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  Inviato da: Alexander Ausserstorfer  Mostra tutti i messaggi di Alexander Ausserstorfer
Titolo: Next issue of Digital Talk
Newsgroup: free.it.c64
Data: 17/08/2008
Ora: 21:16:07
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  Hello,<br /> <br /> the dead line for the next issue of Digital Talk (84)<br /> (http://www.digitaltalk.de) is the 30th September 2008. The DT is a<br /> German disc magazine for the Commodore 64 so the editors don't accept<br /> English or Italian text, but you can hand in your new programs and news<br /> for the Commodore 64 to spread them and to touch people. The issues of<br /> DT can be downloaded from different sources in the Internet. The<br /> original disc version is sent by snail mail to users within Germany,<br /> Swiss and Austria.<br /> <br /> Please send us your notes / stuff to DigitalTalk (at) web (point) de<br /> <br /> or by snail mail to:<br /> <br /> CHAMP<br /> Marc Kayser<br /> Wittekamp 9<br /> 30177 Hannover<br /> <br /> GERMANY<br /> <br /> Please don't apply the for this news used email address. It's just a<br /> &quot;dust bin&quot;, and I'm not one of the editors.<br /> <br /> Thanks for reading,<br /> <br /> Alex'<br /> <br /> -- <br /> Digitaltalk83 download: http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=69160<br />  

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