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Titolo: Re: [NEW WEBSITE] EUropean Freelancers
Newsgroup: free.it.grafica.design
Data: 17/02/2013
Ora: 20:55:07
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  On Saturday, December 10, 2005 3:38:56 AM UTC-8, Thomas Kyratzis wrote:<br /> &gt; Hello Everybody,<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; I would like to invite you to check out the=20<br /> &gt; following website:<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; =A0<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; European=20<br /> &gt; and Greek Freelancers<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; =A0<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; Site=20<br /> &gt; Description:<br /> &gt; European Freelancers available for=20<br /> &gt; project outsourcing. Post your project for=20<br /> &gt; free and start receiving competitive bids from qualified=20<br /> &gt; freelancers.=20<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; =A0<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; Services range from logo and=20<br /> &gt; banner design, to website development,=20<br /> &gt; graphic design, web design, complete online=20<br /> &gt; application programming, database programming=20<br /> &gt; and database web applications development, desktop application=20<br /> &gt; and software programming, business plans, remote learning,=20<br /> &gt; translation, photography, to professional=20<br /> &gt; SEO and online marketing.=A0=20<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; =A0<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; Service providers range from professional=20<br /> &gt; freelance workers to well established firms, from=20<br /> &gt; European countries.<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; =A0<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; URL: http://www.greekfreelancers.net=20<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; =A0<br /> &gt;=20<br /> &gt; Thank you!<br /> <br /> Hi=20<br /> <br /> this is sanjay .I am php website devloper I want to client for website .I=<br /> can develop any type of site in php joomla ,wordpress, magento(e-commers s=<br /> ite ).if any body have need contact me email id- sk250290@gmail.com<br /> contact no -+91-9958101673 =20  

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