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Si rivolge a chi pensa di essere stato contagiato dal virus

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  Inviato da: Vinoth Manoharan  Mostra tutti i messaggi di Vinoth Manoharan
Titolo: HIV & Internet Forums-Karolinska Instituet
Newsgroup: free.it.discussioni.hiv
Data: 25/04/2010
Ora: 01:22:08
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  INVITATION TO JOIN OUR PROJECT<br /> Hi, my name is Vinoth Manoharan, research assistant at the Karolinska<br /> Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden). In this research project, we aim to<br /> examine the use of HIV-related forums and social networking sites by<br /> people living with HIV and who are already on antiretroviral therapy.<br /> <br /> http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/247921/hiv-and-anxiety<br /> <br /> If you agree to participate in this study, you click on the link at<br /> the end of this text and you will be sent to an online survey,<br /> composed of 10-12 questions that ask about your use of HIV-related<br /> online support groups, adherence to antiretroviral therapy, and your<br /> level of anxiety. We estimate duration of less than 5 minutes to fill<br /> out the survey.<br /> Participation in this survey is voluntary and anonymous. No personal<br /> information will be collected from you and no online tracking will be<br /> used to identify you. You may stop participating at any time if you do<br /> not want to continue with the survey. All information collected during<br /> the course of the study will be completely confidential. This study<br /> has been approved by the Regional Ethics Committee in Sweden and by<br /> the moderator/administrator of this forum.<br /> If you have any questions regarding the study you can contact me at<br /> vinoth.manoharan.889@student.ki.se or you can phone me at any time:<br /> +46-73-5565892<br /> If you accept the invitation to participate in this study, please<br /> click on this link:<br /> =A0<br /> Vinoth Manoharan<br /> Karolinska Institutet<br />  

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