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Titolo: Beats Lady Gaga In-Ear Headphones at www.beats-earphone.net
Newsgroup: it-alt.cultura.lingua.furlan
Data: 08/06/2012
Ora: 11:51:41
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  Beats Lady Gaga In-Ear Headphones<br /> http://www.beats-earphone.net/beats-by-drdre-lady-gaga-c-4.html<br /> <br /> Sound and Fashion, All in One Incredible In-Ear Headphone Heartbeats<br /> are not only authentically and stylistically Lady Gaga, but sonically<br /> Dr. Dre. With club caliber bass, crystal clarity and power that allows<br /> you to hear every essential note, no other headphone looks or sounds<br /> like Heartbeats. A great song from a true artist has the power to move<br /> you to tears--or the dance floor. The better your music sounds, the<br /> more you feel it. That's why sound matters. Heartbeats faithfully<br /> reproduce artists' vocals and the music, so you can hear the emotion<br /> your favorite singers put into it. Get ready to experience your music<br /> like never before.  

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