot;Rain Man&quot; reminds listeners that he is a top-notch singer too. With the su=<br /> pport of organist Wayne Delacruz, guitarist Chris Pimentel and drummer Barr=<br /> y Schiffman, on &quot;Rain Man&quot; Tony Roc Adamo sings about lost love. He tells a=<br /> bout the unexpected breakup of a love affair, pleads for his girlfriend's r=<br /> eturn, and asks the rain man to please rain love on him. The band grooves b=<br /> ehind him, Pimentel takes a guitar sol,o and the soulful and funky jazz ble=<br /> nds in perfectly with his singing. A special treat of this video are the co=<br /> lorful graphics which add to Tony Roc Adamo's story and make viewing &quot;Rain =<br /> Man&quot; into a memorable experience.<br /> <br /> Website: http://musicians.allaboutjazz.com/tonyadamo<br /> Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DR9iCcGuy-uQ  

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