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Titolo: BootStrap Interview Questions and Answers
Newsgroup: it.comp.java
Data: 30/03/2017
Ora: 06:51:05
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  BOOTSTRAP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS<br /> Q. Explain what is Bootstrap?<br /> Bootstrap is Javascript framework for building the rich web applications wi=<br /> th minimal effort. This framework emphasis more on building mobile web appl=<br /> ications.<br /> <br /> Q. What is Twitter Bootstrap?<br /> Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framew=<br /> ork for faster and easier web development. It uses HTML, CSS and Javascript=<br /> ..<br /> <br /> Q. Explain why to choose Bootstrap for building the websites?<br /> There are few reason why we choose Bootstrap for building websites<br /> Mobile Support: For mobile devices it provides full support in one single f=<br /> ile rather than in separate file. It supports the responsive design includi=<br /> ng adjusting the CSS based on the different types of device, size of the sc=<br /> reen etc. It reduces extra effort for developers.<br /> Easy to learn: Writing application in bootstrap is easy if you know CSS and=<br /> HTML<br /> Browser Support: It supports all the popular browsers like Firefox, Opera, =<br /> Safari, IE etc.<br /> For more information, click the link below.<br /> http://mindmajix.com/bootstrap-interview-questions  

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BootStrap Interview Questions and Answers
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